Aluminum vs Vinyl Gutter: Head to Head Comparison

Are you upset because of roof leakage at your location and the fungal rot and mold caused by it?

Have you become completely depressed and afraid because of small leaks that are damaging your insulation and are leaving stains?

Get relaxed! We will help you to understand the main problem that is causing it and how to select perfect gutter system to avoid this frustration.

Perhaps you have already tried different gutter operating systems and still, it didn’t fix your problem. And right now, you might be thinking that gutters are not the reasons for all the rust and leaks.

Well-think again! It might be because of the operating system you bought wasn’t the right fit for a location or you didn’t install your gutters in the right way!

Always choose the material very carefully! Vinyl and aluminum are popular and cheap gutters for residential units. They will protect you from rot, shingles, irritating window moisture.

Find out which material is best for you! Below we will explain everything about aluminum vs vinyl gutter.

Why Choose the Right One Between Aluminum and Vinyl Rain Gutters?

If you are thinking about why I have to know about the details and why not just buy one! Don’t do it! Because both gutters may have many similarities but they have completely different operations.

There are other factors that you want to know before buying including installation, material cost, performance, climate durability.

Read below and consider all the factors before selecting!

What is an Aluminum Gutter?

aluminum gutter

Aluminum gutters are made up of lightweight aluminum metal. Due to aluminum, these gutters are known for strength, resistance power, its durability under harsh weather.

Good aluminum gutters have their life expectancy of 40 years or maybe even more. The best thing we like about aluminum gutters is that they are good at rust resistance!

These gutters come in various sizes and styles featuring Evolve, traditional, Alligator.

The Evolve range is available in Half Round, Ogee, Deep flow, and Box guttering.

The Traditional range is available in Half Round, Molded Ogee, and Victorian Ogee guttering profiles while the Aligator aluminum guttering has completely two different designs.


  • Light-weighted and Ease of installation.
  • Long-Lasting Features.
  • Strong and Durable.
  • Recyclable and Highly Rust Resistant.


  • Constant maintenance.
  • Easily expands with weather changes.

What is Vinyl Gutter?

vinyl gutter

Vinyl Gutters are made up of PVC plastic material. They are very affordable to buy and has a super easy installation method. One thing about these gutters is they have so lightweight that you just can put them up yourself and If you have hired an installation contractor, you will have to pay very less installation fee!

These gutters have gained a big name in the DIY market because of its snap-together installation. As these vinyl gutters are of total plastic so there is no chance of corrosion. These gutters have the same color inside and out which means fewer worries about scratches or scrapes.

These gutters have gained a big name in the DIY market because of its snap-together installation.


  • Easy Installation.
  • Rust Resistant and Light Weight.
  • Low maintenance and will not dent.
  • Don’t require Re-painting.


  • Short Lifespan.
  • Low durability for harsh climates.

Vinyl gutter vs Aluminum: Side to Side comparison

Since both materials have drawback’s it’s better to know about which one will suit you best.

Have a look at what circumstances are best to use both these gutters below.

Uses for Each One

If you have a very tight budget, there is no better gutter than these vinyl gutters. Vinyl is made up of PVC so they don’t get rusted. Before choosing vinyl, gutters make sure that you live in an area where the weather is very mild and temperature will not affect these plastic gutters.

Buy vinyl material very carefully as bad quality of vinyl gutters can make them weak and more prone to become saggy.

Always make sure to check the plastic of gutter and prefer a thick one because thick plastics are less damageable in extreme colds. They can be easily installed and because of their plastic material, they cannot get dented.

Aluminum gutters are a better option if you are living in a harsh climate. Because these gutters can stand heavy snow or hail. Aluminum doesn’t get thin over time.

They have also a very easy installation process and due to aluminum metal, they are not heavy gutters.

Moreover, the appearance of these aluminum gutters is perfect for modern homes.

Aluminum gutters never get cracked. Aluminum gutters always have a polyester powder coating that makes them more secure against rusting.

Let’s compare them for a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of both gutters. It will help you to decide which one is suitable for your location.

Durability and Rust Resistant

While comparing both gutter’s performance, the durability factor is very important. Aluminum gutters offer a great deal of durability at such a low price as they don’t bend or get rusted.

While in the case of plastic gutters, they are good for corrosion-resistant though but they have very low durability because plastics can become brittle or they can crack!

Comparing to aluminum gutters vinyl gutters are only good for dry and mild climates while aluminum ones can hold harsh weather. So, it is clear that the performance of aluminum gutters is better than vinyl gutters.

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Easy Installation

Vinyl gutters are very popular for their installation by snapping together method with which anyone can self-install them easily but you will find it surprising that their installation is difficult than as compared to aluminum gutters.

Vinyl gutters installation takes a lot of time and they have comparatively more seems. The other main reason is that many professional installation contractors will always consider aluminum gutters over plastic gutters.

Cost Difference

Both gutters are easily affordable. But who wins this argument about cost? The answer is aluminum gutters.

The current price of aluminum gutter starts from $9 to $14 per section while for vinyl gutters, the price is between $5 to $10 per section.

Vinyl gutters indeed have a slightly low price but aluminum gutters provide a great performance. You may end up spending more on plastic gutters in the long run because of its low strength.

Colors Options

If you are conscious about their design and color, then you should choose aluminum gutters. Why? Because they come in several colors and styles.

While talking about vinyl gutters they readily were available in just white and brown and now comes in numbers of color but note that the lighter color on vinyl gutters will easily

get rusted and darker colors will fade away with time.

Lifespan of Material

Aluminum gutters are long-lasting and thus offer a greater life-span. The estimated average time for a good aluminum gutter to perform well is almost 50 years. Though requiring consistent maintenance, they are very good at holding more water than vinyl gutters.

Vinyl gutters have a very short life as compared to aluminum gutters. The estimated average lifespan of a vinyl gutter is just 20 years. It is because they are not good with heavy weather and thus suffer a great risk of damage in heavy downpours.


If you want to have a good gutter operating system and want to avoid all kinds of issues due to bad leakage, then we will recommend selecting aluminum gutters.

Keep in mind that if you are living under dry and mild temperature then vinyl gutters are also a good option for you as under these weather circumstances, they may work fine up to 20 years.

Other than that, everything depends on your budget. But in the longer run, you will have to spend more money on vinyl gutters or have to buy a new one.

Having made a detailed report about vinyl gutter vs aluminum, we hope that you got a clear idea of which one is best for you and which one will perform maximum according to your requirements. Whatever you choose, we wish you all the best for your gutter investments.


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