Top 7 Best Child Proof Sliding Door Lock Reviews For 2022

Safety and security are of optimal importance, especially when you are a parent and have a child in your home.  As we all know, children like to crawl around room to room and it is not possible for parents to watch over them all day long.

Childproof door locks allow your curious little ones to explore with an extra layer of safety, so they don’t accidentally lock themselves in.

 Not only they are useful for parents; they are also very easy to use.  Added to that, you can operate it with just one hand and rest easy.

 So, if you are a parent and worried about your child’s safety at home, we are here to help you find the best child proof sliding door lock.



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Sliding Glass Door Child Lock

5 Out of 5

Ashtonbee’s Child Safety Locks

5 Out of 5

Rishon Enterprises Inc. Lock

5 Out of 5

Tuut Door Lever Lock

5 Out of 5

Jool Baby Lock

5 Out of 5

Our Recommended 7 best child proof sliding door lock

1. OKEFAn Sliding Glass Door Child Lock

The reliability and effectiveness of this product make it head and shoulder above the rest. OKEFAN’s Sliding Glass Door Child Lock provides the extra security needed to keep the curious kids where they belong.

Incredibly strong and unique in design, this product is more effective because it is made with a TPR bar that is above the child’s reach. Hence it doesn’t give in to the tugs and pushes of toddlers.

The installation process of this product is a piece of cake, as it makes sure the application is simple with its 3M adhesive. The installation can be done faster than you can imagine and is pretty easy to mount. After installation, you just need to double press the buttons at once to open it.

In addition, its sleek design comes in varied colors- pink, blue, and coffee which blend well with the interior décor of most households.

Lastly, the only gripe is the price of this product. But if you are looking for a quality product to ensure your child’s safety, you can be safe in your knowledge that you’ll get the bang for your bucks.

Key Features:

  • Childproof
  • Easy to install
  • Highly secure
  • Double press and button
  • Strong and unique in design
  • High quality ABS plastic

2. Ashtonbee’s Child Safety Locks for Cabinets and Drawers

Ashtonbee’s 1234 Sliding Door is the product that will help you maintain your sanity when your kids like to play the role of Houdini.  As this device perfectly does the job of preventing your children from going to out-of-bounds areas and save them from any potential harm.

The best part is, the installation is as easy as winking. You only need to take the tape off the safety locks and attach it to any surface and voila it’s done!  Just takes a couple of seconds. Childproofing has never been this easier.

Plus, this product’s keyless design is conveniently made, so you can unlock and relock it effortlessly. And, it is also durable enough not to be affected by the push and tugs of a child.

As well as that, it is multipurpose and can be used to secure windows, cabinets, doors, and more. Also, the design goes well with most home décor.

The only complaint is, older children around 8-12 might be able to bypass it with a hard push.

Overall, this device is a lifesaver for any parent, as they don’t have to worry a thing after buying it.

Key Features:

  • Super easy installation
  • Incredibly durable and reliable
  • Compatible with most home décor
  • Multipurpose- can be used on cabinets, closets, and more
  • Can be bought in 2 options( 2 pack or 4 pack )

3. Rishon Enterprises Inc Sliding Basement Windows Lock

The RE Burglabar Sliding Patio Door Locks is a solid choice for someone who is looking to provide an extra layer of security for their children. When you are out and want your children to be safe at home, this device will perfectly do the job for you.

The installation process is so quick and easy with no tools required; even an amateur can do it. Once mounted, your children can’t reach it; hence they won’t find their way out and end up in trouble.

Made in Canada, this product is incredibly strong and the adhesive’s superior strength helps to keep things well in place. Once applied, it can stand strong against 300 to 450 pounds. So, you can easily rely on its strength to secure your home from forced admission.

This handy device has a self-locking hinge lock and can be installed in many places. So, wherever your children are, they can’t tamper with the lock.

 Most people complain it couldn’t be installed properly. You always need to read the instructions first before placing it. Note that, it should be installed horizontally, not side to side.

