Our 8 Best Drywall Taping Tools Reviews for 2022

After installing drywall panels, you shouldn’t leave the seams open. To achieve an elegant, attractive look, you need to cover the seams. Fortunately, that is a quick and easy task with the best drywall taping tools.

These tools help you cover the gaps and achieve a nice continuous finish free of jags.

As they are versatile, these machines do more than just covering the gaps. In case there are cracks or holes on your drywall, the tools will fix them.

If you’re serious about giving your drywall a fabulous look, this article is for you. We’ll review the ideal taping tools you can employ.

Let’s delve in.



Iditor,s Rating


Goldblatt  Banjo-Dry Taper

5 Out of 5

Cdbz Taping Tool

5 Out of 5

LEVEL5 Drywall Taper

5 Out of 5

Automatic Drywall Taper

LEVEL5 Taping and Finishing Set

5 Out of 5

Homax drywall taping tool

5 Out of 5

Our Recommendation 8 Best Drywall Taping Tools

1. Goldblatt drywall tape tools

If you’re looking for a tool that is absolutely comfortable to use, the Goldblatt G15301 is the way to go. Its body is made of aluminum, a lightweight material that will not exhaust your elbow grease carrying it.

To make things even better, the unit comes with an adjustable side strap. If you like tools you can operate with one hand, you’ll find the strap quite useful. Insert your hand in there and operate the taper easily with one hand.

At the top, the gadget is fitted with a handle, which you can use to carry it. The hand is large enough and comfortable to hold with a thumb rest.

Loading the banjo is a piece of cake, thanks to the ergonomic design. You simply open the larches and put your tape and mud in there.

What I find pretty satisfying is the capacity of this thing. You can load up to 500 feet of tape and enough mud to go 40 feet. Hence, you needn’t keep stopping to reload. That saves you time and the effort needed to tape those seams.

If you’re looking for the best drywall taping tools with good and compact designs, don’t hesitate to get the Goldblatt G15301. It works flawlessly and really speeds up the taping process.

Prominent  features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Has a side strap for one-handed operation
  • The handle at the top makes it easy to hold
  • Big enough compartment for 500 feet of tape
  • Can hold adequate mud to go 40 feet

2. Cdbz drywall corner taping tools

With a body made of polycarbonate, the Cdbz Drywall Banjo Taping Tool is just what you need if you’re looking for durability and ease of use. This unit weighs in at 2.09 pounds, meaning it is quite comfortable to operate.

Apart from the weight, it is important to think about the size. You don’t want a large taper as that can give you hurdles when trying to use it. Thankfully, the tool is only 24 inches long, and as it is also lightweight, it is super easy to handle.

Although this banjo can be operated with one hand, there are two points where you can hold it. At the top, there is an ergonomic handle with a rubber coating. And on one side, a strap is attached.

You can, therefore, carry the machine with one hand and use the other hand to hold the strap. That way, you will find the tool effortless to work.

Do you want a tool that allows you to control the putty material thickness? This is it. The banjo has a gear near the top that lets you adjust the material thickness. That means you can easily apply the right amount of putty depending on the seam size.

Once you’re finished taping each line, you need to cut the tape before moving to the next line. When you purchase the Cdbz banjo, you get a good steel knife for free. Doesn’t that sound cool?

Prominent  features:

  • Made of a durable polycarbonate material
  • Lightweight and compact for comfort
  • Rubber-coated handle for carrying
  • Side strap for easy use
  • Has a gear for controlling the putty thickness

3. LEVEL5 automatic taping tools

The budget units I have talked about above are great for a DIYer, but if you’re a professional, or you need professional results, then you got to get a better taping machine. In that regard, the LEVEL5 Automatic Drywall Taper is worth considering.

This is a professional unit that comes with the design and power to provide you with superior taping utility.

As you can see, the design is quite different – it is basically a long tube with a head on one end.

