Best Caulk for Baseboards: Top 10 Picks For 2022

We all have got that one friend whose house is flawless.

You go visit him or her and sit in the living room. While waiting for the cup of tea that is being prepared, you start to look around, purposefully hoping for something to be out of place or flawed. None. Nothing. Not a single thing.

Every single wall is the right, perfectly painted color. Each wooden surface shiny, each metal object polished. Even the baseboards—you simply can’t tell where they start and the wall ends.

What is keeping you from having a home that is just as neat?

Whether you are a handyman or not, multiple products in the market can help.

For example, the best caulk for baseboards conceals defects on those little pieces of wood that cover your entire house.

Let’s dive in!



Editor's Rating


DAP INC 18152 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk

5 Out of 5

Window & Door Sealant Caulk

5 Out of 5

Sashco 10016 Big Stretch Caulk

5 Out of 5

Red Devil 0775 Lifetime

4.5 Out of 5

Dap 18001 Kwik Seal Caulk

4.5 Out of 5

Why Should You Use Caulk for Baseboards?

That pasty material which goes by the name of caulk comes in many presentations, but they all work for the same thing: to conceal and seal off the union between two pieces or materials. For example, a wall and the baseboard at its bottom.

But, why should you go through the trouble of caulking?

It’s Really Easy

For starters, and this is a relief, it is not troubling at all. Anyone can do it in a relatively short period, and with a few tools which are easy to handle.

It Looks Better

There is also an aesthetic reason: it gives your home more visual appeal. Unless someone lives a grotto, the process of making a house inhabitable involves a bunch of different materials. Hiding from view the junctures at which these materials come together, can make for a better finish.

It Protects Your Home And Health

Do you want a practical reason? First, an interesting fact: you can close shut every window and door and still have dust flying aroundin your home. Why?

Because dust consists of tiny, minuscule particles that fall off our skin, our pets’ hair, and even our food!

Using caulk, then, prevents dust—and vermin too!—from accumulating in those hard-to-clean gaps between your walls and their baseboards.

This paste is also helpful for covering little cracks in your home. If also, the caulk is waterproof, it will work as a mold and mildew barrier in moist environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Finally, you can find other, probably cheaper materials that work very similar to caulk. For example, plumber or window putty, used by a lot of people. Caulk’s main advantage over these products is that, when dry, it won’t crack.

Did you know that all houses move? It can happen due to outside traffic or weather changes—metal, for one, contracts when cold and expand when hot.

That said, caulk beats putty because it is flexible enough to withstand these movements without breaking.

Reviews Of 10 Best Caulk For Baseboards

1. DAP INC 18152 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone

DAP INC 18152 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone

Let’s begin our list of caulking for baseboards with DAP’s 18152 Alex Plus model, a premium go-to item for handymen and women looking to cover minor defects or seal off wall cracks.

This product is just as useful whether for giving your brand new home its last touches or for refurbishing the place where you have lived the entire life.

Its low odor, acrylic-based formula withstands application in the interior or exterior environments, because the added silicone makes it water-resistant.

This material also provides the strongest of adhesions no matter what the surface is made of. Metal, treated and untreated wood, painted walls…, they all succumb to the bonding power of silicone.

Despite its extra adhesiveness, though, if you made a mistake while applying, it is pretty simple to fix it. Before it skins over (that takes between 2 and 5 minutes), just wipe it using water and soap. Otherwise, you will need to scrape it off and start over.

One of DAP's Alex Plus key features is that you can painted over and over again. Apply the caulk, wait 30 minutes for it to completely dry and that's it! Besides, this paste won't change the color of paint nor make it shiny.

Once applied, this product is supposed to last for 40 years, and users vouch for it. Part of it is because DAP's caulk shrinks less than others, so it provides a more durable seal.

This item comes in a 10.1 oz presentation and you can choose between 8 colors.