Key Features:

  • Windows and door lock
  • Complete safety
  • No tools required
  • Quick and d easy installation
  • Hinge lock

4. Tuut Door Lever Lock

There are endless options of lever locks, but you like definitely love Tuut door lever lock more because unlike other brands this product will not accidentally lock you out.  With this product, you can save yourself from any bad incident as naughty kids like to play mischief all the time.

Moreover, the installation is hassle-free and will save you a lot of labor. You just need to push the button to the locked position by rotating the arms that make locking and unlocking super easy. You can lock the door up or down. Once done, you can mark the placement with a pencil.

Its unobtrusive and simple design is constructed to fit most handles and coordinates well with the room design. And the new patented technology deters any child to get into a room that is not childproofed.

The only weakness of this product is, after removing the tape it can leave some residue, but it is removable with alcohol.

 The best thing about this product is, it comes with a lifetime guarantee and offers a full refund on purchase.

Key features:

  • Patented Technology
  • Unobtrusive and simple design
  • Designed to fit most handles
  • Easy Installation: 3 mm adhesive
  • Lifetime guarantee with  a full refund on the purchase

5. Jool Baby- U Shape Sliding Safety Latch Lock

This product is ideal for parents who are tired of cleaning after their children and want full security for them. As Jool baby designs to create products with value and its topmost priority are the wellbeing of the family and the happiness of customers.

Jool baby cabinet locks easy are to install-no glue, tape, nails required and leaves no damage. Also, unlike other complicated childproofing systems U locks made childproofing simple and convenient.

Besides, its thoughtful and practical design makes them fit for all types of bathrooms, garages, or kitchen cabinets.  And drawers expand up to 5” that will work if the knobs are close enough.

This product exactly does as it is advertised- safeguard your children from all kinds of harm. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are the most hazardous place for children as all the harmful items are kept in there. Jool baby cabinet locks perfectly do the job of keeping the curious kids out of these places.

 When it comes to child safety, no parent wants to take a chance, because they never want their children to get hurt. If you are looking for the best child safety lock, this is the right product for you; as its quality and safety are tested, and you will get peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Simple and convenient baby proofing
  • Universal and practical design
  • Safeguards children from harmful objects
  • Safety and quality is tested
  • Keeps children out of the kitchen

6. Door Monkey Baby Safety Door Lock For Kids

If you are looking for the perfect product to prevent your children from getting harmed or injured, look no further than Door Monkey. This product offers all the things you need to ensure your child’s safety.

This product can be installed within a few seconds without any tool, tape, or hardware, so you can get a damage-free, smooth finish after installation. But the catch is, it doesn’t fit all door frames and doors. You need to get the measurements of the door before ordering this product.

Versatile in design, it can be operated from both sides, so it saves you from any accidental lock-ins. Not only that, but its design also works as a pinch guard, thus protects your children from getting pinched. This door is placed in a cracked position to guard your child against getting injured.

On top of that, door monkey works with different styles of doorknobs and lever handles. Also, promotes air circulation in rooms to maintain a comfortable temperature when heating and locks automatically when the door is closed. This lock can be used both in stairways and doors.

Key Features:

  • Pinch guard and childproof door lock
  • Quick installation without hardware, tape, or tools
  • Prevents accidental lock-ins
  • Can be used in different styles of doorknobs and lever handles
  • Can be used on both sides of the door

7. Safety Innovations Child Proof Deluxe Door Top Lock

This product is a great option for parents, who have small MacGyver’s at home, who want to break all the rules and defy all the commands. Because Deluxe top door lock is designed to prevent your children from getting into rooms where they aren’t supposed to be.

Apart from that, it fits all standard-sized lever handle doors and interior doors. Not only that, it even works perfectly on doors with unusual, large, oversized French-style door handles. There is a screw hole in the door frame which helps keep the children out of the rooms that are not childproofed.