One of the great features of this unit is the materials from which it is made. The side plates on both side of the taper head are made of stainless steel, so you can expect them to last. Also, the creaser arm and the adjustable roller break arm are also made of stainless steel, implying they’re robust.

What I like about the roller break is that you can set it to the tension you like. With that, you get to enjoy very smooth, precise operation.

On the side of the head, there is an additional roller that follows the chain. This roller helps keep the chain off the side plate, so again, you get some nice, smooth operation when running the unit on your wall.

The LEVEL5 taper is about 55 inches long. That means you can tape the ceiling without having to step on something.

Finally, as it comes with a tape keeper, you can install any size of tape you want.

Prominent  features:

  • Made of high-grade materials like stainless steel and aluminum
  • Long and suitable for high and hard to reach areas
  • Professional results with almost no mess
  • Comes with its own cutter so you don’t need a knife
  • Easy to clean – the thumb screw gives you quick access to the cover plate

4. LEVEL5 drywall taping tools set

Full Drywall Taping and Finishing Set

Do you want to greatly increase your drywall taping speed? You can accomplish that with the LEVEL5 Full Drywall Taping and Finishing machine. This is a professional-grade taper that works like a charm.

If you’ve ever tried to use your hands or a banjo to apply drywall tape ton corner seams, you might agree the task is rather difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes, it can seem impossible. But do you know you can do it effortlessly with the LEVEL5 taper?

This unit is not only for flat surfaces but also corners and edges.

If you want to get into drywall taping, you will need to get several things. What makes this set worth getting is that it comes with all the things needed.

Firstly, you will get a compound pump. That’s the gadget you’ll use to fill the taper with compound. Secondly, you’ll get two different sizes of flat boxes. These will come in handy when applying the joint compound over the taped joints.

Other things that you will get include the corner finisher and applicator, the flat box handle, and more. You’ll be happy, also, to see the package includes a number of taping knives, a scoop, and other free hand tools.

One of the most amazing aspects of this unit is its consistency. Once you have loaded the tape correctly and dialed the compound thickness to the value you need, you will love the results. It is cool to see they are consistent and reliable every time.

Prominent  features:

  • Durable as it is made from high-grade aluminum, steel, high-impact nylon, etc.
  • Great corrosion resistance as it is made of high-quality materials
  • Extendable and fixed-length handles of up to 3.5 feet
  • Superior rolling action that speeds up the taping task significantly
  • Comes with a range of useful accessories including taping knives

5. Homax drywall tape applicator

Perhaps you’re a DIYer and you’re looking for a budget-friendly taper that you can use at home. In that case, I’d encourage you to try the Homax Drywall Tape and Mud Dispenser Tool.

One of the loveliest benefits of this unit is the weight. Since the body is made of composite materials like nylon, the banjo is quite lightweight, weighing in at about 2 pounds.

What I find absolutely attractive with this machine is the design. Firstly, it is a compact design that makes it effortless to carry the tool.

Secondly, the tape is loaded at the back while the handle is positioned at the topmost part. That means the tape is out of the way where it doesn’t bother you while you use the machine.

There are three latches on the unit – one at the top and two at the bottom. You simply open the latches to expose the compartment that holds the putty compound. There is enough space in there to house up to 5 pounds of mud.

Thus, you can tape up a room or two before needing to refill.

Below the top latch, there is a small knob. That is what you use to control the amount of mud coming out. It means you can adjust the tool based on the seam sizes.

This plastic taper might not last as long as the steel ones, but it offers two major perks. First, it is very affordable and secondly, it is lightweight and easy to operate.

Prominent  features:

  • Made of plastic and therefore lightweight – only 2 pounds
  • Large, comfort-grip handle at the top
  • Holds 500 feet of tape and 5 pounds of mud
  • Comes with an adjustable mud control dial
  • The plastic latches are easy to open

6. TapeTech automatic drywall taping tools

If you’re a professional dealing with drywall installation, banjos just won’t work. You need a reliable taper that delivers clean results. With regard to that, the TapeTech Carbon Fiber Automatic Drywall Taper is a machine you can trust.