Highlighted features:

  • Paintable in just a bit over 30 minutes, when dry.
  • Users vouch for its 40-year durability.
  • Won’t decolor paint nor make it shine.
  • Works in interiors and exteriors.

2. GE GE5010 Advanced Silicone 2 Window & Door Sealant Caulk

GE GE5010 Advanced Silicone 2 Window & Door Sealant Caulk

Do you know the difference between water-resistant and waterproof?

As the word explains, water-resistant products can resist water, but only for a while. As time goes by, that resistance starts to fade out, and water starts to seep in.

Waterproof products, on the other hand, are 100% reliable against water. None comes in, whatsoever. At the time, waterproof items are even enhanced with some kind of water repellent to make it even better.

Well, we present you GE’s Window & Door Sealant Caulk, which is built around that theme.

Its 100% silicone formula makes for water- and weatherproof sealant that is useful wherever you need it the most, be it the living room's baseboard or the moistest of kitchen sinks.

Those waterproofing powers also protect against mold and mildew. Wherever you apply this caulk into will have a 10-year long mold and mildew protection. Plus, don’t worry about trying it out in exteriors: once applied, it is ready for rain in just over 30 minutes.

Another one of this caulk's great characteristics is its flexibility. GE claims that it stays forever flexible while keeping its strong adhesion.

This means that the sealant can withstand the severe extreme and contraction of materials due to temperature changes.

Last but not least, it can be applied to metals without blemishing most of them. How can you know for sure, though?

Try it first on a tiny, unnoticeable area and see how it goes.

GE's caulk comes in 6 colors and a 10.1 oz presentation.

Highlighted features:

  • Provides a 100% waterproof seal.
  • Its manufacturers claim it works forever.
  • Stays forever flexible, which allows it to move with your house.
  • It is ready for rain in less than an hour.

3. Sashco 10016 Big Stretch Caulk

 Sashco 10016 Big Stretch Caulk

Let’s dive into a slightly different product with Sashco’s Big Stretch Caulk, a water-based sealant which brings a new word to the table: elastomeric. What does it mean? That it resembles rubber, especially in the way it stretches.

And that takes us back to this item: a low odor, easy cleanup caulk that can stretch up to a 500% of its original size. Is it as amazing as it sounds?

You tell me.

Do you know how we keep telling you that houses move?

Well, Big Stretch can withstand an earthquake, if that is the case. Eventually, most caulks harden and start to crack, but this product doesn't.

Also, because of its natural expansion powers, it can handle wider joints than other sealants. Let's say between your baseboard and your wall there is a ½ inch gap. Just use this caulk and it will expand and connect both materials.

Applying the product is fairly easy, too. You will need a caulk gun, but you can smooth out or remove with the finger any leftovers. Think of it as a more liquid Play-Doh. On top of it all, it is paintable!

It does have a couple of setbacks, though. For once, its manufacturers warn it should not be used on surfaces that are constantly damp, like kitchen sinks, bathrooms, or roofs. You should also avoid using it in areas of high foot traffic.

Despite such disadvantages, this product stands as a perfect caulk for baseboards, windows, and doors. It comes in 6 different colors and 10.5 oz cartridges.

Highlighted features:

  • Stretches to more than 500% its size without breaking.
  • Can handle wider joints than most caulks.
  • Can be painted over when dry.
  • It is super easy to apply and smooth out.

4. Red Devil 0775 Lifetime Ultra Premium Elastomeric Acrylic Latex Sealant

If you live in a humid environment, there are two options.

The first one is that by now you have gotten used to mold and mildew like they are part of the family; maybe that crazy uncle and aunt who you don't appreciate but whose biting comments you have learned to endure.

Option number two, of course, is to keep fighting mold and mildew like your first day, without ever compromising the home’s space to their kind. Good for you!

If you are a part of the second group, Red Devil’s Ultra Premium caulk has come to help you with that struggle. It features antimicrobial protection that can fend off those creeping little fungi.

