Top 10 Best Drywall Mud 2022: Smoothly Finish Your Walls

Ever happen to come across a man having a hard time repairing his wall? If not, you cannot imagine how painful it is to discover that the repair is going nowhere.

That's because the poor guy didn't choose his materials wisely, and a good drywall mud could be one of them.

This shouldn’t happen to you if you know the drill of finding the best drywall mud. And what’s this article about? It’s all about helping you in the smartest of purchases.

Dig in without further ado and see if we chose the products right. We are going to talk about them in a detailed manner, leaving nothing un-discussed.



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Dap 10100 Wallboard Joint Compound

Phenopatch Wbjc Rtu 3Lb

U S GYPSUM 380270072 U S Gypsum 380270

DAP 12330 Dry Time Indicator Spackling

3M High Strength Small Hole Repair

Tips for Applying Drywall Mud/Joint Compound

Here are the tips you should follow for applying mud on drywall.

Make sure the surface is favorable for a smooth finish

And the only way to ensure that is by cleaning the surface thoroughly not leaving behind anything. Do not let the dust particles remain on it.

Use multiple layers of mud

You might want to use multiple layers of mud if you are working on new drywall. This way the durability of the compounds will be outstanding. I would suggest that you apply topping mud on the uppermost layer having all-purpose and initial muds beneath it.

Do not go for a single-layered coat

It’s okay to make the coating extremely thick, but making it a single-layered one is what’s wrong. You should apply multiple coats that are on the thinner side so that together they can make a strong bond and a decent finish.

Make sure to apply mud on the holes

This might seem insignificant, however, once the coating is done, you will see the difference.

If you follow these tips, it won’t be long before you start liking the idea of ‘doing it yourself’. Have patience and focus on the wall so that the finish looks smooth.

Our Recommendation 10 Best Drywall Mud/Joint Compound

If one of these mixtures has a good drying time, another has extreme stickiness. Yes, they are very unique in their ways. It was a great experience reviewing them. See if you also have the same experience reading.

1. Dap Joint Compound/Drywall Mud

We took the matter of choosing the topmost product seriously. And tell you what, it wasn’t easy. But, that doesn’t mean that finding an awesome product with extraordinary finishing and outrageous shrinkage-tackling ability wasn’t fun. Yeah, that’s our best drywall compound for skim coat right there.

Now, where do we start? Okay, let’s kick off with its incredible texture. It is incredibly easy to apply to joints. The makes have done a great job making it lightweight. For, a lightweight container is always helpful when you are a creative DIY enthusiast.

If you are in the game for quite a while, you know how much the workers despise grittiness. And that’s where the brand saved the day. It has made this unit impressively less-gritty. Therefore, if not for anything else, you surely want it in your possession for creating some texture.

What’s also appreciable is that users have praised its smoothness as well as moistness. However, the moisture was too much for a buyer and he thought that it shrunk and cracked too fast. Some other buyers also thought the same. Nevertheless, at such an affordable price, we couldn’t be pleased more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extraordinary finishing and outrageous shrinkage-tackling ability.
  • Incredible texture.Amazingly easy to apply on joints.
  • A lightweight container.
  • Impressively less-gritty.

2. Dap Topping Joint Compound for Skim Coating

While reviewing this item, we came across an expert reviewer. He shared some thoughts which we found to be most useful. The first thing you want to know about this brilliant compound is that they’ve made it a bit thinner. Now, be patient, thin doesn’t always mean low-quality.

Here, thin means you can maneuver the mud as easily as you can imagine. Ask the pros if you are having a hard time believing. With such a product, you can spread the mixture evenly without getting annoyed by any pits. And what’s cool is that a knife will be fun to use to spread it.

What’s also important to know is that sanding with it will be delightfully perfect. You will need only about 3 coats filling a nail hole. And it’s good that they’ve made the tub spacious enough to keep a 4-inch knife inside. Thus, you have the top of mud always ready to be at your service, being easily accessible.

