Best Paint Brushes For Walls: Top 10 Reviews for 2022

The prospect of painting the exterior and interior surfaces of your home may look like a daunting one. Not all of us are seasoned DIY-ers but that should not stop you from giving it a try.

The trick is to pick the right tools so that your task becomes easy, enjoyable, and at the end of it, you feel great satisfaction.

The main tool for a painting job is the paintbrush. You can spend hours over choosing the right color shades but when it comes to applying the paint, the paintbrush is your only aide.

When you choose the colors, make sure you know if they’re water-based or oil-based so that you know if a natural or a synthetic brush will be the right one for you.

As there are many brands of paintbrushes available on the market, we compiled a list of the best paint brushes for walls for you so that you get it right the first time.

Read on to discover the ins and outs of paintbrushes to enable you to make the right choice and be proud of your handiwork!



Editor's Rating


Pro Grade 5 Ea Paint Brush

5 Out of 5

Purdy 144400340 XL Enamel/Wall Paint Brush

5 Out of 5

Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set, 5 Piece

5 Out of 5

Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash

4.5 Out of 5

Hiltex 00308 Brush

5 Out of 5

Benefits Of Using A Brush For Wall Painting

A tool like a paintbrush can give you plenty of advantages and if you have the right paint brushes for walls, you can get all of the advantages explained below.


Using a paintbrush for walls results in more efficiency in several ways. You can hold the ideal amount of paint depending on whether the bristle type matches your paint. This means there is no wastage and you use just enough paint.

If you want more control and precision over your painting project, a paintbrush is there to help you achieve this. That’s because you can use the handle to get a comfortable grip and hence, better control and accuracy.

A paintbrush also enables you to get a fuller and complete coverage of the area you want to paint. Other painting tools like rollers and sprays have a mind of their own and may not always allow doing a complete job in hard to reach areas.

As a paintbrush in your hands gives you more control, you take overall less time to complete a project.

Smooth Finish

Since paintbrushes come in various sizes and styles, they help to get a perfectly smooth finish.

The different brush sizes are applied for different parts of the interior and exterior to get the right finish. Even for trim and detailed work as well as flat surfaces, you have the specific paintbrush to do the job well.


The humble paintbrush also helps you achieve different textures as well as smooth finishes, thereby proving to be a flexible and versatile tool. Depending on the application method, it allows you to get both textured and smooth looks.

For detail and trim work as well, the paintbrush offers a different level of versatility where other tools don’t.

Top 10 Best Paint Brushes For Walls Reviews

1. Pro Grade All Paints Types Brush

Pro Grade All Paints Types Brush

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this set of paintbrushes has you covered with its variety of 5 flat and angled brushes.

Made to give you value for money, this paintbrush kit consists of top quality brushes that are built to last for a long time.

You can use all kinds of stains and paints as these brushes are perfect for art and craft projects as well as painting your home exterior, interior, and those difficult corners, trims, and edges. Paint away your fences and decks using these brushes to get a smooth and uniform finish.

To ensure durability, each of the paintbrushes has a stainless steel ferrule around the handle so that it withstands the wear and tear and enables you to complete many painting projects.

The handles have a smooth hardwood comfortable grip so that your hands won’t get tired even after you have been painting for several hours.

The synthetic bristles are medium stiff and thick to enable you to hold more paint so that you can complete a job without any unnecessary delay. Moreover, they are great for achieving an even look. The bristles are designed specially to last many washes.

With a thinner tip, these brushes give you more control and accuracy when you are painting trims and detail work. Plus, such bristles don’t leave behind undesired brush marks.

A bonus point is that these brushes are very easy to clean up with water. You won’t have more than a couple of the bristles coming loose in the cleaning process.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set of 5 paintbrushes for all types of painting jobs.
  • Synthetic bristles, medium-stiff, and thick for holding more paint.
  • It allows you to complete a project in less time.
  • Hardwood handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Ferrule around the handle for ensuring durability.

2. Purdy Paint Brushes for Wall Painting

Purdy Paint Brushes for Wall Painting

No need to buy a different paintbrush to match oil-based and latex paints as this 4-inch wonder is compatible with both!

Moreover, it’s also suitable for use with any type of stains and primers. With one brush, you can now do all sorts of exterior and interior painting jobs on ceilings, trims, and walls.

The medium-stiff bristles are a blend of good quality nylon and polyester, making them durable, easy to use, and easy to clean. After each use, you will find that all the bristles have relaxed into their optimum shape. Thus, you are assured of longevity and original shape to give you more bang for the buck.

The bristles are also soft so that paint can flow easily along with it, making your chore a breeze. The flagging and tipping technology is proprietary for exceptional paint distribution.