Its multipurpose formula is set to work both indoors and outdoors. Besides, its manufacturers provide the guarantee that it will last a lifetime.

The acrylic part of this caulk allows it to adhere to most types of materials, be them plaster, wood (both treated and untreated), tile, concrete, metal, brick… You name it; it probably enters the list.

On the other hand, the elastomeric part of it makes sure the product doesn’t shrink or crack. It holds together whatever you need it to, for a lifetime!

Another perk is that you can make several strokes in the same place, although you need to be careful. Let it cure properly. This can take a while, according to some users. Just be patient.

Red Devil’s caulk comes in 7 colors, in a 5.5 oz presentation.

Highlighted features:

  • Antimicrobial protection, perfect for humid environments.
  • It lasts for a lifetime, no need for maintenance.
  • Adheres to most types of materials.
  • After it has cured properly, you can paintedon again.

5. Dap 18001 Kwik Seal Caulk

Right up a similar alley, we find our next product in this comprehensive list of baseboard caulks. We are talking about DAP 18001 Kwik Seal.

A coat of this caulking paste provides strong adhesion, but it is also flexible enough to endure when dry. In other words, it won't break nor crack like materials such as putty.

Another feature stands out for are its sealing powers. Due to a big chunk of its formula containing silicone, it allows for a waterproof seal in those parts of your house where you need it the most: kitchen, bath, and plumbing.

There are two stages after smearing this caulk, each one with its benefits. Before cured, DAP’s Kwik Seal can be easily cleaned up. You just need to apply water and soap and it will dilute without any evidence that it was there at all.

Once the caulk is cured, though, it won’t detach unless you scrape it with a sharp object. But the bright side is that it becomes paintable and mildew resistant.

Some users have put a question mark on the “Kwik” part of the deal, complaining that they have left the caulk work for more than is advised, and it still didn’t cure.

Please be careful about letting the caulk dry completely before putting it up to the test. Especially and precisely in those areas, it is supposed to work better: kitchen, bath, and plumbing.

DAP’s product comes within 5.5 oz cartridges and in 3 different colors: white, clear, and almond.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% waterproof once properly cured.
  • Super easy to clean, with just water and soup.
  • Specially made for kitchen, bath, and plumbing.
  • Flexible to move with your house, but strong enough to adhere.

6. Red Devil 074612 Painters Caulk

For some products, nothing can be better than listening to the experts, especially when not knowing where to start. That is why you ask many, many questions to convenient store employees, or why you trust a friend who is a do-it-yourselfer.

Well, if you are looking to give your home a brand new look, listen to painters. And painters will point to this specific caulk by Red Devil.

Made from an acrylic latex formula, this product can be used both in- and outdoors, as it features a waterproof seal that will endure rain and other natural elements. Plus, it is mildew resistant once cured.

Also, Red Devil Painters Caulk adheres to every kind of material: painted and unpainted wood, plaster, drywall, brick, metal, aluminum… You name it.

Apart from its 25-year durability guarantee, it allows for easy water and soap clean up before it dries.

However, the characteristic for which it stands out, and that makes it worth a try, is this paste’s paintability. It has been designed to be painted over with all types of paint, be them latex- or oil-based.

For latex-based pigments, there is a 2-hour wait after application; for oil-based paint, you need to wait an entire day.

On the downside, we are looking at a non-flexible caulk, which means it shouldn't be applied in areas of the high foot or vehicle traffic.

Red Devil’s product comes only in white and is contained in a 10.1 oz cartridge.

Highlighted features:

  • You can paint it over with all types of paint.
  • It is guaranteed to last at least 25 years.
  • Provides a waterproof seal both in interior and exterior environments.
  • Holds all kinds of materials together.

7. Dap 18275 DYNAFLEX 230 Elastomeric Interior and Exterior Sealant

We are reaching the end of our list and have seen a wide variety of products.