Furthermore, it is easy to install- it only takes a peg to mount to the door frame. The top lock rests on the door and moves backward and forward to lock and unlock the door. There is a wand so short adults can reach the top of the door. It can be unlocked and locked from both sides of the door.

Aside from that, the door grips are easy to use and locks are beautifully designed. It can be used to lock bathrooms, closets, the basement, older sibling’s room, and any other door in your room.

Overall, considering everything this is one of the best child safety sliding door locks.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation
  • Locks all standard-sized doors
  • Can be used to lock bathrooms, closets, the basement
  • Easy to use door grips
  • Can be operated from both sides

What to Look for When Buying Child Proof Lock for Sliding Glass Doors

Buying Guide Child Proof Sliding Door Lock

Most working parents dread to go to work leaving their little children at home.  Even while working they keep worrying about their children all the time, as a child’s safety is the biggest concern for any parent.

As toddlers start to grow up and take their first baby steps, danger always tends to loom around the corner. Thankfully, to take all the worries off working parents a device has been invented. A childproof sliding door lock can protect your home and children from any potential danger.

Equipped with the childproof sliding door lock, you can make your home a safe and secure place for your kids. You can go to your work rest assured your children are safe and your kids can wander about the home just like kids in wonderland.

If you are a parent and looking for the best child proof sliding door lock, there are a few things you need to consider before purchasing one.


Make sure the product is durable and doesn’t break door locks or hang after shutting the door. Rust and corrosion are also a big concern for sliding door locks; it can damage the beauty of the lock and make it ineffective.

You can always look up customer reviews online to check the durability of a product and make sure it can withstand any pressure.   

Easy Installation

Make sure the installation is less strenuous, simpler, and saves sweats. It is not wise to buy something that will break your bank just for installation. There are a lot of first-rate child proof sliding door locks available in the market that is pretty easy to install.

In fact, the setup can be done in a flash, within a minute. Just take off the seal and place it where you want to install it.

Usage and Suitability

Before purchasing a childproof door lock, you have to make sure you choose the right one for your specific purpose. Some people buy childproof door locks to provide security to stop burglars from breaking into homes, but they don’t realize childproof door locks are only appropriate for keeping children safe.

Adjustable and Reusable

Ensure it is adjustable, so you can open and close the door with little effort, but intruders or children can’t get through it. Before purchasing a childproof sliding door, you should always consider its usability, so it can serve multiple purposes and can be used anywhere in your home.     

Safety Device

Always check if there is a safety device like a kid stopper attached to it, so it doesn’t easily come off after getting pushed, pulled, or snatched. As with added safety devices, it always proves added sense of security and gives you peace of mind.

While buying a childproof sliding door lock, you can get overwhelmed with the varied options available in the market. To make things easy for you we have narrowed down and compiled a list of the best child proof sliding door locks.

Child Proof Sliding Door Lock-People Also Asked

What is the best way to make sliding doors more safe and secure?

Install or upgrade a security lock system, you could also install a deadbolt lock. This should be enough to provide extra security to your home.

Which sliding door locks can be operated from both sides?

if you want to operate the sliding doors from both sides, the Deluxe door lock is the best option for you. Deluxe will save you from accidentally getting locked out.

Can childproof door locks be used for protection against theft?

Some might be used to secure your home from theft, but it is always best to buy door locks that are specifically designed to provide additional security against theft.

Is it easy to install a child-proof door lock?

Yes, most child-proof door locks can be installed in under a minute with little or no effort. You merely need to take off the adhesive seal and place it in the intended area.

How much pressure can a child-proof door lock withstand?

Some child-proof door locks can withstand pressure up to 250-300 pounds. So, even if you have a chubby child or big kid, they will not be able to open the door and end up in trouble. Intruders also can’t force their way into your home.


Security is the most important thing for parents who don’t want to compromise on their child’s safety. Now that we have listed our top choices for the best child-proof sliding door locks, you can easily pick the right one and make your home a secure place for your children.

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