The Best Clear Coat for Garage Floor – 7 Top Products Right Now

After driving at highway speeds, your car’s tires can get really hot inside. As the car sits in the garage, the heat diffuses from the tires to the floor, where it can cause hot tire pickup/lift if the floor is not resistant enough.

Hot tire lift basically refers to the peeling or delamination of a floor coating as a result of hot tires cooling down on it.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent this problem. With the best clear coat for garage floor, you can give your floor the resistance it needs to avoid peeling, cracking, and other issues that degrade it.

If you are serious about maintaining your garage floor, here is a list of clear coats you can count on. These were carefully selected to offer you outstanding performance.



Iditor,s Rating


Rust-Oleum Clear Coating

5 Out of 5

KILZ Garage Floor Paint

5 Out of 5

Rust-Oleum 293517 Garage Floor Coating

5 Out of 5

Clear Gloss Coating RUST-OLEUM

5 Out of 5

Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat Clear

Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat Clear

5 Out of 5

Our Recommendation 7 Best Clear Coat for Garage Floor

1. Rust Oleum Clear Finish Topcoat Floor Coating

Are you looking for remarkable durability and ease of use? Then you may want to check out the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Premium Clear Coating.

One of the notable facts about this product is that it contains 100% solids. Thus, it has great adhesive capability and it provides great durability.

Aside from hot tire lift, other issues you need to think about are chemicals, water, and oil. These too can ruin your epoxy garage floor. Thankfully, because of its high-grade formulation, this coating from Rust-Oleum also protects against damage by water, oil, and chemicals.

Have you ever used a clear coat with a strong pungent smell? Such a product is can be difficult to work with because no one likes a bad smell. With the EpoxyShield, you won’t deal with this issue. That is because the formula is high-quality and low-odor.

Another great benefit of this product is that it is low-VOC. That means it is a relatively safe chemical that doesn’t do harm to the environment or living organisms.

Each pack you purchase contains one gallon of the product. And with that one pack, you can cover up to 250 sq ft of bare concrete or 500 sq feet of painted or epoxy flooring.

Key features:

  • Made of 100% solid and therefore durable and effective
  • Leaves a high-gloss protective finish
  • Low-VOC and thus doesn’t harm the environment
  • Quick-curing – ready for foot traffic in 24 hours and for vehicles in 72 hours
  • Easy to use and convenient as it doesn’t have a bad odor

2. KILZ Clear Coat for Epoxy Garage Floor

Imagine a paint that also gives your floor a beautiful finish. If that’s the kind of a product you’re looking for, think of the KILZ L377611 Epoxy Acrylic Concrete and Garage Floor Coating.

With this coating, you don’t need to purchase epoxy and apply it over paint to get awesome results. That is because the product is already 1-part epoxy.

When you put it on your floor, it leaves a silver-gray color with a nice satin finish. Also, you can choose another finish option such as slate-gray.

Kilz, an award-winning brand in the paint business, brings you a water-based paint with great perks. First off, it is designed to work in hard to clean places like garage and basement floors. In that regard, resists stains and damage from gasoline and oil.

The paint is quite robust, offering protection from chemicals and foot and vehicle traffic. It does great at resisting hot tire pickup.

This is a no-mix formula. Some brands give you coatings in the form of two products that you have to mix. Others have to be mixed with water or resin. A no-mix formula such as this one from Kilz not only makes your work easier but also saves time.

The product covers a huge area. You can apply it to about 300 to 400 sq ft of rough surface and about 400 to 500 sq ft of smooth surface.

Key features:

  • 1-part epoxy and 1-part acrylic paint
  • Durable and doesn’t fade, scuff, blister, or crack easily
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and hot tire pickup
  • Easy to use as there is no mixing needed
  • Takes 2 hours to dry to touch and is ready for recoating in 4 hours

3. Polyurethane Clear Coat Garage Floor by Rust-Oleum

Epoxy is a great coating for your floors, but imagine if you had a product with 20 times its strength. Yep, the Rust-Oleum 293517 Rocksolid offers you 20 times the strength of epoxy.

What’s more, the looks are exquisite. This coating comes in 5 great finish options including black, gray, mocha, dark gray, and tan. If you want your floors to have robust protection coupled with an amazing appearance, this is the coating to choose.

If you’re looking for a clear coat to put on your workshop or garage floor, there are certain issues you have to consider. Firstly, how will it fare against oil, gas, and other harsh chemicals?

Many garage and workshop owners find this particular coating ideal because of its robust nature. It excels at resisting chemicals, oils, and other substances.

Thus, it does not fade or get deteriorated easily.

Another perk of this product is ease of use. Now, with most coatings out there, leveling is an uphill task. But with the Rocksolid coating from Rust-Oleum, the task is a cinch. That is because the product is self-leveling, making things easy for you.

This is not to say that you can simply pour it and go, but at least the work is not as tiresome as other coatings make it. With adequate preparation and a good roller, you can cover a 400 sq ft area in about 30 to 45 minutes.

