Best Cabinet Door Bumpers [Top 10 Picks For 2022]

Boom! Bang!

That was a rude interruption just when you were drifting into a peaceful slumber after a long, hard day! But what can you say to your kid who has just returned from the gym and is ravenously looking for some food in the kitchen cabinets!

The only answer to the continual noise from slamming cabinet doors and drawers is to get some bumpers to absorb the sound and leave you and the neighbors in peace.

With so many types and brands of these bumpers found online and in the retail stores, how would you go about picking the best cabinet door bumpers? You may not think much of this purchase, but trust us, they can be a pain instead of assistance if not chosen wisely.

There are a few things you should know so that you don’t regret your decision later on! To help you know all the relevant information about cabinet door bumper pads, this post has put together a list of these products and why they are recommended, an extensive buying guide, and more.

Read on to find out the details!


Product Name

Editors Rating


Shintop Furniture Bumpers

5 out of 5

Soft Touch 4216095N Heavy-Duty Cabinet Bumpers

5 out of 5

Soft Close Cabinet Bumper

4.5 out of 5

FurnimateCabinet Bumpers Door Drawer Bumper Pads

4 out of 5

GorillaGritCabinet Door Bumpers

4.5 out of 5

Benefits Of Using Cabinet Bumpers

There are a couple of benefits of using cabinet bumpers. Let look at them-

Reduces Noise

The key benefit is that it reduces the noise when a door is slammed shut. It acts as a buffer between the door and the wall or any other surface it comes in contact with when closed. They serve the same purpose when placed beneath drawers.

Prevents Scratching

Besides absorbing the sound of a door being shut, cabinet pads also prevent scratching of the door on the surface, hence saving both from hard marks. They help to extend the life of cabinets by preventing wear and tear from continuous opening and closing.

Prevents Slipping

You can use these bumpers behind photo frames and under your keyboard to prevent them from slipping.

Keep Back Unwanted Marks

When placed under furniture legs, they prevent the floor from getting marks due to moving the furniture around. Place them under decorative items before putting them on glass tabletops to protect your table.

10 Best Cabinet Door Bumpers Reviews

1. Shintop Furniture Bumpers

Furniture and cabinet bumpers are what you need to ensure a home without the irritating noise of slamming and sliding doors and drawers.

This package contains 100 units of hemispherical cabinet door bumpers so that you can use these generously in as many critical spots as possible. With a clear tone, use these wherever suitable as they will blend right in with the background.

Made from silicone, these cushions for cabinets are very durable and you won’t need to go through frequent hassles of replacing them. The size of each is 3/8th inches in diameter and 3/32-inch in oval height.

These can be used on wooden floors as well as walls to protect your furniture and floor from scratch marks, general wear and tear, bumping, and sliding. Installation is very simple as all you need to do is take a button off the adhesive sheet and put on any surface.

Made for a variety of usage, you can put them under the keyboard, decoration items, or behind photo frames for a non-slip and non-scratch protection. These tiny blobs can work miracles to protect your precious possessions.

They are strong enough to hold gadgets in bathrooms besides reducing all-pervading noises by up to 30% in the kitchen where drawers and cabinet doors, pocket doors get opened and closed all the time.

When placed behind picture frames, they protect the wall and help keep the frame in place without shifting.

These bumpers come in a zip lock bag for easy storage so that you don’t need to hunt high and low for them when you need them.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100, clear, silicone cabinet door bumpers.
  • Size of 3/8th inches in diameter and 3/32-inch in oval height.
  • Suitable for walls and wooden floors.
  • Easy installation with self-adhesive back.
  • For use in multiple places – bathroom vanities, kitchen, office accessories.

2. Soft Touch 4216095N Heavy-Duty Cabinet Bumpers

Sturdy cabinet door pads can make all the difference between barely living and living peacefully.

Get a pack of these 100, half-inch bumpers to shield your walls, furniture, and cabinet doors from banging and damaging the surface. Use these to keep jars, frames, and other objects in place by simply putting these on each corner at the bottom and securing them firmly on the surface.

These work great as long as it’s any hard surface that is clean and dry. Try placing them under chair and table legs so that next time you drag them, there won’t be any noise and no marks on the floor.

The transparent cabinet pads blend well with any background and are, therefore, suitable for any décor type. They do their important job discreetly without getting in the way of style and looks of your home or office. Place under heavy lamps so that they won’t topple over when bumped into.