Now, here’s a tip to get the best result. Use a mesh tape if you are having a hard time holding the joint compound. While enjoying the ultra-thinness of this great item, you got to make peace with this little inconvenience. Now, only if one user didn’t find it a bit too wet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thin, so that you can maneuver the mud easily.
  • Spreads evenly without annoying you with any pits.
  • Perfect for sanding jobs.
  • Needs only about 3 coats filling a nail hole.
  • The tub is spacious enough to keep a 4-inch knife inside.

3. U S GYPSUM Drywall Mud Mixer for Beginners

If you are into the integrity of structures more than anything else, we might have the right product for you here. Yes, here’s a cement tub with spot-on consistency. You will be in awe watching it spread ever so greatly. Not to mention, the freedom of maneuvering it as desired, thanks to the drying time.

It always gives you a sense of relief to know that you have enough time to make that last-minute edits. And that's what you get with such a product.

What's more, you will find no lump in it. And you might also admire the whiteness of the dried mud. However, it looks grey while still wet.

People were happy with its smoothness, something a good product cannot mess up in. Now, when you are planning to use this product for gap filling, I would advise that you use tapes for anything over ¼ inches. Otherwise, there might be some minor cracks.

As for drawbacks, one user found it to be excessively wet. And while we were impressed with the drying time, he got impatient of the long waiting. So, if you aren't okay with 24-hour drying time, you have other products to choose from, and this isn't the one.

Highlighted Features:

  • A cement tub with spot-on consistency.
  • Freedom of maneuvering as desired, thanks to the drying time.
  • Admirable whiteness of the dried mud.
  • Perfection of smoothness.Allows no lump.

4. DAP Drywall Mud for Repairs

I wouldn’t believe that a mud product could be so smart until I crossed path with this efficient item. Yes, you apply it when it’s cutely pink. And then after enjoying a cup of coffee, you see the thing being turned into white.

And that’s your cue to start sanding and painting. Crazy stuff!

Thus, you never have to worry about premature sanding while the mud isn’t ready to take charge. And, if you have a cracked wall, this mixture is very efficient in making it smooth again.

All you need to do is, clean the surface, take out any chips and sandpapers, apply the mixture, and let it be for a good 24 hours. And behold, we have a new-looking wall in front of us! Now, it gets better when I tell you that it fills the holes too.

The components in the mixture give it a nice pasty appearance. And every worker adores such a mud, for, it’s super smooth this way. Moreover, the ease of application makes you bolder to take on tasks even if you are a newbie. What’s more, you won’t notice any streaks whatsoever.

However, the product didn’t work for one user. He had a horrible experience altogether when he saw it peeling off paint from his walls.

Highlighted Features:

  • Changes color to guide you through the job.
  • Efficient in making a cracked wall smooth.
  • Fills the holes superbly.
  • The components in the mixture give it a nice pasty appearance.
  • Ease of application with no streaks.

5. 3M Drywall Mud for Patching & Repairing

Let’s check out a fast-acting drywall mud for the bathroom. If you’ve had prior experience of working with traditional spackling, you would be out of your mind seeing how much time this guy saves you. They went on saying it would save 2/3rd of your time. Outrageous, I know!

You want to buy this mud for repairing nail holes and nicks. The guy can do with up to 3 inches of one of them. Another worth mentioning thing about it is the lightness it comes with. When working with a sparkling compound, lightweight stands for convenience.

We found an expert reviewer saying that despite the cream-like consistency of this product, it dries into something very hard in no time. And he was extremely impressed with the mess-free application of this great stuff. And you know what; you can wet sand with this thing too.

The mixture will accept paint all too well. And what’s surprisingly great is that you can use your fingers to apply the mixture if it’s a paint peeling-off case. Also, a nail file gets along with it. Yes, convenient, to say the least. Now, note that there might not be any primer included.

