8 Best Epoxy Grout Reviews in 2022 ( For Bathroom, Shower & Tile Floor)

Epoxy grout has brought over a revolution in terms of tile installation. This particular line of products has made installing and restoring tiles much faster and easier than we could ever imagine. And the technology surrounding it just keeps getting better!

However, without an in-depth knowhow, purchasing the best epoxy grout products available in the market is still a challenge. With the product’s rising popularity, it is now more demanding than ever to meet this challenge head on.

And that’s exactly what this guide is designed to teach you.

So sit back and relax!

The process of buying the perfect epoxy grout is about to become much easier.



Editor's Rating


Grout Star, 3D Silver Epoxy Grout

5 Out of 5

Clean-EEZ, Professional Strength Tile and Grout Cleaner

5 Out of 5

Rainbow Chalk Markers, Light Grey Grout Pen GP81114

4.5 Out of 5

Red Devil, White Pre-Mixed Tile Grout 0425

5 Out of 5

Sashco, Gray Mor-Flexx Grout Repair 15020

4 Out of 5

Custom, Bright White SimpleGrout PMG381QT

4.5 Out of 5

Top Epoxy Grout Brands On The Market

1. Red Devil

Originally established as “Smith & Hemenway Company”, Red Devil, Inc. has been in business for almost 145 years.

It's a family owned brand, based in Oklahoma. The company focused on producing chemical based products since 1963. They soon became a customer favorite by maintaining a continuity of high standard chemical related products.

So, it’s no surprise that they’ve carried that tradition into making various epoxy grout products as well. Their grouts have a minimally appealing design and a consistent efficacy that has yet to disappoint users.

If you're a fan of pre-mixed grouts with a user-friendly application style, this is the brand to go for.

2. Loctite

Loctite was founded by a legit scientist, named Professor Vernon K. Krieble, in the 1950s. So, the clear signs of innovative and constantly evolving technology in its epoxy grouts should come as no surprise.

The company was later acquired and now controlled by a German “Fortune 500” company. This is where the famed German precision of engineering meets the groundbreaking scientific spirit of the United States. And you as a consumer get to experience the best of both worlds.

If you want epoxy grouts that are constantly recommended by professionals for not only their efficacy but also their ingenuity, Loctite is a brand you can’t go wrong with.

3. Laticrete

Laticrete too is a family forged company, which has been serving the technology market for over 60 years.

Their epoxy grouts, such as the SpectraLOCK pro is mentioned in almost every top grout review article. The company's focus on detail and dedication to wholeheartedly improve customer experience truly deserves praise.

The manufacturer’s fresh approach to delivering grout materials and a generous addition of various extra tools with the product are prime reasons for which their epoxy grouts keep increasing in popularity.

The company is a leading expert in waterproofing technology and endows significant importance in keeping their grouts environment friendly. So, if you’re on the hunt for buying the perfect epoxy grout, it’s hard to go wrong with Laticrete.

4. Sascho

Another family business that provides top-of-the-line epoxy grouts without making a hole in your pocket. Sascho’s dedication to provide you a quality product is apparent in the company’s top five values: care, trust, truth, respect, and forgiveness.

5. Clean-EEZ

Established in 1997, Clean-EEZ may seem a relatively new player in the grouting industry. However, researching the company's history, it's apparent that the manufacturers had their skin in this game for a long time.

This is a company that has experience working in the field, which provided them a deep understanding of your needs on a personal basis. They then evolved into a business while working side by side with chemical technology companies to provide you products that you not only want but also need.

Clean-EEZ's epoxy grout is simple and effective. Also, you get a dedicated customer service to help you all along the way.

How To Apply Epoxy Grout?

1. Plan The Process

Epoxy grout has a short working time. That means you have a comparatively smaller time window to finish the job. Therefore, carefully lay out exactly how you're going to approach the process.

Make sure the grout is compatible with the surface you’re about to apply it on. Ensure that you have enough grout on hand to finish the process in one go. Also check, if you have access to the tools you’ll be needing throughout the process.

This will save you from wasting your epoxy grout, which, to be honest, can be a costly mistake.