So far, we have mostly found elastomeric caulk —that is, caulks that stretch and move with your house's contractions and expansions— and paintable caulk. But DAP Dynaflex Premium Elastomeric Sealant combines the best of both worlds.

Its expansive and extra adhesive formulamakes it one of the best caulk for baseboards, as it seals wider gaps than any other product.

Then, it acts as a water-resistant and weatherproof sealant for most kinds of projects, both in- and outdoors: windows, doors, sidings, trim, or baseboards.

However, it is not advised for use wherever you get a continuous flow of water, e.g. kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Sadly, it is not 100% waterproof.

DAP Dynaflex Sealant stands out for a couple of characteristics, one of them being its maneuverability. Although it's acrylic latex formula contains silicone —which makes it durable and crack proof—, it doesn’t come out in little, sticky strings. On the contrary, it is quite easy to handle.

Another advantage is its low VOC rate. That means it emits fewer than average volatile organic compounds, which can be harmful to people and the environment in large quantities.

Last but not least, this caulk can be painted over just 2 hours after application. Plus, you wouldn’t need a primer when doing so.

DAP’s product features a lifetime guarantee and is perfect for wood and other natural and synthetic materials. Enjoy an air-tight seal that fights off moisture and vermin.

It comes in a 10.1 oz presentation and only one color: white.

Highlighted features:

  • Can be used to seal wider gaps than other caulks.
  • No primer is required when painting over it.
  • Features extremely low VOC emissions: good for the environment!
  • Specially prepared to work on natural materials.

8. GE Sealants Max Shield All Weather Siliconized Acrylic Latex Sealant Caulk

Once again, GE comes with an over-the-top product designed to put forward the best features of both caulk and silicon.

This elastomeric product stretches over 800 times its original size, which makes it perfect for sealing huge gaps and cracks up to 3 inches wide.

Moreover, because it is 100% water- and weatherproof, it can work where few caulks can. I'm talking about sinks, bathrooms, tubs, and other moist areas, even outdoors!

Due to it being ready to paint over in just under an hour, you can give every space in your home a beautiful finish, quickly.

After easy water and soap clean up if you made mistakes while applying it, you get a perfect coat of caulk that prevents water damage. Besides, it won't shrink nor crack, not even under the worst weather conditions.

Among the materials it strongly adheres to we can name most metals and woods, brick, stone, stucco, masonry, plaster, and the list goes on, featuring every common building material.

Its long-lasting capabilities include lifetime protection against mold and mildew. That means this product is also suitable for humid environments, such as coastal and torrid areas, making it one of the best baseboard caulk.

GE’s sealant caulk features a wide variety of colors: 8 in total, from white to almond. It comes in easy-to-handle 10.1 oz cartridges, perfect for caulk guns.

Highlighted features:

  • Stretches over 800 times its original size.
  • Can be painted over just after 45 minutes.
  • Lifetime mold and mildew resistant.
  • It comes in a lot of colors.

9. Loctite 1507597 Polyseamseal Acrylic Caulk

Acrylic Caulk

Let's say you have an indoor project that has pushed and pushed for a while now. The due date has closed in and you didn't even notice!

You need a caulk that provides a good looking finish and fasts.

Well, in that case, loctite polyseamseal acrylic caulk may be the perfect solution. Its water-based formula, packed with silicone, leaves surfaces ready to be painted over in just about 30 minutes.

Besides, it is great for indoor projects due to its low odor, ultra-low VOC content. Apart from being non-flammable, it protects the environment. You don't need to fence your task from children and pets: they can be around and even help without any health risks.

Because it is super easy to clean it up when you have overused it —just apply a bit of water and soap—, you may think it is not strong enough.

Huge error! It brings together all kinds of surface materials, including vinyl, aluminum, most metals, drywall, and wood, painted or not.

That means it will help with windows, door frames, baseboards, walls, moldings, and probably anything you need to fix inside your place.