Inside drawers, put these bumpers at the place where the drawer meets the joint to prevent loud, slamming noises. Putting these on corners of tables will prevent minor injuries when children or adults accidentally bump against such corners.

For an anti-slip experience, attach these on the feet of your microwave oven so that it won’t shift on the counter every time you open and close the door.

Made from hard plastic, these pads are sturdy and require no immediate or intermediate replacement. Some users have tried using them on metal surfaces but found that they did not stick too well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 100, clear bumpers made from sturdy plastic for durability.
  • Sticks on any hard surface that’s clean and dry.
  • ½-inch diameter and 1/8th-inch thickness.
  • Suitable for use in any room at home or office.
  • A clear tone for blending in with all décor types.

3. Soft Close Cabinet Bumper

This product is uniquely designed based on the reviews of 500 customers!

It has a double buffer collision technology with circular dot shapes to absorb the sound in two stages, reducing noise by 30%. Made from rubber, these are soft and provide the much-needed cushion in many parts of your home like kitchen cabinets, drawers, and doors.

Besides the excellent sound dampening quality, these clear buttons can be used on surfaces including metal, ceramic, glass, granite, wood, and more.

They blend easily with any surface and remain out of sight while fulfilling the promise of a high strength compared to its small size–½-inch diameter and 5.1-millimeter thick.

Place your expensive art objects on the wall, on the floor, or top of coffee tables without worrying about these falling over. Just stick these bumpers beneath these objects and they won’t nudge or slip on the surface.

With these under the furniture base, you can drag them around easily without leaving scuff marks on the floor or damaging the furniture. Placed strategically in cabinet doors, you will have a peaceful home.

With its self-adhesive design, installation is easy and you won’t tire of putting these bumpers on as many places as possible. Engineered especially for a soft design, you will get a soft and quiet close each time you shut the door of a cabinet or a drawer.

Before sticking these bumpers, make sure the surface and clean and dry. If you don’t use up all the 100 pieces, store them in a plastic bag, seal the bag, and place somewhere where the temperature is between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rubber bumpers with self-adhesive for easy installation.
  • Double buffer collision technology to reduce noise by 30%.
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces for maximum versatility.
  • ½-inch diameter and 5.1-millimeter thickness for optimum efficiency.
  • Protects, dampens, stabilizes, and provides silence.

4. FurnimateCabinet Bumpers Door Drawer Bumper Pads

If you’re a stickler for all things environment-friendly, then these rubber cabinet door bumpers should be your thing.

These cushions for doors, drawers, and cabinets are made from soft and eco-friendly polyurethane and come in a variety pack of 250 pieces. There are 200 colorless bumpers and 50 black ones to choose from as per your preference and surface color.

The transparent ones are almost invisible to ensure they blend well with the background. On top, they are also waterproof and will last for a long time.

With so many bumpers in one pack, you will never have an excuse for slamming drawers and doors in your home or office anymore! The self-adhesive bumpers are super-strong and help to stay doors and even other objects like framed photos and decorative items firmly in place.

If you like to turn things around a bit to give a refreshing look to your surroundings often, these pads under the furniture legs will protect your floor and furniture and also save you and others from the dragging and pulling noise.

Each of these bumpers come in a size of 0.4-inch or 10-millimeter in diameter and 0.1-inch or 3-millimeter thickness, hence making these suitable for use with chopping boards in the kitchen, mason jars, keyboards, laptops, etc.

Most surfaces are compatible with these cushions including glass, ceramic, plastic, and wood, rendering these anti-slip and safe even when there is an accidental bump.

Installation is child’s play as you just need to peel the bumper off and stick it on the desired surface. Taking off is equally easy and won’t leave behind a sticky mess or any mark.

Highlighted Features:

  • 200 transparent and 50 black waterproof bumpers.
  • Size of 0.4-inch in diameter and 0.1-inch thick.
  • Anti-slip and safe protection of furniture, doors, and art objects.
  • Peel-off and stick-onsystem for easy installation.
  • Very strong adhesive to last for a long time.

5. Gorilla Grit Cabinet Door Bumpers

Use these bumpers as a spacer to give your favorite framed photos and paintings an extra rise or simply as a way to stop the banging noise from closing drawers and cabinet doors!

The unique cylindrical shape of these bumpers with a ½-inch diameter and 3.5-millimeter thickness is more effective in buffering and absorbing sounds left by accidental slamming of doors.