What makes this unit stand out is its lightweight nature.

To put matters into perspective, while the LEVEL5 taper weighs more than 8 pounds, this one weighs only about 5 pounds. If you want to avoid fatigue while taping the seams, the TapeTech taper will definitely be the way to go.

One of the issues with tube tapers is bending. You cannot imagine spending so much on the tool and then seeing it bend during use. Thankfully, you’ll not face that problem while using this unit. Why?

Because it is sturdy-made. Crafted from carbon-fiber, the handle/control tube is super-tough and resistant to impact. It performs better and lasts longer than aluminum handles. Moreover, it is not affected by corrosion.

Measuring 2.5 feet in length, the control tube is long. This adds to the ease of operation by boosting the comfort. In addition, the control tube is installed with glide wheels, which make cutting the tape a smooth, quick, and clean process.

Prominent  features:

  • Long control tube for smoother, easier operation
  • Made from robust materials like carbon fiber for longevity
  • Comfortable during the cold as it the control tube is not metallic
  • Lightweight at about 5 pounds and thus simpler to handle

7. Platinum Semi-Auto Drywall Finishing Tool

Drywall Finishing Tool Set

If you like to get all the necessary tools at once, Platinum’s tool set should come in handy. This set offers you all the tools needed for drywall finishing, including the flat boxes, tubes of different sizes, and more.

With the set’s 10-inch and 12-inch flat box, you can do your first and second coats on flat and butt joints. What I like about these flat boxes is how sturdy they are. Made of CNC machined steel, they are tough and resistance to not only impact but also rust.

Apart from that, these flat boxes give you easy access to the inside compartment. You can easily open the top with your fingers. That means cleaning is a cinch.

And of course, if you don’t have your compound pump, you can fill the boxes manually.

Moving on to the handles, these feature a straightforward design. They are not too thick and not too thin. Instead, they are the right thickness for easy grasping. At the end, they have a thinner composite handle that you can hold with one hand.

That means you hold the thicker stem with one hand and the thinner end with the other. It means complete ease of use.

The handle is 42 inches long, implying you won’t struggle to reach higher surfaces such as the ceiling or upper walls. Another amazing fact about this tube is that it is temperature-neutral. Therefore, you can use it even in the cold.

Prominent  features:

  • Long control tube – 42 inches
  • Different flat-box sizes for versatility
  • The flat boxes are easy to open and thus effortless to clean
  • Compound can be loaded manually or with a pump
  • Made of high-grade materials for strength and durability

8. LEVEL5 drywall taping knives

Are you looking for the perfect tool to smooth and finish the mud on the edges and corners? Forget your conventional knives and trowels.

Allow me to introduce to you the LEVEL5 Inside Corner Knife. This tool is optimally designed for edge and corner finishing.

First of all, the knife is made of flexible stainless steel. Hence, it is strong enough to resist breaking, and yet, it adjusts appropriately to provide a smooth and accurate finish.

A lot of finishing knives out there end up rusting and becoming totally useless. But things are different with this unit. Since it is crafted from stainless steel, it doesn’t get corroded. It stays useful for many years.

Another wonderful fact about the tool is how easy it is to use. The handle is just the right size for anyone’s palm. Plus, it is rubberized, and thus comfortable to hold. You won’t get fatigued easily while using this finishing knife.

If you want a knife for smoothing the inside drywall corners, the LEVEL5 Knife will come in helpful. Apart from its great quality and feel, the tool is affordable.

There are three size options – the 4x3.5 inches inside, 6x11.5 inches, and 4x3.5 inches outside.