Highlighted Features:

  • Saves as much as 2/3rd of your time.
  • Up to 3 inches repairing of nail holes and nicks.
  • With a spackling compound, lightweight means convenience.
  • Despite the cream-like consistency, it dries into something very hard fast.
  • Mess-free application.

6. DAP Drywall Mud for Knockdown Texture

It's been a privilege to review this product. For, we know how much a worker longs for soft and rubbery mud. Yes, let's introduce the softest premixed drywall mud on the list.

And what comes with softness? Well, you will find the product sealing as if it’s a sealer. Yes, you’ve heard it right; a mud sealing your walls!

Now, you can go as wide as 4 feet by 2 feet with this excellent mixture. And the texture it comes with is like a universal one. No matter how gross the leak may look, once this guy gets to work, the wall won’t reveal that leak anymore.

The product is an elastopatch. So, before buying it, be informed that it is specifically made to deal with leaks of any sort. But, that doesn't mean it won't patch those tiny cracks incredibly well. What's more, it spreads very smoothly making it easy for the user.

Now, if you are looking for a sand-able option, you are looking at the wrong one. You can give it any of those stubborn leaks and it will see the job done. But, when you are making a waterproof patching items and your walls, you are asking for too much.

Highlighted Features:

  • A soft and rubbery mud for sealing.
  • The coverage is as wide as 4 feet by 2 feet.
  • Its excellent texture doesn’t reveal leaks.
  • Patches tiny cracks with a smooth spreading.
  • Specialty on dealing with leaks.

7. USG Joint Compound Powder

Looking for a finishing product with a speedy operation? We might interest you with a fine option then. This guy can deal with any interior or exterior application, whether or not you have much time on hand. They went on claiming that it will finish the joint on the same day you applied to you.

So, there went the long waiting of 24 hours we are used to. And thus, it can be your go-to product if patience isn’t your strong area. Now, will the surface be hard enough? You bet, it will. And not only that, it will be the best drywall mud for texturing if you live in an excessively humid area.

See, not all products can deal with humidity because of the components they come with. And it’s understandable, for, they serve various other purposes. However, it would be awful to find a mud peeling off the walls when the humidity hits. And that’s something which won’t happen with this mixture.

Moreover, it can provide you with heavy fills. And thanks to its low-shrinkage property, you can use it for extremely hard concrete surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Finishes the joint on the same day of application.
  • The best option for an excessively humid area.
  • Finishes into something very hard
  • Provides heavy fills.
  • Low-shrinkage property for extremely hard concrete surfaces.

8. St. Gobain Noiseproof Compound

We are now about to review a unique product. While others on the market will give you robust patching, hard surfaces, and things like these, our guy over here is on a different quest. It deadens the sound superbly.

And trust me, when you live in one of those over-populated areas, you know the value of such an item. What’s also amazing is that it comes with very little odor, if any. Therefore, if you have problems with nausea, this might be just the product for you. However, you have to stand the smell for a day or two.

The item is decently big to see a lot of jobs done. You can work on about ten windows before you find it empty. Now, beware of a few facts. The product does come out faster than you anticipated. And it’s certainly not one of those muds that offer you a dry surface. Nevertheless, it’s sticky enough to do the job.

So, to make the most of it, you shouldn't go about squeezing it with all your strength. Now, we found one customer unconvinced that the product muffles the sound.

Highlighted Features:

  • Deadens the sound superbly.
  • Comes with very little odor, if any.
  • Decently big to see a lot of jobs done.
  • Convincingly sticky.
  • Works on about ten windows before getting empty.

9. Custom BLDG All Purpose Premixed Drywall Mud

Have you ever seen a drywall mud setting hard in about half an hour? If not, then you are about to. This guy blew our mind when we came to know how fast it works. And such speed pairs with an experienced worker greatly. If you have a load of works bothering you, this might be the solution you need.

They’ve done a perfect job as far as versatility is concerned. For, this guy will allow you to drill, saw, and sand. Therefore, in terms of repairing holes and cracks with sanding afterward, not many options can beat it.