2. Collect And Arrange All Necessary Additional Tools

You should collect all the necessary tools needed for applying the grout before proceeding to apply it. These tools include:

  • A hard rubber float
  • A scraper
  • A cleaning brush, made with bristles designed to work with epoxy grout.
  • Multiple, clean mixing buckets (if you aren’t using pre-mixed grout)
  • Wooden/bamboo sticks for mixing
  • A pre-mixed grout or dual parts of the grout
  • A crafting apron
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Lukewarm water mixed with regular soap

Arrange these materials in their subsequent order. This will speed up your workflow and keep you organized through the process.

3. Manage The Atmosphere

Clean the surface you'll apply the grout on. Remove any excess dirt or debris that can distort the texture of the linings or joints.

Also, keep the room temperature between 70 to 85-degree Fahrenheit. Most epoxy grouts become dysfunctional if the temperature exceeds the 120-degree Fahrenheit mark.

4. Mix The Epoxy Grout

If you’re using a 2-part epoxy grout, it’s likely that the hardener and resin mixture ratio will be 1:1. Still, read the product description or contact the seller for a concrete confirmation.

In terms of applying colored and glittered epoxy grout, different products maintain different ratios. The ratio can also vary depending on the type of the surface, such as vertical/wall tiles vs horizontal/floor tiles. For example, Laticrete’s SpectraLOCK (mini unit) follows a 1:1:6-ratio for mixing colored epoxy grout to apply on walls, yet uses a 1:1:6.66 ratio for floor tiles.

If it's a two-part mixture, pour an equal amount of hardener and resin into the mixing bucket. Then carefully but quickly mix the components until you get a thick, lumpy solution.

5. Apply The Grout

Now, use the hard rubber float to spread the mixture evenly over the surface. While spreading, it’s recommended to follow a circular motion. This motion covers the most amount of ground with the least amount of effort.

Once the spreading is done, use the scraper and a soft, wet cloth to remove the excess grouts from the surface. Be mindful about keeping a consistent thickness throughout the entire area, or you may end up with uneven linings and crooked joints.

6. Let It Dry And Cure

Allow the surface to completely dry and cure according to the manufacturer’s direction. Don’t be impatient or hasty at this part, as being so can cost the entire setup to fail.

7. Perform The Final Cleaning

Once the surface has fully cured, perform a final cleaning. Some products offer specialized cleaning solutions for this purpose. But, you can also use simple soap water to achieve the same level of efficacy.

However, don’t use harsh scrubbing pads as it can harm the newly installed grout’s texture. We recommend using either a microfiber washcloth or a piece of Terry cloth for this purpose.

8. What To Do After

Epoxy grout is pretty low maintenance compared to cement grouts. It saves you from the stress of constant hardcore scrubbing every few days to keep the linings or joints clean. Because most epoxy grouts are equipped with various self-cleaning and anti-bacterial features.

However, you do need to give them a regular wash every few weeks. Even though water, mold, and mildew can’t access inside the linings, they can still create layers over them.

You also may need to polish, fix cracks, and rejuvenate old grouts over the years.

Epoxy Grouts Vs Cement Grouts: Which One To Choose

Both epoxy and cement grouts have their unique advantages and disadvantages. So, we’ll discuss some significant aspects that both these types have in common. Then you can judge for yourself which one to choose.

Spoiler alert! The scale tips quite heavy on the side of epoxy grouts.

1. Maintenance

Cement grouts require significantly more maintenance than epoxy grouts. A cement grout setting may require professional assistance for maintaining it properly if it's unattended for too long. The procedure is also more complicated.

On the other hand, epoxy grouts tend to perform fine with a weekly soap water wash. It also frees you from the strain of scrubbing the grimy kitchen and bath floors.

2. Sealing And Drying Time

Cement grouts can only be applied if there’s an existing sealing on the tile linings and joints. It also takes more time to dry and fully cure.

However, epoxy grouts can be applied directly, except in the case of natural stone tiles. They also have a quicker drying and cure time. Some epoxy grouts can dry as quickly as within 3 minutes.

3. Structural Strength

This is where epoxy easily takes the price. It has fantastic bonding strength. Thus, it’s much less vulnerable to cracks. For the same reason, epoxy grouts require less repair and replacement.