Prominent  features:

  • Made of stainless steel and hence durable
  • Strong but flexible – provides a smooth finish
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • Comes in different sizes

Comparison Table of Top 8 Drywall Taping Tools

Name of product

PriBanjo or bazookace


Weight (pounds)

Size of tape it can hold (feet)

Built-in tape cutter

Goldblatt G15301 Banjo-Dry Tape






Cdbz Drywall Banjo Taping Tool






LEVEL5 Automatic Drywall Taper


Steel and aluminum




LEVEL5 Full Drywall Taping and Finishing Set


Steel, aluminum, and nylon




Homax Drywall Tape and Mud Dispenser Tool






TapeTech Carbon Fiber Automatic Drywall Taper


Carbon fiber




Platinum Semi-Auto Drywall Finishing Tool Set


Stainless steel




LEVEL5 Inside Corner Knife, 4"x3.5"


Stainless steel

6 ounces



Drywall Taping Tools Buying Guide

Drywall Taping Tools Reviews

Before getting a drywall taping tool, you need to make a few important considerations. This is to ensure you have the right tool for the job as not all tools are made equal. Here are the top things to consider if you want the best drywall taping tools.

Banjo or bazooka?

A banjo is a compact tool that looks like a nail gun. It has a compartment inside for holding the mud and a part that holds the roller tape.

In contrast, a bazooka has a long tube, a chain mechanism, and a tape retainer. It also has a head that holds the joint compound.

A banjo, being small and lightweight, is easier to carry. But that doesn’t mean it is easier to use as getting a great finish using it isn’t always easy. A banjo is okay for beginners but it doesn’t give the best results, and sometimes, it can create a mess.

A bazooka might be heavier, but it is designed to work quickly and provide wonderful results. The finish comes out smoother and more consistent. Furthermore, it has a better reach as it comes with a long handle/tube. If you’re a professional, this is the unit to choose.


Taping tools are made of a variety of materials from aluminum and steel to plastic. Usually, an automatic taper has a body made of metal while a banjo is made of either plastic or aluminum.

If you want a lightweight tool, you can get a banjo made of plastic. However, one made of aluminum will last longer.

On the other hand, if you want optimal durability, go for an automatic bazooka taper made of strong metals like stainless steel. Such a machine will be heavier but it will perform better and last longer.

Mud adjustment knob

If you’re getting a banjo, check whether it has a knob for adjusting the mud flow. That way, you can be sure the mud coming out will be just enough for each seam size.

The last thing you want is to have a banjo that dispenses too much mud leading to wastage and messy results. A mud adjustment knob will help avoid that.

Size and weight

Depending on your needs, you may want a more lightweight unit or you may be okay with a heavier machine. Of course, if you need the most lightweight option, a plastic banjo is the way to go.

That said, you want to check the size and weight no matter what unit you’re getting. The aim is to be sure you’ll control your taper comfortably.


What happens if you skip taping drywall?

Joint compound is not very stable. If left untapped, it will shrink and the seams will be visible again. That is why taping is essential.

Is drywall taping easy?

If you see a professional doing it, you will think it’s extremely easy. However, to get to their speed and accuracy, you need practice. More importantly, you need the right tools for the job to achieve a flawless finish.

What tools are used to tape drywall?

To tape drywall, a few tools are required. These include a drywall taper or banjo, tape, mud, and finishing knives or trowels. High-quality tools will give you a quick and flawless finish.

How is a drywall taper different from a banjo?

A drywall taper is made of a tube and a head at the top. It also incorporates a chain system. The mud is housed in the head while the tape is driven by the chain system. A banjo, on the other hand, is less complicated and it looks more like a nail gun.

The main difference is the efficiency. A drywall taper is a lot more efficient, and that’s why professionals prefer it. Also, it is more expensive but its results are significantly better.

Final Word

It’s a wrap, guys. So, over to you. Has this post has helped you discover the perfect tool for taping your drywall? Do you prefer a banjo or a bazooka?

Both come with pros and cons as we discussed above.

All in all, when seeking the best drywall taping tools, you got to think about your needs. If you need something super-lightweight, a plastic banjo is correct choice. But if you need to move quickly and achieve a superior finish, a bazooka just like the one from LEVEL5 is what you need.

Keep in mind the material too. A unit that has most of its parts made of stainless steel will serve you for longer.

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