One thing, though: this caulk is not waterproof, so it is not recommended for exteriors. Other than that, it provides sealing against air, moisture, and insects, and also prevents dust from accumulating in uncleanable cracks.

Its 40-year guarantee is the insurance of long-lasting protection. Its comes only in gray and in a 10 oz pack size.

Highlighted features:

  • Environmentally friendly with its ultra-low VOC content.
  • Ideal for indoor projects because of low odor.
  • Its water-based formula allows it to be painted over in 30 minutes.
  • Won’t need maintenance for 40 years.

10. OSI-Henkel Corporation 68790 Painters Caulk

Last but not least, let's close our list with another painter caulk, this time by OSI-Henkel Corporation.

As we have seen before, painters caulk is a subgroup of pastes that focus essentially on fixing together two or more materials and then prepping the result so that you can do it all over again. Plus, if we are talking about a good painter’s caulk, it needs to do it fast.

OSI-Henkel Corporation’s product fits the mold. It is a water-based acrylic caulk boosted with silicone, which allows for an easy clean-up, a faster drying, and a flexible a durable seal at the same time. Within the hour, you can be painting over this caulk without a problem.

Like most of the products we have seen, this one provides a lock against air, dust, moisture, and insects. However, it is not waterproof, which means it is not suited for exteriors. Prolonged water flow, such as rain that lasts a couple of days, can turn it to waste and cancel its effects.

In the same way, you shouldn't apply to moist environments like kitchen sinks, bathrooms, and such.

What this caulk does best is adhering and sealing off-dry materials, such as wood, plaster, drywall, molding, etc.

This characteristic makes it perfect for fixing and covering the cracks in those old stripes of the baseboard.

OSI-Henkel ensures a 50-year guarantee for this product, which only comes in white and in 10 oz cartridges.

Highlighted features:

  • Because it is water-based, it dries quickly.
  • Perfect for sealing off-dry materials.
  • Flexible and durable due to silicone.
  • Its manufacturer claims it lasts for 50 years.

Comparison Chart Of Best Caulk for Baseboards


Available Colors





DAP INC 18152 Alex Plus

Almond, Black, Brown, Cedar Tan, Clear, Dark Bronze, Slate Gray, White

10.1 oz




GE GE5010

Almond, Black, Brown, Clear, Light Gray, White

10.1 oz




Sashco 10016 Big Stretch Caulk

White, Clear, Tan, Gray, Almond, Woodtone

10.5 oz




Red Devil 0775 Acrylic Latex Sealant

White, Clear, Almond, Brown, Gray, Cedar, Black

5.5 oz




Dap 18001 Kwik Seal Caulk

White, Clear, Almond

5.5 oz




Red Devil 074612 Painters Caulk


10.1 oz




Dap 18275 Interior & Exterior Sealant


10.1 oz




GE Sealant

Black, White, Clear, Almond, Light Brown, Off White, Cool Gray, Warm Gray

10.1 oz




Loctite 1507597


10 oz




OSI-Henkel Corporation


10 oz




Baseboard Caulk Buying Guide

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect product to suit your needs, especially if you have never worked in similar projects before.

It feels a bit like wandering about in the dark, even after you have read on and on about the features of the top products in the market.

What should be taken into account when looking for the best caulk for baseboards?

For this buyer’s guide, we will name characteristics you may be looking for and then tell you which caulks can perform in such away.

Baseboard Caulk Buying Guide


Let’s say you have got a leaky faucet next to a tiny crack in a wall. Or that the baseboard in a naturally humid environment, such as a bathroom, is starting to show signs of deterioration.

That happens because moisture has gotten to those materials. Moisture is air-borne —water vapor is part of the air—, so it can find its way into any crevice if it is not sealed.

Silicone will be your best ally when waterproofing. The problem is, silicone is not paintable. But we will talk about that next.


Most of the time, caulking and sealing just aren't enough. You then want to paint over it for a better-looking finish.