With a transparent tone, you can place these on glass-top tables, cabinets, doors, drawers, under laptops and keyboards, and just about anywhere where there is a danger of slipping or things getting shifted. Under the furniture legs, these will prevent the floors from getting scratched when you move your furniture.

Suitable for use on a host of surface types including walls, marble, wood, granite, and glass, these cabinet door bumper pads protect your furniture and keep away wear and tear, extending the life of both furniture and cabinetry. Put them underneath boxes and other decorative items for protection.

You can also place them under your keyboard and laptop if you don’t want these to shift constantly on the surface as you keep typing. Another way to use these is under mason jars so that they stand firm on the kitchen counter without any safety hazards.

With the self-adhesive system, installation of these cushions is a breeze and you can reach out for these any time you want any part of a gadget to be dampened of noise or protected.

The slim design of this product makes it a discreet part of your décor without drawing attention to itself.

Highlighted Features:

  • Slim design for a discreet functionality.
  • ½-inch diameter and 3.5-millimeter thickness for maximum efficiency.
  • Compatible with walls and other surfaces like granite, marble, etc.
  • Protects cabinetry and furniture from marks.
  • Easy installation with a self-adhesive system.

6. Scotch Bumpers, Clear, 1/2-in, 20 Bumpers

Interior doors, cabinet doors, drawers – the main parts of your home or office that can create the most noise and spoil your concentration or sleep.

Say goodbye to loud slamming and banging noises with the help of these clear, rubber bumpers that have numerous usages.

Place them on the spot where the door or drawer touches the surface when it closes. Not only will you be free from the slamming noise, but the surface will be protected as well, extending the life of your drawers and cabinets.

These ½-inch sized bumpers are almost transparent and its slim design helps your framed photos and paintings lay flush with the wall. With its discreteness, you won’t even notice these little bumps as they match any surface they are stuck on.

To prevent scratch marks on your furniture, put these cabinet door pads at the base of trinkets and other decorative items. At the same time, they ensure that the objects won’t shift or fall as they are secured on the surface.

When you stick them under the legs of your chairs and tables, you can move these furniture around easily without making a single noise or leaving any scuff marks on the floor. Hence, these bumpers are used to protect your floor too.

This pack of 20 bumpers is a handy solution and you can stick these on any surface as long as it’s a hard one. Placed under vases and other heavy stuff around the house to prevent them from falling over when accidentally bumped into.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 20 bumpers with ½-inch size.
  • Suitable for any hard surface.
  • Slim design to help objects lay flush against the surface.
  • Colorless for blending on any surface.
  • Dampens noise and protects furniture.

7. Petutu Cabinet Door Bumpers

A mixed bag containing bumpers in small, medium, and large sizes is what you should reach for whenever you need to get some silence around your home or workplace.

These premium rubber cabinet door bumpers come in a bag of 400 pieces – 100 small and 100 large sizes as well as 200 medium-sized ones. These can be used practically for any dampening and stabilizing purposes.

Simply peel off and stick on with the superior self-adhesive system. Place in cupboards, doors, and drawers for noise reduction as accidental slamming of doors can be quite disturbing.

Protect your fine hardwood or glass-top tables by putting these bumpers below vases, boxes, and other items for decoration. These will protect the furniture from marks and will also prevent the objects from accidental tripping.

When placed under furniture legs, they won’t scratch the floor and leave marks and will also make furniture shifting a noiseless activity. These bumpers are also great for keeping your laptop and keyboard in place.

With clear color, these are the best cabinet door bumpers that will blend in easily with a wide range of surfaces including granite, wood, ceramic, glass, and even plastic without spoiling the unique décor of your room.

If your cabinets do not have hinges for self-closing, these cabinet door bumpers will work just right, keeping slamming noises at bay successfully. The flexibility and versatility of these blobs have been praised by users as well as their durability.

Make sure the surface is clean and dry before sticking these on. Also, keep in mind that these cannot be reused without losing the strong bond of the adhesive and is, therefore, recommended for one-time use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Variety pack of 400 rubber bumpers in large, medium, and small sizes.
  • Self-adhesive for easy stick-on.
  • Reduces noise by 30%.
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces for greater flexibility.
  • Durable, versatile, and flexible.

8. BAIPOK Cabinet Bumpers

Softer and more durable bumpers are what you get when you opt for a pack of these 200 cabinet door pads to make your life more serene.

Made from silicone and with a double buffer design that sports a circular dot, it has a better ability to absorb noise and ensure that the doors and drawers are closes without making even a squeak.