Cement grout lacks this bonding strength, as it's manufactured differently than epoxy grouts. This leads to a shortage of structural strength. So, it tends to crack easily and requires more frequent replacement and repair.

4. Porosity

 Epoxy grout is waterproof by nature. As a result, it can provide superior protection against stains, dark spots, spillages, moisture related damage, and bacterial growth triggered by mold buildup. Thus, it’s often considered as the best bathroom grout among all types.

However, cement grouts can have a porous to semi-porous build. So, they clearly fall short in terms of providing protection when these issues are concerned.

5. Chemical Resistance

Epoxy grouts have more chemical resistance than cementitious ones.

It's another reason why they're preferred more as kitchen and bath tiles. Both these places get wet and deal with chemical residues, gunk buildup, wine spills, etc. So, we need to use strong spot removers and gunk cleaners, products that use harsh chemical elements, to keep these areas neat.

While an epoxy joint or lining can survive through the use of these cleaning products, ceramic grouts can start to decay and discolor.

6. Preserving The Look

Epoxy grout can keep its shine for a long time. Thus, even years after installation it can give the appearance of a new setting.

In comparison, cement grouts wear out quicker.

However, there are certain areas where the look and feel provided by cement grouts are preferred. But, newer generations of epoxy grouts are giving them a challenge in these areas as well. For example, Sashco's “Mor-Flexx" epoxy grout is specifically manufactured to install and repair vintage stucco and mortar tiles.

7. Price, Yellowing, And Natural Stones

Now, these are those 3 rare aspects where epoxy grouts may fall a little short on the race.

Cement grouts are significantly cheaper, less prone to yellowing caused by sunlight, and can be used to install natural stone tiles.

However, epoxy grouts are using innovative technologies to keep bettering themselves. The newer models are becoming cheaper without compromising efficacy. UV ray transparent epoxy grouts are being produced to battle the yellowing issue. And with a pre-installed, high-quality sealing, they too can be used with natural stone tiles.

Recommendation Top 8 Best Epoxy Grout Reviews

1. Grout Star 3D Silver Epoxy Grout

Among dual part epoxy grouts, this product by Grout Star truly stands out because of its simple yet futuristic design.

The product connects two bottles using a container shaped structure. Each bottle contains 19-ounces of liquid. One of them is the hardener and another is the resin.

The innovative combinatory tube design makes it easy to apply the grout. However, it's recommended to use a caulking gun for a smooth application. The advanced design of the mixing nozzle is another impressive feature of the product.

You don’t need to seal the tile joints. And, since the solution comes out as pre-mixed, mixing the different parts is not a concern. This further eliminates worrying about the mixed solution becoming hard before the application process is done.

It's not important to use a cleaner afterward if you're using this product. Simply scraping off the excess solution is enough. Thus, applying this grout to seal tiles becomes a breeze even for beginners and DIY enthusiasts.

The grout has a cure time of only 24 hours. After application, you need to carry out some basic cleaning once in a while, but nothing too tiresome or complicated.

The waterproof grout provides protection against fading colors, stains, and cracked textures after applying. It’s formulated to allow ample temperature caused expansion and provides stronger structural integrity than cement grouts.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product offers a cure time of only 24 hours.
  • There’s no pre-mixing involved and you won’t need to apply sealers either.
  • The grout allows ample temperature caused expansion without cracking.
  • With a futuristic design, the product’s easy enough to use for beginners.
  • It’s waterproof and protects against fading colors, stains, and cracked textures.

2. Red Devil, White Pre-Mixed Waterproof Tile Grout 0425

This premixed grout has been a usual favorite for many users for the product's ease of use and efficacy.

The epoxy grout comes in a cardboard package, sealed with a plastic shield for safe delivery. It's contained in a squeezable tube that provides 163-millimeters of solution. The tube is equipped with a precision applicator, making post-installation spillage a thing of the past.

Since it comes as a pre-mixed solution, it saves you the time and energy spent in mixing multiple part epoxy grouts. Red Devil engineered this product to maintain an easy-to-use consistency. This, added with an ergonomic squeezable tube and the precision applicator makes an extremely user friendly product.

