6 Best Lambswool Duster Reviews With Buying Guide in 2022

I remember cleaning my room with an old T-shirt when I was young. Then came rags, which were able to handle more dust and debris to some extent. People, including me, are always in a hurry and look for ways to deal with tasks more efficiently. This is no exception when it comes to dust your house.

If you are also looking for a more efficient way to dust, the best lambswool duster can provide you great cleaning results while making cleaning tasks a lot easier.

While looking for some quality dusters, I have found these ones to be more effective and helpful to homeowners.



Editor's Rating


Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambswool Duster

5 Out of 5

Australian Lambswool Duster

Desert Breeze Distributing Minidoka Sheepskin Australian Lambswool Duster

5 Out of 5

Green Vivid Lambswool Duster with Solid Wooden Handle

5 Out of 5

Rubbermaid Commercial Lambswool Duster with Telescoping Handle

4.5 Out of 5

Wool Shop D24 24 Inches Lampswool Duster

5 Out of 5

Our 6 Best Lambswool Duster Reviews In 2021

All the products that I have listed are multi-purpose dusters. Features of these dusters will take away a lot of hassle work from your shoulders.

1. Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambswool Duster

Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambswool Duster

To make sure you get the best possible cleaning results, Norpro comes with a premium quality lambswool made duster that handles the toughest cleaning tasks effortlessly.

Regarding the quality, it’s made of 100% pure lambswool and contains natural lanolin to make your cleaning mission convenient and easier.

Like most expensive dusters, this one also attracts and holds dust like a magnet. There will be no dust particles left on the surface whatsoever. If you plan to vacuum later, it won’t take you much time to make the house neat and clean.

The duster also cares for your delicate furniture and items. Its super soft and fluffy brush doesn’t scratch on delicate surfaces nor cause any kind of damage. You can confidently continue the dusting mission.

You can pick one from 3 size options. A regular 12 inches for easy cleaning, 24 inches duster is for hard to reach places such as ceilings and blinds.

When dusting the entire house takes hours, you will need a duster with a comfortable handle to continue work. Thankfully this one comes with a one-piece construction wooden handle that feels easy on the hand.

There is a leather hang loop for easy storage. As it looks, even if you hang it on a wall, it will suit the most interior.

Highlighted Features:

  • 24 inches long handle can easily reach high ceilings.
  • Pure lambswool with natural lanolin.
  • Soft texture doesn’t scratches delicate surfaces.
  • Wooden comfortable to hold handle.
  • Hanging loop for easy storage.

2. Desert Breeze Distributing Minidoka Sheepskin Australian Lambswool Duster

Desert Breeze Distributing Minidoka Sheepskin Australian Lambswool Duster

When dusting the house requires you to reach tight and hard to reach areas, you will need a flexible duster like this one. Apart from being a natural lambswool duster, it allows you to conveniently use it, making it an ideal cleaner for home and office use.

With its flexible head, you can easily dust areas that straight dusters cannot take care of. No matter how much flex you will need to clean thoroughly, it will assure you its cleaning performance.

As the duster is made of 100% pure lambswool, dust and debris will not get away from it when it comes to their contact. Unlike cheaper ones, it doesn’t move away dust particles or fall on the surfaces while cleaning. The material is more of a magnet for dust.

Along with perfect cleaning performance, it also makes sure that your delicate surfaces don’t get damaged due to scratches. Its soft and fluffy textured brush feels gentle on every surface.

The handle is made of durable wood. Customers find issues with the handle before the brush itself shows wear. However, this is something that will not happen with this handle.

If you are concerned regarding its cleaning, all you will need is to twist its flexible head, the dust and debris will fall on the surface immediately. Consider twisting a few times to clean it with perfection.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pure lambswool material.
  • Soft and non-scratch brush doesn’t damage surfaces.
  • Flexible head for easy access to tight spaces.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Handle is made of durable wood.

3. Green Vivid Lambswool Duster with Solid Wooden Handle

Green Vivid Lambswool Duster with Solid Wooden Handle

It’s always good to have a long duster for cleaning easy to access furniture, desks, monitors, and hard to reach high ceilings. To meet such needs, Green Vivid comes with their 18.9 inches long duster, which comes with some impressive cleaning ability to take away dusting hassles from you.

Yeah, the same material for this one as well. Lambswool with lanolin is one of those effective kinds of materials that trap and hold grime and dust well. For better cleaning and dusting, the cleaner won’t disappoint you at all.

In addition, the brush is silky smooth and soft to touch. Therefore, you can use it to clean your delicate items without worrying about scratches or causing any kind of damage.

This is one of the reasons why people prefer natural lambswool dusters for dusting their households.

Whether you are to clean high ceiling fans, difficult to dust window blinds, delicate monitors and screens, hard to clean keyboards, etc., you will need only this duster to rule them all.

