8 Best Floor Wax for Linoleum [A Complete Buying Guide 2022]

In modern houses, you will notice they tend to have linoleum flooring. Perhaps your home has it too, but you not quite sure how to maintain it. No need to worry because I have been there too, and after a lot of trial and error, finally tackled the problem.

Floor should be kept clean and well maintained because we are always in contact with it and where children play most of the time.

However, what should you clean it with? Here I have a list of 8 best floor wax for linoleum that can be just the thing you are looking for. To make things even easier for you, there is also a buying guide at the end that you can follow!

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Editor's Rating


Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill

5 Out of 5


Restore-A-Floor Floor Finish

5 Out of 5

Lundmark All Wax Self Polishing Floor Wax

4.5 Out of 5

Ultra High Gloss Simoniz Floor Finish and Sealer

4.5 Out of 5

Bona Stone Tile and Laminate Floor Premium Spray Mop

4 Out of 5

Floor Wax for Linoleum Buying Guide

Floor Wax for Linoleum Buying Guide

That is all about these eight products, but our work is not done yet! When looking for good floor wax, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

As you may have noticed, not all of these products are the same, they all have their own features and characteristics. So if you want the right product, there are some things you need to consider.


When looking for the best floor wax for linoleum, you will notice the number of options you can choose from. Something reliable and of good quality is what you need.

For example, Bona is a pretty well-known brand for floor wax and has been formulated to not only clean effectively and dry quickly without leaving any residue.


Waxing your floors can make them glossy, but just how glossy? Well, that is something that can vary from one product to another. There are some products that are highly glossy, while others not really glossy enough. Decide how much gloss and shine you want and then make your choice.


Durability is another thing that can vary from one product to the other. However, it is important because you want it to be long-lasting. You would not really want to invest in floor wax that is not long-lasting.

Resistance ability

High resistance can also make your floor wax durable as well. It tends you create a durable coating every time it is applied. This allows the floor to retain the glossiness for a longer amount of time and look better than ever.


Safety can be a common cause for concern since these are chemical-based products. So before choosing one, make sure you carefully find out all you need to know about it, whether it is the same or too toxic.


Whether it is at home or your office, not all of the floors will be the same. So when buying one of these, make sure they are compatible with different types of surfaces. Doing so will help you save money as you will not need to buy different floor wax for each room.


Another way you can get the most out of your purchase is by making sure one bottle can cover as much area as possible. Typically, a one-gallon bottle can cover an area of about 2000 square feet. However, this estimate decreases significantly if you apply it two or three times.

Comparison Table Of Top 8 Wax for Linoleum Floors

Brand Name




Bona Hardwood 


500 square feet




600 square feet


Lundmark All Wax


500 square feet

128 Fl oz

Ultra High Gloss Simoniz Floor


600 square feet


Bona Premium Spray Mop


600 square feet


Quick Shine Floor Luster


500 square feet

27 Fl oz

Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer


650 square feet

32 fl oz

Acryliwax 25 High Gloss 


1500 square feet

128 fl oz

Benefits of Waxing Your linoleum Floor

You may be wondering, why exactly should you wax your linoleum floor? Before we move on to the reviews, let me tell you about the benefits of doing so.


First of all, waxing your floor regularly helps preserve it by providing protection from scratch marks and stains from spilling colored juice or alcohol.

Makes It Look Better

Along with cleaning, when you wax your floors as well, it adds more shine. If your floor has gone dull over the years, waxing can help restore its original shine and make it look very clean and polished.


Have you ever slipped in the middle of a restaurant because of how slippery the floor was? We have all been there! Waxing floors can keep us from falling victims to such embarrassing incidents in the future as it can provide a strong grip. So you can walk around more freely and comfortably without being worried about slipping.


Many of these wax for linoleum floor has a scent the can help repel mosquitos and insects away from your home. However, a lot of people prefer something without a scent, so make sure to know about your chosen product before buying it.

8 Best Floor Wax for Linoleum Reviews in 2021

So now you know the benefits of waxing linoleum floors, but where do you start? First, you need a good product, and for that, you can look through this list of some of the greatest floor wax. Without any further ado, let us get to it!

1. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill

The first product to make the list is the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill that you can use to fill your empty spray bottle, and it will be ready to use! It is a high-quality product that provides great value for the money.

First of all, this thing features a splash less technology which means it makes sure you are able to pour the product smoothly, without making any mess. Its wide handle helps in this area as well and gives good control over it.

Since it has a water-based cleaning formula, you will find that it dries super quick, leaving the floor clean and shiny.

This is a 3.79-liter product that will leave your linoleum floor spotless by removing all dirt and dust without being too harsh.

Moreover, it does not leave any residue either and no stickiness that you may find uncomfortable. Since it has a pH neutral formula, you will not have to worry about it discoloring your floor or causing any harm to it.