The formula is based on an acrylic approach. It increases the bonding strength and longevity of the grout linings made by the product. Whatever little spillover happens during use, you can easily wash them off with a mixture of lukewarm water and regular soap.

The grout can be used to install all types of tiles including wood, masonry, mosaic, wallboard, and ceramic. You can also use it to repair and rejuvenate old grout linings.

If you allow a full cure, the waterproof grout will provide protection against mold, mildew, and other fungal growth. Considered by many top professionals as the best waterproof grout, it is a prime choice to use in slippery areas like bath and shower floors. The grout also prevents discoloration and fading of the lining.

It has a low-sand, fine texture and complies with the VOC regulations set by the USA government.

Highlighted Features:

  • The acrylic formula has excellent bonding strength and longevity.
  • The epoxy grout prevents mold, mildew, and other fungal growth.
  • Provides a fine, un-sanded texture and prevents discoloration.
  • It provides an applicator cap and complies with the USA VOC regulations.
  • Designed with an easy-to-use application and simple cleanup process.

3. Custom SimpleGrout PMG381QT Epoxy Grout

Custom, Bright White SimpleGrout PMG381QT

If you’re looking for a premixed grout to finish up a largescale project in one go, the PMG381QT will be a perfect purchase.

This bucket of premixed grout provides 946-milliliters of solution. Custom claims that you can make 0.25 to 0.5-inch wide epoxy grout linings with ease using the product.

Vertically speaking, it can cover a 34-square feet wall per bucket. The recommended measurement for tiles, in this case, is 4.25-Inches of length and a width range of 0.0625 to 0.5-inch. The compatible grout joint width is 0.0625-inch.

For floor tiles, one bucket can cover 29-square feet. To give you an idea in terms of tile dimension, imagine 12 by 12-inch wide tiles and 0.25-inch wide grout linings.

This epoxy grout has more of a sandy texture, which one user described as being similar to feeling "sand granules". This means these are minuscule and smooth to the touch.

It provides protection against tough-to-scrub stains and cracks. The product prevents surface-shrinking, even on grout joints placed in tricky corners. The grout also performs admirably for fixing and restoring old grout linings.

We tested this product’s water-resistance on wet areas that are used on a daily basis and experience heavy foot traffic. For example, we used it to restore old joints and tile linings in a common bathroom. The results happily made us consider it the best grout for shower floor tile linings.

The Delorean grey grout also ranks high when it comes to ease of installation. Its ability to bypass pre-mixing related hassle and cleanup can be a real lifesaver.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a rare Delorean grey shade.
  • It’s designed to provide a smooth, sandy texture.
  • The grout protects against surface-shrinking issues.
  • The product is perfect to finish up largescale projects in one go.
  • It’s equipped with a premium grade waterproof feature.

3. Loctite High Strength Epoxy Grout 1365736

Loctite is a household name in the grouting industry. And this 2 part epoxy tile grout definitely shows us why.

The product uses a nicely built cardboard package with a hanging loop to store one bottle of hardener and one bottle of resin. Each bottle contains 118-millimeters of solution. Upon mixing, you get a gel type, translucent yellow grout.

However, the working time is rather short, measuring at only 5 minutes. This can speed up your workflow. But if you’re not diligent with the timing, the grout may turn too hard to use.

If you mix the two components in a 1:1 ratio, a chemical reaction takes place to provide the final product. However, remember that the recommended temperature range is 39 to 95-degree Fahrenheit during installation. If you exceed the 120-degree Fahrenheit limit, the mixture won’t be viable for use.

The formulation produces professional-grade bonding strength to create grout layers that you can safely drill and sand after a full cure. You can also mix organic pigments, sand, and even cement with it to match the color of your tiles or old linings.

It provides you enough material to complete multiple installations in smaller areas or a single installation over a wider area. You can also use the grout for laminating as well as metal, hard plastic, fiberglass and stone tile installation.

It’s often used in industrial areas to make sturdy patches for producing fiberglass cloths. Many users apply it for furniture making, laying out deck planks, and even in sculpting.