Don’t discard the cover as it helps to keep the bristles in shape and is also waterproof, thanks to the wax film. Don’t worry about any mold formation as the keeper has been designed to encourage airflow and keep the bristles in top condition.

The brush style is square edge and the ferrule is made of copper so that the device lasts for a long time. The beaver tail style of the natural finish wood handle looks good and gives you a comfortable and firm grip. Thus, you can enjoy the painting job without getting tired.

Moreover, you are guaranteed durability and the maximum comfort with the extra-long and extra-thick filaments that can hold a copious amount of paint to boot.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4-inch long synthetic brush with soft and medium-stiff bristles for easy use.
  • Proprietary flagging and tipping technology for maximum paint distribution.
  • Suitable for both latex and oil-based paints, primers, and stains.
  • Extra-long and extra-thick filaments to hold more paint.
  • Keeper to prevent water penetration and mold formation.

3. Presa paint brush for smooth finish

Presa Paint Brush For Smooth Finish

Want to finish a painting job like a pro? If yes, then you need professional-grade paintbrushes to achieve a professional-looking finish.

This set of premium quality paint brushes has been specially designed to give you the highest productivity. It has superior paint holding capacity that allows you to finish a project in less time.

In fact, the brushes can hold up to 30% more paint than other brushes. That’s owing to the synthetic bristles having SRT or solid round tapered style filaments. This special technology creates smaller diameter tips of the bristles while keeping the diameter wider towards the ferrule.

This SRT technology helps to create a smooth and seamless finish to get the perfect ceilings and walls. The paint is distributed along the bristles in the right amount and also released smoothly to get a uniform look. This allows you to paint more accurately and with more control.

Besides all the above, the SRT bristles are easy to maintain as they are easy to clean after use, and therefore, they last for a long time even after repeated usage. Moreover, they don’t shed while painting or when being cleaned.

If you have more heavy-duty jobs that require painting on uneven surfaces, don’t be concerned as this set of paintbrushes are also capable of producing a smooth effect on rough surfaces.

It’s a versatile set of bushes as you can use these to paint any surfaces be it large or small, including trims and detail work, corners and edges, doors, and windows.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set of 5 premium quality synthetic brushes.
  • SRT technology for enabling bristles to hold up to 30% more paint.
  • Produces a smooth flow of paint and even distribution.
  • Soft bristles are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Perfect for all job types including heavy-duty ones on uneven surfaces.

4. wooster wall paint brush

Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush, 2-Inch, White

Painting trims and tight spaces may not be your forte but with this paintbrush in your hand, you will be surprised at the new level of confidence you can reach!

The main feature of this paintbrush is its Shergrip handle which is 2-1/4th inches long but the brush itself is a standard length. The result is that the comfortable and flexible handle gives you the perfect grip to reach and paint trims and edges smoothly.

Shergrip is a patented technology whereby the handle is given a rubbery and soft feel using an elastomeric material. With this tool, you can paint with ease ceilings, walls, furniture, window frames, cabinets, and anything else that needs a coat of paint.

Its non-slip handle makes even the toughest jobs a pleasure. Even if you’re working on a hot day, your hand won’t slip from the handle. It’s also solvent-resistant and therefore, will not peel, warp, or crack. The handle is held in place with the use of a brass-plated steel ferrule for durability.

The bristles have a blend of gold polyester and white nylon so that you can use it with any type of paint, be it water-based stains or oil-based paints. The paint-hold and distribution properties are superior so that you get a smooth job done in less time. Credit goes to the soft and thick bristles.

The coverage is also fuller and uniform with the combination of a full-size brush head and the handle with just the right size. Moreover, maintenance is easy as you can clean the brush simply using a soapy water solution followed by clean water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full-size brush head with 2-1/4th inches handle for painting tight spaces.
  • The exclusive Shergrip handle is soft and flexible for comfort.
  • Non-slip grip to give more control and precision.
  • Gold polyester and white nylon blended soft and thick bristles for efficiency.
  • Uniform and fuller coverage in less time.

5. Hiltex Paint Brushes For Decorating

Hiltex Paint Brushes For Decorating

For quick painting projects that require immediate attention, this set of 5 paintbrushes is the model solution.

This versatile set has been put together with your specific needs in mind as it contains 5 brushes of different sizes – 1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3 inches. They do an admirable job on trims, corners, cabinets, doors, windows, and decks too.

The polyester bristles are thick so that they can hold more paint and enable you to complete a painting assignment faster, thus saving time. The ends are feathered so that the paint holding and distribution capacity is at the highest.

The narrow tips enable you to paint thin lines and do a complete coverage on edges and even under the edges. Moreover, they don’t leave behind any brush marks, thus allowing you to get a smooth, uniform finish.

