Best Glue For Jigsaw Puzzles : Top 9 Picks for 2021

Puzzling is a hobby that goes across all ages. As you keep getting better at it and build more sophisticated models, the desire to make them timeless is natural.

However, to make sure your masterpieces are conserved properly, you need to use the best glue for jigsaw puzzles in the market.

And that’s exactly what this guide will lead you to. Read on to know about the top products on the market and their detailed reviews.



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Master Pieces, Puzzle Glue

5 Out of 5

EuroGraphics, Smart-Puzzle Glue

5 Out of 5

MasterPieces, Elmer's Puzzle Glue 

5 Out of 5

Craft Medley, Puzzle Saver 

4.5 Out of 5

SunsOut, Puzzle Preserver Liquid Glue

5 Out of 5

Top 9 Jigsaw Puzzle Glue Comparison Table



Tool of Application




Plastic Spreader




Plastic Spreader




Integrated Tube Applicator


Craft Medley, 


Trowel Applicator


SunsOut, Puzzle Preserver


Paintbrush Applicator




Paintbrush/Spray Applicator




Sponge Applicator




Paintbrush Applicator


Buffalo Games,

6 sheet papers

Adhesive Sheet System


Tips To Gluing Jigsaw Puzzles

Tips To Gluing Jigsaw Puzzles

Note: Shake the bottle or container well before use.

1. In terms of applicator glues:

a. As a beginner, use a plastic spreader, spray, or a foam applicator on both sides of the puzzle set.

b. Make sure to use a separator (e.g. a nonadhesive board/parchment paper) between the set and the application surface to avoid sticking issues.

c. Use multiple coats to increase the adhesive strength.

d. Allow the glue to dry for the full length of the recommended time before using the puzzle set.

e. However, if you are a seasoned veteran, you may benefit more from using a paintbrush. This will allow you more control over the application process. For example, recoating, adding an extra depth to the surface, giving the set a polished finish, sanding capabilities, etc.

It's also more suited for gluing in complex puzzle sets, such as multi-level sets, or sets with tricky corners and crevices.

2. In term of Adhesive Sheets:

a. Carefully peel out the protective cover.

b. Arrange the set perfectly on the sheet’s surface.

c. Put a little bit of pressure on the top surface of the set for the adhesive to set in properly.

d. Wait till the recommended drying time.

e. Finally, display your preserved masterpiece with pride.

Best Glues For Jigsaw Puzzles Reviews

1. Master 81319 Puzzle Glue

The Puzzle Glue 81319 by MasterPieces is an economical and effective purchase.

The package contains two bottles of puzzle adhesives. Each bottle contains 148-milliliters of liquid. Since you get two bottles of strong glue to attach any type of jigsaw puzzle in one package, it’ll save you a significant amount of money.

The product also includes a plastic expander with a large diameter. The expander is praised by many users for its ease of use and efficacy.

The glue dries to a completely transparent layer. Thus, it won’t disrupt the original look of the puzzle. Each puzzle glue is equipped with an anti-streak feature. So, even if you’re a beginner, be confident that your puzzles will be glued together as perfectly as a professional’s work.

The manufacturer also produces several assisting tools, such as a "Sort and Save" organizer tray, to further help you with the gluing process.

The packaging is top-notch, so shipping-related damages rarely occur. The glue has a beautifully balanced thickness. This stops the glue from flowing into unwanted places while making sure that no extra leftover pops out of the puzzle joints, creating an uneven texture.

Highlighted Features:

  • The package includes a plastic expander with a large diameter.
  • The glues are manufactured with an anti-streak feature.
  • They have a balanced thickness that offers multiple benefits.
  • It’s an economical purchase as you get two glue packs in one package.
  • The glues dry to a transparent layer to preserve the original look of the puzzle.

2. EuroGraphics, Smart-Puzzle Glue

Any puzzle lovers looking for the best glue for jigsaw puzzles should give this product a try.

The 8955-0103 by EuroGraphics comes in a playful and unique puzzle shaped container. It contains 180-milliliters of high quality glue. One bottle can be used to put together three “1000 piece” puzzle sets. To give you an alternate measure, you can bind together 3 puzzle sets, each containing a size of (19.5 X 26.6)-inches.

Like most jigsaw puzzle glue applicators, it comes with a yellow plastic expander with a large radius. This tool is shaped like a puzzle piece.