The waterproof grout is impervious to shrinking and doesn’t react with chemical solvents.

Highlighted Features:

  • The grout lining can be sanded, painted, and drilled after a full cure.
  • It’s able to install a variety of tile materials, such as stone and hard plastic.
  • The product is used in industrial areas for producing fiberglass cloths.
  • You can mix organic pigments, sand, etc.
  •  with it to match the color of your tiles.
  • It’s bonding strength allows unconventional use like sculpting & installing decks.

4. SpectraLOCK Pro Epoxy Grout

Laticrete, SpectraLOCK Pro Grout Premium Mini Unit S-225CQ-NS-00

Few epoxy grout in the market can compete with the bonding strength and innovative features that SpectraLOCK pro S-225CQ-NS-00 can provide.

The product’s main components are 1 pack of liquid hardener and 1 pack of liquid resin. Each pack provides 0.64-pounds of liquid individually. The packs have an advanced design with quality sealing and thermal protection.

 You'll also get a mixing bucket, protective gloves, an instruction manual, 1 pack of initial cleaner, and 1 pack of finishing cleaner. However, if you want to add color (which is sold as a 2-pound pack), you'd need to make a separate purchase. 

You need to mix the hardener and resin following a precise 1:1 ratio. If you wish to add color to the grout, then you’ll have to mix 6-part coloring powder (for vertical surfaces) with the previously stated 1:1 ratio. However, for horizontal colored grouting, such as a bath floor, the ratio formula is 1:1:6.666.

The grout provides an impressively long working time, giving you 1 hour and 20 minutes before the solution dries up. However, you’ll need to maintain standard room temperature (70-degree Celsius) for the mixture to stay usable. The applied surface can achieve a full cure within only 12 hours.

The grout meets both US (ANSI A118.3) and European (EN 13888 RG) biosafety standards. The ISO standard compliant product also has a "Green Guard Certificate" for maintaining air quality and having a low VOC count.

It’s equipped with an anti-sag feature and uses an advanced anti-bacterial formula to protect against mold growing on wet joints.

The grout’s color conservation features provide uniformity and improved color matching. It also protects against blotches and shades.

Highlighted Features:

  • Complies with ISO, US, and European biosafety standards.
  • It has a “Green Guard” certificate for low VOC count and preserving air quality.
  • Equipped with features to offer uniformity and improved color matching.
  • The grout has an anti-sag feature for texture preservation.
  •  It uses an advanced anti-bacterial formula to protect against mildew, mold, etc.

5. Red Devil, White Pre-Mixed Tile Grout

Red Devil, White Pre-Mixed Tile Grout 0422

This product is the big brother of our previously mentioned Red Devil’s 0425 model. Instead of a tube, the company offers a 236-milliliter bucket, full of its signature premixed grout. 

It’s a dependable product for installing new tiles over a wide area. However, the surface coverage will largely depend on the type of material you’ll use it on. For example, according to one user, the bucket was enough to rejuvenate old grout linings of a 3-feet long and 8-feet wide area.

The grout is compatible with a long range of materials. Along with the regular glazed, ceramic, and porcelain tiles, the compatible elements also include wallboard, stone, mosaic, and wood. It’s also been praised by professionals for successfully fixing cracks and patching up pre-installed tile settings.

The grout offers an unsanded texture to create smooth and clean linings. Often recommended as a premium epoxy grout for shower tiles and bath floors, the waterproof product provides excellent protection against humidity and dampening. It also prevents mold, mildew, and other bacterial growth in wet, regularly used areas.

As a premixed formula with an ergonomic container, it’ll definitely increase the speed of your workflow and make grouting wide spaces more convenient. It also provides a simple solution for cleaning extra grout, requiring only soap water for cleanup.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product makes grouting wide spaces more convenient.
  • Its container is equipped with a fast access feature to increase workflow speed.
  • The grout prevents mold, mildew, and other bacterial growth.
  • It can easily fix cracks and patch up pre-installed tile settings.
  • Having an unsanded texture, it creates smooth and clean linings.