Silicone caulks as we have just said, are not paintable. They provide a strong, durable seal, but reject paint.

In that case, you should turn over to acrylic caulks, which deliver a smoother and easy to paint surface.

The problem with acrylic is that, by itself, it can’t stand to be in contact with water. So, if you need to paint over the caulk and do it where there is moisture flying around, you would need an acrylic caulk with added silicone.


Fortunately, if you picked the right caulk regarding the first two points, there is not a lot of maintenance to do.

Caulks have long lives, between 20 and 50 years. Some, as we have seen, even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

As a rule of thumb, the only thing you need to remember is that silicone caulks last longer than acrylic caulks.

Environmental friendliness

If you care about the environment, only settle for products that fit your way of thinking.

In the case of caulks, paints, and other industrial materials of the sort, the three-letter acronym you want to look for is VOC.

That stands for "Volatile Organic Compounds", chemicals that emit to the air a large number of potentially harming molecules.

Products with a high rate of VOCs can cause dizziness and other health issues, apart from polluting the air. If you have children or pets, you should try caulks with a low VOC-content.


Do you remember we talked about the word elastomeric, which means “resembling rubber”?

Elastomeric caulks provide extra flexibility and are most suited for areas with a high foot or vehicle traffic. They also work better than other caulks on projects with moving parts.

Curing time

If you need to apply caulk on a very common area of the house, you may want to take into account the product’s curing time; that is, the time it takes for it to dry.

That time usually depends on weather conditions and materials, but every product's label offers an estimate.

Resistance to mold and mildew

Finally, let’s discuss what may be a recurring problem at your place.

Humid environments and closeness to nature can make a home more prone to mold and mildew. If that the case, you should consider a caulk that takes care of it.

How to Caulk Baseboards?

The process of caulking baseboards is very simple and straightforward.

Most of the time, you will be set with just a caulking gun, water, and some kind of cloth, although you may occasionally need to remove materials already adhered to the baseboard.

OK, let’s do it!

Caulking Baseboards

Prep the baseboard

Once the perfect caulk is chosen, the first step is to prep the baseboard. You want it looking squeaky-clean.

If there are existing materials attached to it, start by removing them using a chemical product or a sharp object, like a putty knife or a 5-in-1 tool. Be careful! Any leftovers may render the new seal less than optimal.

Let it dry and apply

Let the baseboard dry completely and apply the paste with a caulk gun. The size of the bead will depend on the cut you make to the nozzle. For baseboards, try around 1/8 or 1/4 of an inch.

If you want to be extra meticulous, cover the area above and below the line with painters tape.

Apply at a steady pace so the caulk doesn’t accumulate, and then smooth the bead before it dries. Finally, peel the painters tape off and you are done!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Make A Better Product By Mixing Two Kinds Of Caulk?

One would think so: "If I mix acrylic caulk and one with silicon in it, I should get the best of both worlds". Unfortunately, the answer is no.

It works the other way around. Different types of caulk don't add their advantages. They rather boost each other's weaknesses.

So no, don’t mix caulks.

Can I use a waterproof caulk on my aquarium?

Sadly, none of the sealants caulks we have reviewed here will work on an aquarium. These products, even the ones labeled as waterproof, can endure less-than-constant water flows.

There are special sealants for that kind of job.

Can I use any of these caulks for sealing a stove?

Unfortunately, no. These caulks are suited for room temperature, and would melt if exposed to such high temperatures.

There are caulks designed specifically to withstand that kind of heat.

Final Word

We hope to have put you on the right path to go and get the required product for your home’s needs. Luckily, this comprehensive guide has provided an answer to every question.

Once you find the best caulk for baseboards, you can fix them yourself, and there is a lot of pride that comes from repairing your home.

The place one lives in is a reflection of their soul, some say: the fact that it is taken care of, speaks of their love and inner balance.

Show your family, and others outside of it, what a handyman or woman you are, and surprise them by fixing what needs to be fixed.

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