What’s also unique about it is that it comes with great strength when there’s compression involved. Thus, you have a good solution for your floor patching problems. Just apply this mixture to amend those cracks before you go for a floor covering, and you are game.

As for drawbacks, we didn’t find any significant one apart from one review where it was described as ‘only a standard patch’.

Highlighted Features:

  • A drywall mud setting hard in about half an hour!
  • Allows you to drill, saw, and sand.
  • Great in repairing holes and cracks with sanding afterward.
  • Extraordinary strength when there’s compression involved.
  • A good solution for floor patching.

10. Red Devil Spackling Compound Tube

During reviewing drywall muds, we found some users concerned about getting the mixtures off rather than making them stick. As surprising as it might sound, you do need to peel the mud off at times. And that's what the last product on our list is good at.

You won’t have to break a sweat while removing the product once you don’t need it anymore. It washes off with simply water and soap. And knowing the mud products, this is surely an advantage this item comes with.

You will also love it for the easy application it offers. Thanks to the squeezing mechanism, you won’t have to worry about the mixture getting stuck inside the container. What’s also great is that it dries awesomely fast.

However, the roll-up feature didn't work for one user. He had to spend more time figuring it out and fixing it than in speckling.

Whereas, another customer was ecstatic with how smooth the mixture came out for him. He went on saying that it takes 15 seconds to mend mountings and screws with this thing.  

Highlighted Features:

  • Washes off with simply water and soap.
  • With the squeezing mechanism, won’t get stuck inside the container.
  • Dries awesomely fast.
  • The mixture comes out smoothly.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to apply.

Top 10 Drywall Mud/Joint Compound Comparison Chart






Dap 10100 Wallboard Joint Compound



3 Pounds

5 x 5 x 4.75 inches

Phenopatch Wbjc Rtu 3Lb



3 Pounds

5 x 5 x 4.75 inches

U S GYPSUM 380270072 U S 



3.3 Pounds

15.67 x 10.47 x 5.24 inches

DAP 12330 Dry Time Indicator Spackling



1.9 Pounds

5 x 5 x 8 inches

3M High Strength Small Hole Repair



12 Ounces

4.16 x 4.16 x 2.9 inches

DAP 7079812290 Elastopatch 




10.8 Pounds

7.63 x 7.63 x 7.63 inches

USG Series 381110060 25Lb 



25 Pounds

205 x 11 x 3 inches


St. Gobain


2.15 Pounds

17 x 3 x 0.7 inches

Custom BLDG Products 

Custom Building Products


4 Pounds

8 x 5.2 x 5.2 inches

Red Devil 658 House & Home 

Red Devil


7.2 Ounces

10.8 x 1.6 x 3.3 inches

How To Choose The Best Drywall Mud/Joint Compound: A Few Pointers

You should buy the product you have been comfortable with all along. However, if you are new in this, you should know the basics that go into making a good product great. Here's what you want to know to get a sweet deal.

Mud for Drywall


Yes, you want to know what the product is good at. While some muds do well in humid conditions, others will let you down miserably at that. And do not forget to buy a product weighing appropriately. I mean, it makes no sense to buy a big package when all you want to do is repair a small window or two.

I would also suggest that you assess the need for your repairing tasks. While you will find some product brilliant in sanding, others will be less efficient at that. Now, keep in mind that you don't need a sand-able mixture in all projects.

Rather, your particular task on hand may ask for sound deadening ability, which you should pay attention to. So, you get the deal, don't you? Buy the one that will mean business, not some fancy products with appealing features that are of no use to you.


Imagine buying a product and then working for hours with it only to find it coming off the walls within a month. You would want to drown the whole brand, wouldn't you? That's why the mud must stay on the wall for a good long period.

Now, how do you know if the compound will be durable or not? Customer reviews, of course! Yes, only a user of particular drywall mud can tell you the real story as far as longevity is concerned. And the best mud for drywall cannot compromise on durability.