6. Miracle 511 Impregnator Sealer For Tile Floor

Many of us want to apply colorful epoxy grout to our tile linings. However, due to having natural stone tiles, we can’t do so. This sealer by Miracle Sealants allows you that opportunity while offering some significant side benefits. 

The product contains 946-milliliters of solution. Though the area coverage depends on the type of surface you intend to apply the sealer on, it can generally cover a 125 to 1000-square feet area with ease. For example, if you're using white Carrara marble tiles, it will provide a surface coverage from 750 to 1000-square feet.

The water-resistant sealer protects against slippage caused by oil and other liquid spills. It dries as a transparent layer to preserve your tiles' natural texture. You also get top-of-the-line stain protection.

The sealer uses an advanced formula, which works by deeply penetrating the surface yet letting vapors release. Thus, your tiles become safe from dampening and moisture. It is UV ray transparent to save your tiles from yellowing caused by sunlight.

The non-toxic sealer makes applied surfaces stronger and coarser. Thus, it’s a perfect choice to use for kitchen and shower tile linings. Apart from using on natural stone tiles pre-epoxy coating, the sealer can also work with porcelain, glazed, and ceramic tile settings.

It takes a minimum of 3 minutes for complete penetration. The drying time is only 5 hours and a full cure that’s able to handle heavy foot traffic can be achieved within 3 days of application.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product is UV-ray transparent for protecting against yellowing.
  • It’s perfect for shower tiles, as it makes applied surfaces coarser.
  • This sealer can complete penetration within only 3 minutes.
  • By letting vapors release, it protects tiles from moisture and dampening.
  • It’s usable with natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, and glazed tiles.

7. Sashco 15020 10.5oz Grout Sealant

Epoxy grout trumps cement grout on many aspects, except the distinct look the latter offers. But that’s until Sashco’s 15020 stormed into the market.

The fresh white tube comes with a precision applicator. The applicator is secured by an ergonomic cap, ridged for ease of opening. It contains 310-milliliters of premixed epoxy grout.

See, stucco and mortar tiles used in antique architecture have their own distinct look. Cement grouts have mostly been used for installing and repairing linings of this kind of tile.

However, this product changes that scenario. This grey grout is designed to match the unique texture of mortar and stucco tiles. It’s is far easier, less strenuous, and more accurate to create grout linings of this nature.

Another problem with repairing stucco and mortar tiles using cement grout is that they tend to crack frequently. This won't happen with this product. It uses an acrylic and latex combined formula. Thus, it is more elastic, offers stronger bonding, and naturally stretches as well as compresses in accordance with temperature fluctuation.

The product is also manufactured to be highly stable for preventing cracks under pressure and can be painted over. The weatherproof grout will provide you a fast repair system and anti-peeling protection.

It can also be used to repair chimneys and windows as well as creating stone, brick, and block tile linings.

Highlighted Features:

  • It matches the texture of mortar and stucco tiles.
  • The grout stretches perfectly to sync with the present temperature.
  • Using an acrylic and latex combined formula, it can be strong yet highly elastic.
  • Designed with strong pressure resistance, the grout offers solid crack resistance.
  • Facilitates easier and error-free repairing of stucco tiles compared to cement grout.

8. Rainbow Epoxy Grout for Showers

This grout pen is an innovative attempt at restoring epoxy grout linings. The product's proven to be quite successful at doing so according to many professionals in the field.

The product contains 7-milliliters of solution. It is an aqua-based ink, manufactured with dense pigmentation. This particular pen produces a light-grey overlay and can be used to easily restore/repair same colored grout linings.

You're spared the trouble of mixing different components and using a plethora of tools for restoration purposes. Even cleaning up becomes a simple task. Due to the sharp tip of the pen, you can fairly accurately perform repairing the grout joints or linings. Thus, you only have to scrape off a few excess splashes.

The pen's equipped with a 5-millimeter nib for precision. The nib has a reversible feature and can be used with 15-millimeter nibs as well. It uses a water-resistant and non-toxic formula, making it the best epoxy grout for showers and kitchens.

Its nib is equipped with a precision applicator. The solution creates minimal odor and is manufactured with a fast-dry feature. The pen’s area coverage is 60 meters.