Anyone above 6 years old can use this product. The design is both aesthetic and convenient. Because you can use the round shaped connecting part to hold and operate the expander easily and accurately.

The product dries to a transparent form for ensuring the genuine texture of the puzzle is not harmed or distorted in any way. However, the glue does dry to a shiny finish.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product comes in a playful and unique puzzle shaped container.
  • You can use this product to put together three “1000 piece” puzzle sets.
  • It comes with a large yellow plastic expander, shaped like a puzzle piece.
  • The puzzle glue dries to a transparent and shiny form.
  • The product embodies a fun design and is easy to use.

3. MasterPieces, Elmer's Puzzle Glue

You put a lot of time, energy, and care into making a large puzzle set, so you’ll obviously want to preserve that.

According to most veterans of the field, Elmer's 51268 by MasterPieces is the best puzzle glue to conserve your precious art piece.

The bottle contains 148-milliliters of puzzle glue. You can use this product to cover at least 2 puzzle sets, each containing a thousand pieces. The product is approved for use for kids of 13 and up.

The glue has a very quick drying time. It dries to a smooth, transparent form. You can use this for plastic and cardboard puzzle sets. However, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using the glue for full wooden puzzle sets.

The product has a high level of adhesive strength. Some users have reported that puzzle sets conserved using this product have lasted over 20 years. For maximum strength, glue both sides of the puzzle set. Since the glue dries as a transparent layer, you can apply this technique easily.

The container is shaped like a puzzle piece; a popular trend in today's puzzle saver glue market. It's sealed very securely to keep quality of the glue static throughout time. However, there's a little trick involved in opening it. You need to match the two arrows, etched on both at the top and bottom part of the cap, and then pull upwards to open it. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The glue is equipped with a very quick drying time.
  • The product provides a high level of adhesive strength.
  • It can conserve a puzzle set for decades if applied correctly.
  • You can use it to cover at least 2 puzzle sets, each containing a thousand pieces.
  • The container is sealed securely to keep the quality of the glue high.

4. Craft Medley, Puzzle Saver GL600

If you’re looking for products for gluing a puzzle tougher and ones that are safe for all ages, Puzzle Saver GL600 by Craft Medley is a choice you can’t go wrong with.

The product is water-based and follows a completely non-toxic manufacturing procedure. Thus, it doesn't have an age limit imposed on it and is safe to use for children of any age.

The package also includes a trowel shaped spreader. So, you can apply the product with comfort and precision.

You’ll get 118-milliliters of high strength puzzle glue, contained in a white plastic bottle with a yellow cap. The bottle’s quaint shape is complimented nicely with the screw-in cap. The cap is externally ridged for easy opening.

Many users consider it the best glue for puzzles for its super user-friendly features. For example, it offers a very simple way to clean extra or spillover glue. The glue also multi-functions as a sealant, which provides an added layer of protection to your puzzle set's structural integrity.

Unlike most puzzle glues, this one comes with a paintbrush for applying the product. This makes it a perfect choice for crafting projects that demand more detailing.

Highlighted Features:

  • This product is appropriate for users of all ages.
  • It is water-based and employs a non-toxic manufacturing process.
  • The product offers a very simple way to clean extra or spillover glue.
  • It also multi-functions as a sealant.
  • The included paintbrush allows you to execute detailed crafting jobs.

5. SunsOut  Liquid Glue

The Puzzle Preserver Liquid Glue by SunsOut is an economical product that is geared towards craftier and detail oriented projects.

The package contains two small bucket sized containers. Each of them holds 118-milliliters of solution.

You'll need to apply the puzzle glue using a paintbrush. Thus, you will have more control over the application process. This a helpful feature if you're gluing together complex puzzle sets. Each container can bind together a puzzle set containing one thousand pieces.

For making it safe for everyone, especially children, the product follows a completely non-toxic production process.

It’s recommended to use some kind of non-adhesive cover between the puzzle set and the surface you’re applying the glue on. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting your pieces stuck at a place you didn’t intend to. For non-adhesive separators or covers, parchment paper is a good option. 

Be calculative about the amount of glue you use. If you put too much, it may bend the puzzle set's surface. Also, glues may leak through the pieces. If they reach the point of hardening, you'll have solid puddles as an eyesore over your set.