The economical pack contains more bumpers that last longer, making these yield more value for money. Each bumper has a size of 0.4-inch diameter and 0.2-inch height. Along with a slim and transparent design, these bumpers stick on any hard surface and blend with the background easily.

Besides noise reduction from accidental slamming and sliding, these tiny circular products are also great for protecting your cabinetry and furniture. When you stick them under vases, jars, and other items, they serve a dual purpose – protect the furniture and make the objects anti-slip.

The strong 3M self-adhesive backing renders installation easy. Once you put these on cabinets, banisters, behind framed artworks and photos, under furniture legs, drawers, and other places, they won’t come off easily and will keep all your things literally in place.

When you want to removes these pads, it’s easy to do so and won’t leave behind any traces of glue.

Your furniture will last longer as these bumpers will prevent scuff marks and scratches from forming on the surface. They also help to protect the floors when you move furniture by forming a buffer between the furniture legs and the floor.

Highlighted Features:

  • Package of 200 clear, silicone door bumpers for an economical choice.
  • Soft, durable, flexible, and versatile with multi-purpose usage.
  • Circular dot, double buffer, and slim design for more noise absorption.
  • Colorless tone to blend easily with any hard surface.
  • 3M adhesive backing for easy installation.

9. eQFeast Cabinet Door Bumpers

Trapezoid, hemispherical, cylindrical, or special shapes – get all types of shapes and 5 different sizes of cabinet door bumpers in one pack!

For exceptional noise reduction and superior furniture and cabinetry protection, this variety mix is the answer to all your accidental slamming noises.

Included are 100 hemispherical 6X2 millimeters, 50 hemispherical 10X3 millimeters, 100 special shapes 8.5 X 2.5 millimeters, 32 cylindrical 12.7 X 3.5 millimeters, and 40 trapezoids 12.7 X 3.5 millimeters, making a total of 322 bumpers for any type of usage!

Place these under heavy lamps, vases, trinkets, and other décor items to keep them secured in place without any fear of these slipping and crashing into smithereens.

When stuck behind photo frames and paintings, these pads will keep them in place even when there is a bump against these. Put these in drawers and cabinet doors to prevent the loud and irritating noise when you close these each time.

When placed under the legs of tables, chairs, and sofas, shifting these around the room is a noiseless activity and also prevents the floor from getting drag marks that are hard to remove.

The clear bumper pads are suitable for all types of surfaces including granite, plastic, wood, marble, ceramic, and glass, and blend in perfectly so that your décor is not marred.

The self-adhesive backing is soft, making it easy to peel and stick on. Removal is also painless and stainless.

To keep the bumpers in top condition, store the remaining after use in a sealed bag and keep away from heat and light.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5 different shapes and sizes for 322 bumpers for more versatility in use.
  • Superior noise reduction and furniture protection powers.
  • Strong but soft self-adhesive system for easy installation.
  • Will not leave glue traces when removed.
  • It helps to stabilize heavy objects and protect surfaces.

10. Llexieym Door Bumpers

If you’ve just moved into a new home, then this pack of 300 cabinet door bumpers will come in handy to make your place a safe and soundless one!

The first place you should stick these bumpers on is in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as drawers, as these are the places where the maximum accidental slamming and banging take place.

Besides, you can also put them behind photo frames and paintings before you hang them against the wall so that they remain firmly in place and won’t budge a bit when you accidentally bang against these.

Another ideal place for these bumpers is at the base of mason jars, flower vases, and other objet d’art for which you have spent a pretty penny. To keep these from slipping and sliding, the bumpers will do a marvelous job. On top, they will also prevent the surface from getting scratched and scuffed.

Each of these bumpers is tiny, measuring only 8.5-millimeters in diameter and 2.5-millimeter in thickness. With their flat design and colorless tone, they are a non-obtrusive but important part of making your house a home. They blend in with any hard surface of any color or material, without any spoiling effects.

For a serene workstation, you can put these cushioning under the laptop or keyboard to keep these in place when you’re working, thereby enabling you to put on your full concentration.

Sticking these on is easy, thanks to the strong self-adhesive backing. Just make sure the intended surface is clean and dry before you stick these on. Equally simple is removing these bumpers any time without any ugly trace of glue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to stick on and remove for simple installation and removal.
  • Pack of 300, clear rubber bumpers for multiple uses.
  • 8.5-mm diameter and 2.5-mm thickness for optimal efficiency.
  • Clear tone to blend well with any background and surface.
  • Strong, self-adhesive backing to prevent frequent replacements.