Claimed by the creators to be specially designed for use in shower and food-processing areas, the pen is very efficient at removing difficult-to-scrub stains, spots, and spillages on your favorite tile linings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides a modern way of repairing stained grout linings.
  • The pen’s equipped with a precision applicator for improved performance.
  • It uses an aqua-based, non-toxic formula for being safely usable.
  • By adding a quick-dry feature, it offers a fast solution to restoring grouts.
  • Using only a 7-millimeter solution, it can cover a 60-feet area.

Comparison Chart for Epoxy Grout

Brand Name


Cure Time

Pre-mixed/2 Part

Grout Star, Epoxy Grout

19-ounce each

24 hours

2 part

Clean-eez, 8541814367


6 to 12 hours


Rainbow Chalk Markers, GP81114


12 to 24 hours


Miracle Sealants, 511QT6


72 hours


Red Devil, 0425


24 hours


Sashco, 15020


12 hours


Custom, PMG381QT

48 hours


Loctite, 1365736


24 hours


Red Devil, 0422


24 hours


Laticrete, SpectraLOCK Pro S-225CQ-NS-00

0.64-pounds each

18 to 36 hours

2 part

Epoxy Grout Buying Guide By Expert

Epoxy Grout Buying Guide

1. Ease Of Application

Applying grout can be a grueling task. So, you need an easy application method to lower the strain. That's why we highly recommend premixed epoxy grout. It saves you a lot of time and energy that you'd otherwise spend on getting the right mix.

Most premixed grouts also come in squeeze tubes with precision applicators. Thus, the cleanup after installation is minimal as well.

However, the dual part epoxy grout offers unique benefits as well. They are generally recommended by veterans of the field for installing tiles over a wide area. It also provides you to achieve a mix precisely to your liking.

Thus, if you have previous experience and little confidence in the field, this type of grout may be more suitable for you.

2. Compatibility With Surface Material

Most premium epoxy grouts are compatible with a large variety of materials. For example, Loctite, considered by many as the best epoxy grout brand in the industry, produces the popular 1365736 epoxy grout. This grout can be used to install niche tiles made of metal, hard plastic, fiberglass, stone tile, etc. It’s even used to produce fiberglass cloths for industrial use.

Still, we suggest checking with the buyer or reading the product description to make sure your purchased grout can be installed or repaired with the tiles you want. Though, sticking with the top brands, you're unlikely to run into any sort of problem in this sector.

3. Working, Drying, And Cure Time

Now, we all love a project that is done and dusted quickly. However, to ensure that it's a fact and not fiction, the working, drying, and cure time of the grout must be checked.

It's important to buy epoxy grouts with a reasonably long working time. Because, if the working time expires, your grout solution or mixture will turn into hard rock, which is of little use other than as a paperweight.

In terms of drying and cure time, you'd want to look for the opposite. A faster drying and cure time means a speedy workflow and a quickly finished project.

However, always be patient with these two measures. Because hurrying to use the surface before it's fully cured can ruin all the hard work, money, and time you've spent on the project.

4. Aligning Amount And Required Surface Coverage

Many users tend to skip over this aspect of the buying process. Big mistake!

Calculating if the purchased grout amount will be sufficient to cover your entire installation area is crucial. Most epoxy grout is used for installing tiles on showers and kitchens. These are not places you want to run out of grout amidst installation.

This will create the headache of running back to the utility store or waiting impatiently for your new purchased order to arrive.

In the meantime, an epoxy grout installation done in two different timelines can cause a number of issues. These include misalignment of the lining, color mismatching, uneven texture, faulty grout joints, etc.

So, make sure you have enough grout or more before starting a project.

5. VOC Count, Environmental Preservation, And Safety Gear

Make sure your grout has a low VOC count to keep you and loved ones healthy and avoid getting in trouble with the law. Different US states have different regulations regarding this matter. So, make sure to check and confirm you're within the limit.

Also, purchase grouts that preserve the environment by not emitting any harmful chemical emissions and degrading the air quality of your surroundings. You can check if the product is ANSI, ISO, EN, or FDA regulated or not to make sure of this matter.

Finally, use appropriate protective wearables while installing grouts, like chemical-proof aprons, high-quality gloves, etc.