For ease of use, the handle is made of wooden material. It’s quite durable and will withstand falls and abuses without any issues.

It also features a leather hang loop for convenient storage. So, you don’t need to find a separate space to store the duster.

Although the duster takes such good care of dust handling, you will need the least when it comes to clean it. Simply rinse the dust with water and air dry it completely.

Highlighted Features:

  • 18.9 inches long allows to dust ceiling top.
  • Natural lambswool with lanolin takes care of delicate surfaces.
  • Durable wooden handle.
  • Hang loop to store conveniently.
  • Twistable head allows easy access to narrow spaces.

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Lambswool Duster with Telescoping Handle

Rubbermaid Commercial Lambswool Duster with Telescoping Handle

Looking for a commercial grade convenient duster that can reach great height? This 31.5 inches duster will serve this purpose well. Like most natural lambswool dusters, it effectively handles dust and grime. Its extensibility allows you to use it for versatile purposes.

Although the duster normally is long enough to dust away the dirt of high position, you can further extend it to 42 inches to reach even higher.

If your dusting tasks mostly have to deal with objects in a higher position, definitely this deal is worth considering.

The plastic telescoping handle is durable enough to use for years. If you don’t abuse it much, you shouldn’t face any issue regarding its durability.

Take its head as high as possible, and leave the rest to its soft and fluffy brush. The brush is made of natural lambswool, which assures you of the most possible dust removable.

Due to this particular material, dust trap on the brush, and don’t fall on surfaces except for when you want them to fall.

Apart from commercial and industrial use, this duster will also be greatly useful for household dusting. You can easily reach the ceiling fans as well as other things that are in the higher places.

Consider the price; there is nothing much to complain about. You can easily clean it using normal temperature water to get rid of the dust and moisture every time after dusting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extendable telescopic comfortable to hold handle.
  • 30 to 42 inches of height to reach high positions.
  • Natural lambswool material super soft to delicate surfaces.
  • Durable plastic made handle.
  • Commercial and industrial grade duster.

5. Wool Shop D24 24 Inches Lampswool Duster

Wool Shop D24 24 Inches Lampswool Duster

If the dusting task requires further cleaning, it’s not worth putting in much effort. To make sure you don’t need to clean for the second time after primary dusting, Wool Shop introduces you to their lambswool duster. Considering the price, it offers much more than what a conventional duster offers.

Like the rest of the dusters, this one also features a natural lambswool brush to make sure you can thoroughly clean surfaces, furniture, monitors, blinds, bookshelves, and other areas.

The brush traps the dust and makes sure they don’t fall on surfaces while cleaning. You can go to a safe place and twist it to get rid of the dust and debris.

If you are to invest in one duster to handle all dusting tasks of an entire household, this 24 inches unit will be more than enough.

You should be able to reach the ceiling fans and dust the blades easily. Apart from that, dusting walls and corners are quite manageable for this cleaner.

Unlike most old fashioned dusters, there will be no gimmicks and pieces of crap while dusting with it. In addition, its soft texture will not cause anything bad to the delicate surfaces and will not harm the painting as well.

So, you are good to go dusting with it pretty much everything you have in the house.

To clean it, only use water to rinse the duster. It would be better not to use warm water or dish soap for its longevity.

Highlighted Features:

  • 24 inches long for dusting things of high positions.
  • Durable wooden handle.
  • Pure lambswool brush.
  • Doesn’t scratch surfaces or harm the paint.
  • Hanging loop for easy storage.

6. Ettore Lambswool Duster with Click-Lock Feature

Ettore 48111 Lambswool Duster with Click-Lock Feature,White

Although all the products on the list are made of lambswool material, the real differences are type of handle, extendibility, and softness.

Compared to other ones, lambswool on this duster feels softer to touch, thus ideal for dusting delicate items and electronics without worrying about getting scratches and damaging paint.

If you think your household dusting requires a lengthy duster, you can go for this one as well. Cleaning dust from ceiling fans won’t be an issue for you.

To handle household dusting tasks, you will find its 19 inches overall length to be more than enough. It can reach high corners as well as crown moldings without much struggle. There is a click-lock mechanism to attach any Ettore extension pole for a higher duster.

The most important thing is, the brush doesn’t let the dust particles fall on surfaces, nor does it move away from the debris. For top-notch cleaning performance, this is the duster that you can rely on.

The lambswool portion is about 11 inches. So, you can cover a large area with a swipe, which results in more efficient dusting.

To make it a durable unit, the handle is made of durable plastic material. Abuses and falls won’t be able to cause any damage to it.