Key features:

  • Quick-healing – 10 hours for foot traffic and 36 hours for vehicles
  • 20 times stronger than epoxy – resists hot tire pickup and chemicals
  • Good coverage of up to 500 sq ft per kit
  • Beautiful finish with an extremely high glos

4. RUST-OLEUM Epoxy Clear Coat

Is your garage floor bare concrete? Or is it covered with 1-part paint? If so, the RUST-OLEUM 320202 Clear Gloss Coating is ideal for you.

What is amazing about this product is the kind of finish it leaves. It gives your floor a high-gloss look that beats almost any clear coat or epoxy out there.

For those who are concerned about tire marks, this is the coating to go for. Once it is cured, the coating is really tough. You can move heavy objects and drive a truck on it, and yet, you won’t see any marks or dents.

Resistance to chemicals is yet another factor that attracts people to this clear coat. In a garage, spills including gasoline, oil, and more chemicals are not uncommon. These spills can easily ruin your garage floor, but not when you have this Rust Oleum coat protecting it.

With the product, you need not to worry about fading, cracking, or peeling from chemical spills.

Have you ever had a spill that was so hard to clean you ultimately had to leave it? That will not happen when you have this coating. That is because it also resistant to staining. In addition, you can clean it easily with water as the stains come off without a struggle.

For the best results, please apply two to three layers.

Key features:

  • Resistant to stains and chemical spills
  • Does not fade or crack easily
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Leaves a high-gloss finish

5. Supercoat Urethane Top Coat for Epoxy Floor

Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat Clear

If you have an epoxy floor, you might agree that one of the main issues of clear coats is yellowing. If you don’t want to deal with that problem, the Supercoat SC550-KR-CL-0 is a product you might want to invest in.

Coming in the form of a two-component clear coat, and offering you industrial grade performance, this is the best clear coat for garage floor. Once you apply it, you can look forward to years of a dent-free, scuff-free floor.

One part of the substance is polyurethane while the other is the clear top coat. Because of this formulation, the substance is durable. With two layers, you can driver on the surface without causing much deterioration.

Yet another benefits is the great coverage. Just one kit is enough to cover up to 600 sq. ft. Therefore, if you have a two-car garage, you only need one pack.

The coating is great when it comes to resisting scratches from tools, vehicles, and other factors. Moreover, you don’t need to stress about hot tire pickup anymore.

Apart from that, the coat resists damage from gasoline and oil rather well.

One of the main reasons why many people love it is the kind of sheen it provides. If your floor is looking a bit dull and you want to give it a fresh new look, try this coat. You will love the beautiful shine it puts on the surface.

Key features:

  • Industrial quality with strength to last years
  • Resists stains and is easy to clean with water
  • Resistant to chemicals such as oil and gasoline
  • Good coverage of up to 600 sq ft per kit

6. 2 part Epoxy Clear Coat for Garage Floor by EPOXY-COAT 

If you’re planning to apply a clear coat to your garage floor, there are a few items you need for the job. You will definitely need a roller, a brush, gloves, prep solution, a squeegee, and a mechanical mixer.

Unless you have these items, you will need to shop for them too, which will cost you extra money and time. Now, instead of all that hassle, you can purchase the Epoxy-Coat Full Kit, which comes with all these items.

Yes, the price is included, but it is greatly discounted, and beats any separate deal out there.

Apart from the included gear, another factor that draws people to this product is the level of quality is packs. Made from 100 percent solids, this Cycloaliphatic epoxy coating is just what you need to give your floors protection that lasts.

To investigate this product’s toughness, it was tested against an equal measure of normal epoxy. You won’t believe what the results showed! 1 gallon of it was 2.5 times stronger than normal epoxy when it comes to resisting marks and fading.

That means if you want to save money and get great results, this coating is what you need to apply.

Do you want to give your floor a touch of beauty? Apart from the clear coat, there are other color options to choose from. These include taupe, dark-gray, black, and beige.

Key features:

  • Comes with useful gear – brush, roller, squeegee, gloves, etc.
  • One can is enough to cover 500 sq ft
  • Industrial quality protection for floors
  • Comes in 7 color options – clear, beige, black, and more

7. Floor-Tex Topcoat Clear Satin Sealer By Seal Krete

Floor-Tex Topcoat Clear Satin Sealer

Lastly, on our list, we have the Floor-Tex Topcoat Clear Satin Sealer. This product is designed to not only cover and protect surfaces but also to create a non-slip finish.

Speaking of that, some floor surfaces, especially epoxy, can be slippery and a little dangerous to work in. By putting the Floor-Tex coat on such surfaces, you give them some traction and safety.

This formula is water-based and free of VOCs. Hence, it is easy to apply and it cleans seamlessly. After application, you have about 45 minutes to spread it the way you like. In case of accidental application, you can wash it out easily with water.

That is excellent news because while some products are tough to remove from your hands, this one washes off without a struggle.