Most experienced users advise to put double coats on both the front and the back, this will increase the strength of bonding.

The glue dries quite fast. So, it’ll increase the speed of your workflow. Also, you won’t encounter any foul smell or toxic fumes during the application.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is a product that’ll save money without decreasing the amount of glue.
  • The glues are perfect for preserving puzzle sets with complex structures.
  • It comes included with a paintbrush as an application tool to offer more control.
  • The product has a quick-dry feature to increase the speed of your workflow.
  • You won’t face any foul smell and toxic fumes during application.

6. Cra-Z-Art 9310 Puzzle Glue 

Jigsaw Puzzle Glue with Applicator

If you are looking for puzzle glues that provide a powerful amount of adhesive strength, Puzzle Glue 9310 by Cra-Z-Art is the perfect purchase for you.

The product comes in a fun looking, kid-friendly container. It's a white plastic pot, which is sealed with a red cap. The cap is externally ridged, which allows you to easily open it as the ridges provide additional traction.

The bottle contains 133-milliliters of liquid. Just using this one bottle, you can easily conserve a thousand-piece puzzle and make it timeless. You can also laminate puzzle sets using this puzzle saver glue.

It has a very fast drying time. So you won’t have to wait long hours to see the result.

The product dries completely transparent. Thus, it doesn’t alter your puzzle’s original outlook in any way.

The glue also offers a very simple user interface. Any kid over the age of 8 is qualified to apply this product.

The manufacturer doesn’t use any toxic elements and makes sure no harmful chemical emission is released during or after the gluing process to offer further safety.

In terms of cleanup, the product offers simplicity as well. All you’ll need is lukewarm soap-water to wipe off excess glue during the application process.

Highlighted Features:

  • It offers a fast drying time to let you see the result without waiting long hours.
  • Using this product, you can also laminate puzzle sets.
  • Any kid over the age of 8 can easily and safely apply this product.
  • The glue comes in a fun looking and kid-friendly container.
  • No harmful chemical emission is released during or after the gluing process.

7. Ravensburger,17954 Permanent Puzzle Conserver 

When a company has a record of selling literally a billion puzzle sets, you can trust that their puzzle conserver can get the job done.

You’ll get 200-milliliters of glue with this product. It comes in a smooth and round metal container. The can looks more stylish compared to most of the puzzle glue containers out there. A puzzle theme is subtly curved right under the white sealer cap.

Instead of spreaders or paintbrushes, it uses a sponge style applicator. The solid, puzzle-themed part under the cap works as a gripper.

This innovative applicator is easy, effortless, and accurate to use. Compared to other types, it also flows more smoothly over the puzzle set's surface. However, don't forget to wash the applicator after each use if you want the finest performance every time.

The product offers a lot of mileage too. You can use one bottle to put together 4 thousand-piece puzzle sets or 8 five-hundred-piece puzzle sets.

It’s completely safe to use. This feature is trustable as the product conforms to the ASTM D-4236 standard and is FSC certified.

It adds a sophisticated gloss to the texture of the puzzle without being too overt. Thus, it brings out and conserve the colors, maintaining a brilliant balance between a shiny and a matte gloss. The puzzle saver glue is also equipped with an anti-glare effect.

It offers a super quick drying time of only 60 minutes. It has a very user-friendly application formula. However, with complex sets, make sure you get all the tricky spots and difficult corners right.

It’s manufactured with a high amount of adhesive strength and can make puzzle sets stick strongly to heavy boards.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product offers a quick drying time of only 60 minutes.
  • It is FSC certified and conforms to the ASTM D-4236 standard.
  • Equipped with a sponge applicator, it allows a precise yet smooth application.
  • The puzzle adhesive is equipped with an anti-glare effect.
  • It can provide a gloss that ranges between shiny and matte.

8. Plaid, Mod Podge Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver

If you're looking for a kid-friendly and non-messy puzzle adhesive, you can't go wrong with the Mod Podge CS15068 by Plaid.

It’s a water-based, non-toxic, three-in-one gluing solution. Along with an adhesive, it also functions as a sealant and a finisher. The sealant increases the adhesive strength while the finisher keeps the color of your set youthful and glowing. 

The product comes in an all white container, decorated with a fun and colorful label. You’ll get 236-milliliters of solution sealed in the bottle.