The brands go out of their ways to make their products smooth. And most of the time, all of them manage to do a decent job at that. Therefore, it shouldn’t be much difficult to find a perfectly smooth compound for that not-so-perfect looking cracked wall of yours.

Pre-mixed or powder form

When you will read about the types of mud, you will find that some of them come pre-mixed while the others are in raw forms. Though the powdered muds are cool to maneuver as you want, you won’t have a great time with them if you are a beginner. And, pre-mixed muds save you time, making it easier.

Types of Drywall Mud

On the market, you will find various types of drywall products. However, if we categorize them broadly, we have four of them. Let's see what they are about.

All-Purpose Mud

All-Purpose Mud

Yes, the name says the story. This is the best drywall compound for you if you are unsure about the requirement of the projects on hand.

For instance, you have a crack on the wall or an ugly-looking whole, and you want to sort it out. But, you don’t know what type of mud would suit the wall. Well, you have this one.

This type of product comes in a pre-mixed form. And you can guess that this is the most popular one around the land. Now, what’s the best use of such a compound? Among other uses, you will find that it deals with skim-coating ever so greatly. And it bosses the embedding of joint tape.

Also, if you are looking for finish and filler coats, there are not many great options like this. So, it offers versatility. And that’s another reason right there to love this type of mud.

What’s also incredible about it is that it dries ridiculously slowly, thus allowing the user to maneuver it appropriately. Moreover, it's lightweight, offering the newbies all the confidence they need. However, in terms of strength, there are better options that we are getting into shortly.

Taping Mud

Taping Mud

You want this one when you embed joint tapes. For, it will dry as hard as you can imagine. But, it will be troublesome when you want to sand it. Nevertheless, in covering plaster cracks, nothing can beat a taping mud.

Moreover, it's the perfect mud for window and door openings as well as laminating drywall panels of ceilings.

Topping Mud

Topping Mud

This one comes in the form of dry powder. It offers an awesomely strong bond. Also, it has minimal shrinkage. You need to mix water with it to perform the magic. This type of mud is best for finishing coating on a previously taped joint. But, it's not efficient in embedding joint tapes.

Setting Mud

Setting Mud

This is the quickest-acting option among the four. It is extremely useful when the clock seems to tick too fast. Yes, it will deal with those deep holes and cracks in no time. You will need to mix the powder with water and then apply immediately to get the desired result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should i make a thick coating with a drywall mud?

Yes, The coating should be thick so that you get the desired durability. However, the problem occurs when you make it a single thick coat. This way, it becomes difficult to maneuver the compound when you want to repair it. Therefore, we suggest that you go for thin coatings, as many as you want.

Do i need to sand after using drywall mud?

Not always you will need to do so. However, it would be cool if you can sand the wall where there’s a gap between coats. Otherwise, the wall will look bumpy. And it’s heartbreaking not to have a smooth finish after the hard work. So, yes, sanding is the way to go in most cases.

Which type of tape is best for drywall?

There’s no fixed answer to this. If you are a newbie, the mesh tape option will suit you. For, the other option, paper tape requires some skill to work with. However, if you are familiar with this sort of work, the paper tape is always the stronger option.

What type of drywall mud is best for humid conditions?

It's the quick setting compound you should choose if it's humid out there. For, this type of mud dries outrageously fast. Just make sure that you can handle the deficiency of time nicely. For, if you are slow, then you might miss out on the best outcome.

Which one is better; powder or pre-mixed?

While the powder option will give you the freedom of deciding the consistency of the mud, it will kill some time. Therefore, I like the pre-mixed ones as they are easier to apply.

Final Verdict

We hope that we could keep it simple and beneficial. It’s the buying guide that will help you make a perfect buying decision. When you are looking at different options to make the purchase, judge them by the factors I mentioned in the buying guide.

Believe me, they will be a great help and will aid you in making the right decision.

Remember, the best drywall mud for you is the one that combines as many great features as possible. So, choose wisely.

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