Its refill idea is really a great one because it allows less wastage. If you are looking for a good linoleum polish that will restore the floors to their former glory, this is just the thing you need! Since it does not require the hassle of mixing, measuring, or even rinsing, you can use it straight out of the box and just start cleaning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features splashless technology to prevent any mess.
  • Wide handle on bottle gives better control.
  • Dries very fast leaving no residue.
  • Can be used for refill.

2. Restore-A-Floor Floor Finish

Restore-A-Floor Floor Finish

For the next product, we have a well-loved product that does an excellent job rejuvenating floors. It is ideal for a variety of surfaces, including marble, hardwood, vinyl, and many more!

This is one of the greatest vinyl floor wax products on the market right now, and with good reason. It does an incredible job polishing the floor to leave it looking shiny and spotless.

You will find that this 2-pound product works wonders to restore the surface to its original gloss and shine and has been formulated to work as a finish for all hard floors, including linoleum.

This thing is super easy to apply, all you need is a mop or basically any floor polish applicator. The bottle has enough polish to cover 600 square feet of area. It is very effective when it comes to getting rid of scratches, dull spots, and any stain and seal it with a brilliantly polished finish.

Overall, this is an excellent product that will not disappoint you. With even just one use, you will notice a significant change to the floor. It not only brightens up the room but also gives an impression of cleanliness.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can cover 600 square feet of area.
  • Suitable for all hard floors.
  • Provides brilliant shine and polished finish.
  • Removes dull spots and scratch marks.

3. Lundmark All Wax Self Polishing Floor Wax

Are you perhaps looking for a more eco-friendly product? Well, in that case, you will surely appreciate the Lundmark All Wax Self Polishing Floor Wax. This is a high-quality product that will leave your floors extremely well-polished, and more!

First of all, this thing has been made for surfaces such as linoleum, vinyl, laminate flooring along with a few others. It has a ready-to-use formula which means you can use it right out of the box. The manufacturers of this product recommend that you use it with a lambswool applicator for the best results.

On average, this thing can cover about 500 square feet when applying two or three coats. This is an excellent finish that will protect all resilient flooring and does a great job preventing slipping.

No more hurtful and embarrassing incidents to deal with, the floor will provide enough grip and be left looking extremely glossy and spotless. This thing is incredibly long-lasting and will leave you admiring its brilliant shine.

As mentioned earlier, this floor was is eco-friendly and biodegradable, so it is not a cause for concern for the environment. Not just for linoleum, it is also the best floor wax for vinyl. If these are all the things you are looking for in your next floor wax, do make sure to check this product out!

Highlighted Features:

  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Prevents slipping.
  • Offers about 500 square feet of coverage per quarter.
  • Suitable for resilient flooring like linoleum.

4. Ultra High Gloss Simoniz Floor Finish and Sealer

When talking about the best floor wax for linoleum, there is no way I could not include this particular product. The Simoniz Floor Finish and Sealer is a top-notch floor wax that will go above and beyond to give you brilliantly shiny floors.

This thing provides an extremely glossy coating with thirty-three percent more sealer and solid floor finish. You will be happy to know that this thing helps save a lot of time as well. This is not only due to the fact that it dries pretty fast but also because it requires only half the coats compared to most other floor wax.

Not only does it comes with easy-to-follow instructions to help you use the wax, but it also includes safety precautions that you should use to prevent accidents. There is also some first aid instructions in case something does go wrong, so you are just well-prepared for everything.

Along with ultra-gloss, this thing also provides ultra-durability, which means it creates long-lasting gloss and shine, thanks to its patented polymer technology. It will protect and seal your floors and ensure they are scratch-free, looking ultra-clean.

You can use it on linoleum, vinyl, concrete, and many other surfaces without any issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • 33 percent high solid floor finish.
  • Comes with all kinds of instructions.
  • Has a very fast-drying formula.
  • Features patented polymer technology for ultra-durable shine.

5. Bona Stone Tile and Laminate Floor Premium Spray Mop

Here we have another Bona product that you may like if you prefer spray mops. This is a spray mop that has been specifically made for linoleum, vinyl, stone, terrazzo, and marble, along with many others.

You will notice that it comes with a larger than usual mop head which does an excellent cleaning job, about 40 percent faster than its competitors. So you have a great applicator, but what about the cleaner?

Well this thing also comes with a full-sized 34oz Bona Hard Surface Floor Cleaner that you can easily use straight out of the box!

Not just that, the package also includes an easily refillable cartridge and also a microfiber cleaning towel that is perfectly machine washable. You can use this mop to wax your floors to perfection and leave them with a brilliant and spotless shine.

This thing has a very lightweight and long-lasting design. With its secondary grip and flexible rubber corners, you will have a very easy time using it and reaching those too hard-to-reach corners.