We recommend applying the glue with a paintbrush. This way, you’ll be able to achieve the maximum amount of control and efficacy. It dries transparent, leaving nothing but a rich, polished look behind.

Prepared and produced exclusively in the USA, you can easily conserve at least 4, thousand-piece puzzle sets with this product.

It offers a variety of options, both in terms of sheens and applicators. You can find the product in a glossy, matte, distressed, silky, or glittery sheen. In terms of applicators, it’s available in the conventional form and as a jigsaw puzzle spray glue.

The glue has a famously fast dry time, which allows you to recoat easily. Thus, you can finish the application process quickly yet perfectly. After the glue dries, you can sand it to provide your set with a more polished look as well.

The glue’s chemical formulation endows it with extreme adhesive strength. So, this is a perfect option for your more challenging projects. For example, puzzle sets with multiple levels.

It has a simple soap-water cleanup system. The puzzle adhesive is safe to use and AP certified.

Highlighted Features:

  • It’s a perfect choice to preserve puzzle sets with multiple levels.
  • The product holds an AP certification.
  • Being a water-based adhesive, it's non-toxic and effortless to clean up.
  • One bottle can preserve 4, thousand-piece puzzle sets.
  • The product multi-performs as an adhesive, a sealant, and a finisher.

9. Buffalo 9202- 60PK Puzzle Saver

Instead of using an applicator and going through a somewhat tiring gluing process, the Puzzle Presto 9202-60PK offers a simpler way to conserve your jigsaw puzzle sets.

All you need to do is take off the protective cover of the sheet. Then adjust the puzzle set properly on it and apply a bit of pressure to improve the adhesive traction. And, you’ll be done with the whole application process.  

Even though the adhesive binds the puzzles almost immediately, it is recommended to let your freshly sealed puzzle sit unmoved for a few hours before handling it.

The package includes 6 sheets of adhesive paper. Each sheet can cover a Lego set measuring at (29 x 21.5)-inches. In other words, you can either put together 1 thousand-piece puzzle set or 2 five-hundred-piece puzzle sets using one sheet.

It also includes 2 hangers that can stay stuck on their own. If you’re aiming for a 500-piece set, use one hanger at the center. But, for a 1000 piece set you might need both of the hangers set at equal distance to give the piece a proper balance.  

The adhesive sheets are curved to perfection and strengthened at an industrial level. Each sheet is made from strong, durable, and thick materials. Each of them is 15-inches long and 7.5-inches wide. The sheets work with any shape and number of puzzles.

Every sheet of the package goes through hardcore quality testing to make sure you get the best possible product. The directions are really simple to follow and user friendly as well. Thus, this is the most modern and effortless way of conserving a Lego set.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers the most effortless way of conserving puzzle sets.
  • Plaid uses strong, durable, and thick materials to produce each adhesive sheet.
  • Each sheet can hold a Lego set with a measurement of (29 x 21.5)-inches.
  • The package includes six sheets and two hangers that are self-adhesive.
  • The sheets can conserve any shape and number of puzzles.

Glue For Jigsaw Puzzles - A Complete Buying Guide

Glue For Jigsaw Puzzles - A Complete Buying Guide

Ease Of Use

This is the first factor you should take into account. Though the range of users of this product is quite broad, a majority of them are kids. So, unless the product is easy to apply, it can be a deal-breaker.


When it comes to puzzle saver glue products, the applicator plays a big role. There are a variety of applicators you can choose from, such as a conventional tube, sprayer nozzle, foam applicator, etc. You can also purchase adhesive sheets that don't require an applicator.

If you’re a beginner, an adhesive sheet may be the easiest option for you. You can also go for a jigsaw puzzle spray glue or a foam applicator.

However, if you’re a veteran of the field and conserving your puzzle sets require more nuanced and detailed gluing, it’s better to use a paintbrush.

Strength Of The Adhesive

Naturally, the puzzle sets you intend to conserve are your most cherished ones. Thus, you’d want only the best glue for jigsaw puzzles to fulfill that purpose. However, if the adhesives used by those products are inherently weak or become weak over time, it can create a disastrous situation.

So, you need to make sure that the puzzle glue you’re using has a long lasting and high level of adhesive strength. You can ensure this by purchasing products from reputable brands or reading reviews from previous users.