Like most other lambswool material, you cannot machine wash it, use dish soap, or warm water to clean it. Occasionally use normal temperature water when it’s tough to get away the dust.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extendable using Ettore poles to make it even longer.
  • 11 inches natural lambswool head swipes large surfaces.
  • 19 inches overall height easier to reach ceiling fans.
  • Durable plastic handle.
  • Hand washable.

Comparison Table Of Top 6 Lambswool Duster



Handle Material

Cleaning Method


Norpro 24-Inch Pure 

24 inches

Wooden handle

Hand washable


Desert Breeze Lambs Wool Duster 

12 inches

Wooden handle

Hand washable

Twistable head

Green Vivid Lambswood Duster 

18.9 inches

Wooden handle

Hand washable

Twistable head

Rubbermaid Commercial Lambswool 
Extendable from 31.5 from 42 inches

Plastic telescopic handle

Hand washable


Wool Shop D24 24 Inches 

24 inches

Wooden handle

Hand washable


Ettore Lambswool Duster

19 inches

Plastic handle, extendable with Ettore poles

Hand washable


Lambswool Duster Buying Guide

Lambswool Duster Buying Guide

As I’m only reviewing dusters that are only made of lambswool, this might seem to you that all the products are pretty much similar to each other. However, depending on your dusting intensity, preference, and requirements, you need to opt for one that will provide great value for your money.

1. Length

When it comes to the size, most people consider the overall size of the duster, including the handle. But, you also need to notice the size of the actual duster itself.

A cleaner with a long duster size will make sure you wipe off the dust and debris from a large surface at once. You can finish dusting more efficiently and quickly.

For regular household dusting, a duster with an overall 10-15 inches should be enough for most tasks. You can get easy access to furniture, bookshelves, appliances, and places that are close to you.

If you want to dust the ceiling fans, roof part of the room, and walls, make sure the duster size can access your ceiling height. Otherwise, the cleaning will require doing a bit of hassle work, such as standing on a chair to reach the top of the rooms.

2. Dust Trapping Capability

Although lambswool material isn’t as effective as microfiber ones when it comes to trap and hold dust, however, there is still some quality lambswool made dusters that can attract and hold dust and debris like a magnet.

Be sure to get one of these. Otherwise, dust will fall off the duster, and you need to clean surfaces further.

3. Soft Texture

For dusting most surfaces, these dusters perform great. However, if you also want to dust delicate surfaces, make sure the duster material is soft enough so it doesn’t cause any damage.

The best lambswool duster would be made of 100% natural material and will not scratch or cause any kind of damage to surfaces.

If the texture of the duster isn’t soft, then it will make scratches on sensitive and delicate surfaces, which won’t be something that you would like to see.

4. Handle Quality

This particular aspect might not seem deal-breaking to you. But, if your dusting tasks require a long time, you must ensure the handle is made of quality material and it’s comfortable to hold.

It would be best if the handle has a non-slip grip on it. But, most handles are made of wooden material, which does the work quite nicely.

However, if you are getting a duster with a telescopic handle, the material will be plastic. These handles feel comfortable on hand too.

5. Twist/Flexibility

For a more convenient cleaning experience, some dusters come with a flexible head that can access hard to reach areas and tight spaces easily. Also, you can bend the head to some extent to clean more effectively.

Twisting the duster head has to do with the ease of cleaning. Some models aren’t recommended to clean even with water. Having a twistable head then helps to get rid of dust and debris effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1. Are lambswool dusters good?

Ans: As lambswool dusters are made of all-natural fibers and lanolin, these can collect most dust due to the static electricity within the fibers.

Unlike feather dusters, these don’t make dust fall on surfaces or move away to other places. The softness is ideal to dust delicate surfaces and furniture.

Q2. Can you machine wash a lambswool duster?

Ans: Not all the lambswool are machine washable. Only the specially treated ones are ideal for machine washing. All-natural lambswool will lose its softness after washing in a machine or using dish soap.

Q3. Can you wash a lambswool duster?

Ans: Most lambswool dusters are safe to clean using normal temperature water. However, there might be some machine washable ones. On the contrary, some can be hand-washed to maintain the softness and texture of the duster.

Q4. What is the best material for dusting?

Ans: As far as dusting is concerned, microfiber cloths are the most effective ones. Lambswool material also does a decent job at handing dust as it can also trap and hold dust and grime well.

Q5. How do you get rid of static duster?

Ans: To clean and get rid of dust from a static duster, go to an open place preferable outside the house, and shake the duster upside down vigorously. If the head is twistable, then do it for a few times. This should work if the build-up isn’t excessive.

Final Words

As all lambswool cleaners are pretty much the same from a material perspective, the best lambswool duster for you would be the one that meets your dusting requirements, comes in a preferable size, and has overall good durability.

Do consider the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning the duster. Otherwise, you can ruin the softness of it by washing inappropriately.

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