I know what you are thinking, how do you store this thing? Well, for that you will find the answer in this product’s retractable hook! That is right, this thing features a retractable hook that allows for easy storage so that you don’t have to worry.

Highlighted Features:

  • Spray mop for easy application.
  • Comes with a very big mop head for faster coverage.
  • 34oz hard surface floor cleaner.
  • Includes machine washable cleaning pad.

6. Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster

Are you looking for something with a quick and easy application that will not take too much time out of your busy life? In that case, the Quick Shine Floor Polish for high traffic and hardwood floors is just the thing you need!

This thing does an excellent job bringing back all the gloss and shine the aged floors had once gleamed with. It is a highly recommended product, especially in high foot traffic areas such as restaurants and offices. Not only does it restore the original shine, but it also makes it much more long-lasting.

This thing also creates a protective layer that fills in any micro-scratches the floor may have to give it a glossy and even appearance. The application as well is super quick and easy, just use it on a dry and sealed floor to give it a very polished look.

All in all, this is a very good floor wax that will not let you down. This thing has been fortified using pure and natural carnauba that free of ammonia, fragrance, and paraben. Since it is EPA-approved, that makes it a very safe choice when it comes to floor polish.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super quick and easy application.
  •  Brings back lost shine and color.
  • Dries fast.
  • Ammonia, fragrance and paraben-free.

7. Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer and Polish

Are you tired of looking at the floors of your home, wondering where all that shine went? The good news is that you can get it all back with this polish by Rejuvenate.

You get 32 ounces of fluid with this 2-pound product which can cover up to 650 square feet of the area easily. This is a polymer-based floor polish which not only cleans the floor thoroughly but also restores linoleum floors to their former gloss and shine.

It does a terrific job filling in scratches that the surface may have and helps create an even appearance.

You can apply this thing on hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile, and so many more! One downside here is that it takes a very long time to dry. However, that is not much of an issue when considering all that this polish has to offer.

It is very easy to use, and you will be amazed at how it can transform your floors with just one application and leave it looking shiny for months!

That is all about this amazing restorer and polish! This is a 4 in one product that allows you to clean, restore, polish, and of course, protect your floors. So if you think this is the kind of thing that you are looking for, make sure to give this a try!

Highlighted Features:

  • Covers up to 650 square feet of area.
  • Includes 32 ounces of liquid.
  • Can be used to restore, clean, polish and protect.
  • Suitable for all types of flooring.

8. Acryliwax 25 High Gloss Commercial Floor Wax & Floor Finish

Finally, the last product on this list is the Acryliwax 25 High Gloss Commercial Floor Wax & Floor Finish. Just because it is the last one on this list, it in no way means the least. This is a highly recommended product that leaves no room for disappointment for the user.

First of all, this thing has 3 coat paint system that offers great durability and requires low maintenance and not much labor. It is a high solid floor wax that dries very quickly. So, you will not have to limit your movement for hours, waiting for it to dry completely.

You will be glad to know this thing is capable of covering about 1500 square feet of area per gallon. It is a 25 percent solid acrylic-based floor wax that has a fresh scent that adds to the overall feel of the room with the polished floors.

So what do you think about this floor wax and finish? This thing is not suitable for hardwood floors but can be used on not only linoleum but also vinyl, rubber tile, terrazzo, and many more!

Highlighted Features:

  • Covers 1500 square feet per gallon.
  • High solid floor wax.
  • Has a fresh scent.
  • Can be used on a wide range of floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to clean the floor before waxing?

Yes, always make sure you clean or vacuum the floor before you apply any of these products.

Does linoleum scratch easily while cleaning?

Not really. Linoleum is known for being extremely durable, and since it usually has many patterns and different colors, it is less likely to get scratched. However, even if you do end up scratch the floor when cleaning, you can easily fix it with wax.

Can you use floor wax in high-traffic areas?

Yes, you can. In fact, floor wax in those areas can come in very handy depending on the product since some of them can keep people from slipping too easily. However, just make sure it is completely dry before allowing any movement.

What is the best brand for floor wax?

There are quite a few great brands out there for floor wax. Bona and Lunmark come to mind that offers a lot with their products, like a few mentioned on this list.

Can I use vinegar on linoleum?

Vinegar-based cleaners are said to be a great option for linoleum floors. Or you can use basically anything acidic to do the job as well.

Final Words

Well then, that was all the knowledge about floor wax that I had to pass on. I hope you found this review helpful! All the products mentioned on this are some of the best you will find.

If I had to pick one, however, I would go with the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill. The best part about it is it uses innovative splash-less technology, so it will keep you from making a mess.

It can be used to refill and has a very fast drying time. So now that you all about the best floor wax for linoleum, it is time for you to go and get one for yourself. Good luck!

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