If you want a nice clear finish, this product is for you. It has a milky white color when being applied but it dries to a clear finish.

With this one gallon, you can cover about 300 sq ft. You need to give it only about 4 hours to dry. What I find truly amazing is that in just 20 hours, the surface is ready for foot traffic.

Key features:

  • Water-based formula that washes off with water
  • Dries completely in 4 hours and cures in 20 hours
  • Non-slip formula that makes your floor safer
  • Dries clear, giving the floor a nice finished look

Top 7 Clear Coat Garage Floor Comparison Table

Product Name

Product base

Finish option

Coverage (sq ft)

Drying time (foot ready)

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Premium Clear Coating

Water based

High gloss


24 hours

KILZ L377611 Epoxy Acrylic Concrete and Garage Floor Coating





Rust-Oleum 293517 Rocksolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating


High gloss



RUST-OLEUM 320202 Clear Gloss Coating


High gloss



Supercoat SC550-KR-CL-0 Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat Clear

Polyurethane water-based high gloss

High gloss



Epoxy Floor Kit - Epoxy-Coat Full Kit Clear


High gloss



Floor-Tex Topcoat Clear Satin Sealer





Clear Coat Garage Floor Buying guide

Clear Coat Garage Floor

As you look to purchase the best clear coat for garage floor, you need to ask yourself a very important question – what are the factors to consider?

Now, in this section, that is what we will cover. Here are the considerations to make when looking for the right garage floor clear coat.


When applying a garage floor paint clear coat, the idea is not just to have a cool new look. Usually, you also want to make the floor resistant to scratches, dents, and other issues. In that case, it is important that you get a clear coat that is formulated to be strong.

Clear coats made of high-quality 100% solids of materials like epoxy mixtures and polyurethane are the best in this regard. The perks of such materials is that they can resist hot tire pickup as well as chemical spills.


Another important factor to keep in mind is how long the protection will last. While some clear coats ear out after years, some will be worn after a month or two.

Your clear coat’s longevity is connected to its strength. If you get a high-grade product that holds up to wear, it will last years.

Finish type

Before you buy, keep it in mind there are different finish options available. While some people like a satin surface, others like a semi-gloss or a high-gloss surface.

Your choice here boils down to your preferences. Be sure to check the finish type before purchasing the product.

Water-based or acrylic based

A clear coat for epoxy garage floor is usually either water-based or acrylic-based. Each of these has its benefits and shortcomings.

For instance, a water-based coat washes easily with water. The benefit here is that you remove it from your hands and correct accidental application without a hassle. On the other hand, such a product is not as long-lasting an acrylic-based one.

Acrylic-based coats don’t wash off with ease. On the upside, they are really tough, and they last longer than water-based coats.

Drying time

After applying each coat, you have to wait for it to dry up so you can apply the next coat. Typically, a product that takes 4 hours or less to dry up is preferable. Apart from that, ask yourself how long the product takes to become ready for foot traffic. In this regard, 20 to 30 hours make sense.

Lastly, check how long the surface will take to be ready for vehicle traffic. If that will be 36 to 72 hours, it will be okay. Anything more than that will be too long.


Finally, think about the coverage. A gallon of a good product will cover 300 to 600 square feet, while a bad product will need to be used in larger quantities to work.

The coverage matters more in the event that you are on a budget. If you want to save money, look for a coat with a large coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the work of a clear coat?

A clear coat is a final paint layer that goes over the surface to give it a nice finished appearance. But, apart from the looks, clear coats provide protective benefits. A good clear coat protects your epoxy or concrete floor from fading, denting, getting scratched, and other factors of deterioration.

Can I apply an epoxy clear coat over polyurethane paint?

Normally, it is not advisable to apply a clear coat over polyurethane. That is because most clear coats have a higher surface tension than polyurethane paints. Yet, it is necessary for the clear coat to have a lower surface tension than the paint.

That being said, some clear coats have lower surface tensions. There are also others that are designed with great traction so that they stick on almost any surface.

How many clear coat layers should I apply?

That usually depends on the quality of the product you are using as well as the floor conditions. Usually, most clear coats will do well with just two layers of application.

If you are applying it to a surface with a base coat or primer, a layer or two is enough. On the other hand, bare concrete needs three or more layers.

How long should I wait before applying the next layer of epoxyshield clear coat?

Epoxyshield is one of the top clear coat brands from Rust-Oleum offering you great quality. As it is high-grade, the product doesn’t take forever to dry. In just about 4 hours, it is dry enough for the next coat. And after 24 hours, the application is ready for foot traffic.

Final Word

Over to you now. Which option from the ones I presented above will you choose as your best clear coat for garage floor?

Keep in mind all the factors I talked about in the buyer’s guide. When making your selection, go for a clear coat with the kind of finish you want. If you are a beginner with these sorts of products, you are better off with a water-based coating that you can clean with ease.

And if you’re more experienced and are looking for the most durable option, an acrylic-based coat will serve you best.

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