Cleanup System

Nobody likes a mess. Especially, when you're gluing together complex thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle sets. Thus, make sure that your puzzle adhesive has a simple and user-friendly cleanup process.

We recommend purchasing glues that can be cleaned up using simply a combination of regular soap and water. This will not only make the application process easier but also help keep a speedy workflow.


Make sure that the puzzle saver glue you’re buying is safe for your health. For example, a glue that doesn’t emit any toxic element during or after the application.

We recommend purchasing glues that along with the previously mentioned quality, are also manufactured in a non-toxic manner. In terms of safety, look for the best puzzle glue with ASTM, FSC, and AP certification.

Age Limit

Though this is a minor issue, it’s one that’s worth mentioning. You can find which age group a glue belongs to by usually reading the label on the container. For example, if the label has a sign printed as “13+” that means the glue is certified for use for kids of 13 years of age and above.

Amount Vs Puzzle Sets

Make sure your purchased amount of glue matches with the size and number of puzzle sets you want to conserve. For example, some glues cover only 1 puzzle set containing a thousand pieces while others can support up to 4 puzzle sets made up of a thousand pieces.

So, first dictate how many sets along with their building blocks/pieces/puzzles you want to conserve and then purchase accordingly.

Drying Time And Quality

Purchase a puzzle adhesive that has a fast drying time. This will speed up your workflow and make recoating easy.

Also, make sure that the glue dries transparent. Otherwise, it’ll distort the genuine texture of your puzzle set.

You can look for other qualities as well. For example, buying a puzzle glue with the right thickness won’t roll all over the place while applying. At the same time, it’ll stay thin enough not to peak through pieces, creating eye soaring puddles.

We also recommend buying glues that multi-function as a sealant and a finisher. This will increase the adhesive strength of the piece and add a certain type of sheen along with a polished finish. Some adhesives also allow sanding after the glue dries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glue to use for puzzles?

Not all types of glue is proper for conserving puzzle sets. For example, using hot glue or epoxy for this purpose can totally mess up your puzzle set, creating problems like melting or bending its surface.

However, there are specific types of glues known as puzzle adhesive or simply “puzzle glue” that are specifically manufactured for this purpose.

They take into account all the factors needed to be fulfilled for conserving a puzzle set flawlessly. These are the kinds of glues you should use for laminating or preserving a jigsaw puzzle set, such as the Puzzle Glue 81319 by MasterPieces.

How can i mount a puzzle set on the wall?

Though mostly puzzle sets are displayed inside a cupboard, showcase, or a glass case, some of us like to mount them on walls. The best option to do this is by using hangers. We recommend using self-adhesive hangers for this purpose.

However, keep in mind to balance the hangers properly. Otherwise, your set may become lopsided or worse, fall to the ground and break.

For a five-hundred-piece puzzle set, using a singular hanger at the center should suffice. For a thousand-piece puzzle set, we recommend using two hangers at an equal distance for optimal balance.

Which side of the puzzle set should i put the glue on?

Most experts recommend putting glue on both sides of the puzzle set. You can use multiple coats to achieve increased adhesive strength.

Do i need to wear gloves during application?

Generally, applicators like a plastic spreader, sprayer, foam nib, or paintbrush is used to apply the glue onto the set, making contact with hand redundant.

However, if you’re using an adhesive sheet, your skin may come in contact with the glue. But, most puzzle glues can be cleaned up with soap-water and follows a non-toxic, chemically safe manufacturing process. Therefore, using gloves is not mandatory but recommended.

How long can i conserve a puzzle set using glues?

Applied properly, a puzzle set can be conserved for literally decades. Some users have reported preserving a puzzle set for more than 20 years.

Is it possible to conserve a multi-level puzzle set?

Yes However, you may need some experience with this craft before taking on a project like this. Also, ensure that your puzzle glue has a high level of adhesive strength, which will ensure that the structure stays solidly conserved over time.

Final Word

Puzzle enthusiasts know the value of a truly flawless puzzle set. However, without a proper conservation method, your designs can melt away into oblivion.

By using the best glue for jigsaw puzzles, these beauties will last for a long time and soothe your eyes. That’s why we’ve designed this guide to make sure your puzzle sets get the treatment they deserve. Hopefully, this guide will help find the right one for you.

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