6. Inclusion Of Additional Tools

Applying epoxy grout demands a decent amount of tools. Specifically, if you’re using dual part grouts. Thus, purchasing products that include these extra installation tools is always a good idea.

These may include:

  • Gloves
  • Mixing buckets
  • Fresh sponges
  • Hard rubber float
  • Scraper
  • Cleaning solutions, etc.

7. Bonding Strength

Purchase an epoxy grout that uses advanced formulation to provide extraordinary bonding strength. This is a common feature of the best shower grout products in the market.

For example, take a look at Laticrete’s SpectraLOCK Pro. It uses one of the most cutting edge chemical formulations in the industry. This provides you a bonding strength that's strong enough to make "replacing" your newly installed grouts due to structural weakness a very unlikely possibility.

8. Protective Features

 Look for these protective features while purchasing an epoxy grout for any type of installation:

  • Weatherproofing (epoxy grout is waterproof by nature)
  • Crack resistance
  • Protection against mold, mildew, and other fungal growth
  • Top-notch color preservation and matching
  • Anti-sag feature to maintain textural smoothness
  • Non-toxic production
  • Low VOC count

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Epoxy Grouts Safe To Use?

Yes Most epoxy grouts comply with the US VOC regulations and are produced in a non-toxic way. Since they’re often used to install shower and kitchen tiles, manufacturers pay extra attention to make these products safe for your health.

2. Do I Need To Use Gloves While Applying Epoxy Grout?

Yes, we highly recommend it.

Epoxy grouts have a comparatively shorter working time. Once this period is over, they become excessively sticky which can be quite difficult to remove from your skin. Thus, using chemical resistant gloves while applying them is always advised by professionals.

Even if you’re using a pre-mixed grout out of an applicator equipped tube, your skin may come in contact with the product while cleaning up leftover grouts. So, keep your gloves on whether you’re installing new tiles, working on a restoration, or finishing a DIY project using epoxy grouts.

3. Is Pre-mixed Epoxy Grouts Better Than 2 Part Epoxy Grouts?

It depends on your preference, experience, and scope of the work.

If you’re a beginner with little prior experience and looking to finish a small project, then pre-mixed grouts are a better choice.

However, seasoned professionals with years of experience often prefer 2 Part Epoxy Grouts. They can make mixtures precisely to their liking. Unmixed epoxy grouts are also generally more suitable to finish largescale installations and repairing jobs.

4. What Makes Epoxy Grout Waterproof?

Epoxy grout is made by combining two elements: hardeners/filler powders and epoxy resins.

When epoxy resins are mixed with hardeners or a filler powder, a reaction takes place. This quickly transforms the solution into a solid matter with a high bonding strength. Therefore, epoxy grout retains a very tight-knit chemical structure that is non-porous.

In other words, it transforms into a matter that won't allow any entrance of water due to its organic structure.

5. Why Epoxy Grout Isn’t Recommended To Use With Natural Stone Tiles?

Natural stones are often highly porous or semi-porous. Thus, they can absorb epoxy grout during installation, which distorts the genuine texture of the stones.

If epoxy grout must be applied with natural stone tiling, you need to seal the surface first with a high strength sealer. For example, you can use Miracle Sealant’s “511 Impregnator Penetrating Sealer”.

6. Do I Need To Clean Epoxy Grout Linings And Joints?

It's true that epoxy grout linings and joints demand much lower maintenance compared to cement grouts. However, they still need to have a regular-style wash (using soap and water) from time to time.

Constantly wet and high-traffic areas like a public pool’s tile linings, can develop moldy or fungal layers over the epoxy grout if they are not given even a minimum degree of wash from time to time.

So, What's the Best Epoxy Grout?

Shopping for epoxy grouts that meet your demands without breaking the bank can be tricky. Specifically, if you're looking for the good epoxy grout options the industry has to offer. After reviews all epoxy grout, our winner is loctite high strength epoxy grout.

But, you’re not alone in walking through these treacherous paths.

This guide is structured to be your most trusted henchman on this journey, whether you’re a beginner standing at the front road or a veteran moving through tough terrains.

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