Comparison Chart For Cabinet Door Bumpers





Shintop Furniture Bumpers


Walls and wooden floors

3/8th-inch diameter, 3/32-inch oval height

Soft Touch 4216095N Heavy-Duty 


Any hard surface

½-inch round diameter.
1/8th- inch thick

Soft Close Cabinet Bumper


Glass, wood, metal, ceramic, granite

½-inch diameter.
5.1 millimeter thick

FurnimateCabinet Bumpers Door Drawer


Ceramic, wood, plastic, glass

0.4-inch diameter.
0.1-inch thick

Gorilla Grit Cabinet Door Bumpers


Granite, ceramic, glass, metal, wood

½-inch width.
3.5-millimeter thick

Scotch Bumpers


Any hard surface


PetutuCabinet Door Bumpers


Metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, granite.

Small, medium, large

BAIPOK Cabinet Bumpers


Any hard surface

0.4-inch diameter
0.2-inch height

eQFeastCabinet Door Bumpers


Metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, granite.

5 sizes

LlexieymDoor Bumpers


Any hard surface

8.5-mm diameter
2.5-mm thick

Cabinet Door Bumper Buying Guide

Although a cabinet door bumper might be a mundane object, you can make a good purchase if you keep in mind the following factors before buying it.

Size And Thickness

Cabinet bumpers usually come in a pack with the same size. However, some brands do offer a mixed size bag.

Smaller bumpers are easy to install and you can use them anywhere like on a glass tabletop or under your computer keyboard. However, should you need bigger ones, then go for a mixed size package.

No matter what size you are aiming to choose, check the thickness of the bumpers. The best cabinet door bumpers are thicker and hence, they have more power of noise reduction.


Door bumpers can be made of felt, polyurethane, plastic, silicone, polymer, or rubber. Felt is the least durable material among all these although they have an edge over others when it comes to noise reduction. Rubber is the most common material. They last longer and stick more easily.

Another material that’s gaining in popularity is gel polymer. It minimizes the impact of vibration caused by slamming doors. It also has better adhesion qualities that last for a very long time.

However, not all cabinet door pads stick to all types of surfaces. Hence, you ought to know for which type of surface you need the bumper.

Ease Of Installation

Door bumps should be easy to install as they are self-adhesive. All you need to do is peel the film and stick it on the surface. Don’t go for one that needs you to apply glue.

At the same time, these should also be easy to take off and besides, should not leave any marks on the surface.


It’s better if you opt for colorless door pads as these won’t be noticeable and will not stick out like a sore thumb on the surface but blend with the background.

On the other hand, colored bumpers may clash with the appearance of your furniture and doors and spoil the overall look.

User Feedback

A sure indication of quality is the brand and the customer reviews it has. Always pick a cabinet bumper brand that is well-known and has good user reviews. That way, you are sure to get high-quality pads that will last for a long time and be more economical in the long run.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why should i choose a thicker bumper?

A thicker bumper gives you more cushion as it can absorb more sound, making better noise reduction than the ones with less thickness. However, remember that with a thicker bumper, your cabinet door will tend to stick out a bit after you close it.

When is it a good idea to buy colored bumpers?

Although it’s recommended to buy colorless or transparent cabinet door bumpers, you can opt for the colored ones when you’re sure these will match the color of your cupboards. Or you can use them when you want to lend a funky look without going overboard.

How do i remove cabinet cushion pads?

It can be a bit tricky to remove self-adhesive cabinet door bumpers. They stick so well that it’s difficult to get them off.

However, you can do so by using a spray gel that removes gluey stuff. You can apply the spray on a paper towel and rub it on the spot after you use a scraper to remove the glue.

Final Word

Aren’t you rearing to order some cabinet cushions after learning all the relevant bits of information about these? Do yourself a favor and install these ASAP on all your doors and drawers so that you never have to be awakened from a reverie by a loud, slamming noise!

Besides doors and drawers, think about putting some of the best cabinet door bumpers under your furniture. In that way, when you reset the look of your room and move the furniture around, they will be protected along with the floor, and you won’t be waking up your neighbors with a screeching sound!

However, do keep in mind the surface type where you’re planning to put the cabinet pads as all of them are not suitable for all surface types. As long as you remember a few basic rules, you can make a neat purchase of these tiny but useful devices. Good luck!

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