The handles are made from natural wood and are durable and comfortable to work with. You can hold the brush properly with the handles and do a smooth job with varnishes, paints, and stains. These are suitable for arts and craft projects as well and should be used with water-based paints.

To clean these brushes, use a solution of warm soapy water. The polyester bristles are quick and easy to clean and maintain their shape well, even after a few uses. You won’t lose too many bristles in the process of washing and cleaning these.

For homeowners and DIY-ers, this set of paintbrushes is suitable for touch-up jobs and doesn’t require great painting skills.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set of 5 paintbrushes for working on detail work and trims.
  • Reusable and easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Thick polyester bristles with feathered ends for holding more paint.
  • Durable handles made of natural wood.
  • Suitable for water-based paints and varnishes.

6. Bates Choice professional paint brushes

Bates Choice Professional Paint Brushes

Do you think it’s impossible to do a professional quality painting job quickly? You might think again if you own this set of 4 paintbrushes!

These combine the two top qualities that both homeowners and professionals look for – superior finish in less time.

The kit contains 4 brushes – one 3-inch, one 2.5-inch, and one 2-inch square cut style while the fourth one is a 1.5-inch angled style for working on trims and detail work around the windows and edges.

The long-lasting synthetic filaments of the brushes are thick in order to hold more paint and distribute it more evenly on the surface. Hence, you can complete the painting project smoothly and also save time.

These are the best paint brushes for walls as the bristles not only give an exceptional finish but are also easy to clean with warm water and soap. In the process, you will see hardly any coming off from the handle.

Speaking of handles, these brushes have handles made of treated wood, rendering them lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Hence, you won’t feel tired even if you work on a project for hours as the handle provides the ultimate ease and control.

The ferrules are made of stainless steel and are thus resistant to corrosion and rust. Each of the larger brushes has 3 nails on each ferrule side to hold the brush in place firmly. The two smaller ones have 2 nails on each ferrule side.

For both DIY-ers and professionals, this is the go-to set of paintbrushes to increase your efficiency when faced with any type of painting job.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 paintbrushes in one kit including 3 square cuts and one angled style.
  • Thick, synthetic filaments to hold more paint and give a smooth finish.
  • Easy to clean makes it easier to maintain and more durable.
  • Treated wood handles are lightweight and hence comfortable.
  • Stainless steel ferrules are rust- and corrosion-resistant.

7. paint brushes for acrylic paint by US Art Supply 

US Art Supply Paint Brushes For Acrylic Paint

If you do a lot of paint jobs that leave a mess on your brush that you don’t want to clean up, then this pack of 2-inch chip and paint brushes is the right kit for you.

The brushes are made from pure white 100% natural China chip. They are suitable for use with paints, varnishes, glue, stains, acrylics, and gesso. These have been made specifically for tossing away after use as cleaning these is not a viable option.

The bristles are 1.5-inch long so that you can hold a good amount of paint and apply it smoothly on the surface. Their width is 2 inches and thus you can use these easily on most paint and touch-up jobs with ease.

The tin ferrule and the sanded wooden handles hold the whole brush together to give you a good painting experience. However, you should expect to lose some bristles in the process of dipping and painting. And that means these will leave brushstrokes and bristles on the surface.

You could use these in a group project for kids as the final finish should not be something you would put great importance on. Or, if the surface you are painting is something that’s not decorative and doesn’t need fine painting, then these brushes serve the purpose also.

The biggest advantage of these brushes is that they can withstand the harsh chemicals found in adhesives. Use these to paint on boat hulls and other small-scale projects like painting furniture. Basecoat painting is more suitable to be done with these brushes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 24 paintbrushes of 2-inch width each.
  • Disposable after a single use although can be cleaned for repeated use.
  • 100% pure white China chips for making the bristles.
  • Suitable for all types of paints, varnishes, stains, glue, etc.
  • Holds up well to the harsh solvents in adhesives.

8. Wooster Brushes for Art

Get more value for money with this 4-inch wide brush that can do all types of painting jobs!

Use with all types of paints like oil and latex types. The bristles are made from gold polyester with chisel trim so that you can pick up a lot of paint and distribute it evenly. This enables you to coat the surface smoothly and get a nice, uniform finish.

The bristles are firm and have a longer length to give you more control and accuracy. They also withstand high temperatures so that you can work at ease even on those hot days. You can make repeated use of the brush as the bristles handle wear and tear well.

The ferrule is durable as it’s made of brass-plated steel. The handle is made from solid black plastic and is guaranteed to give you a firm grip and comfort to enable you to work for long hours without your hands getting calluses.

It’s easy to maintain as well as all you need to do is clean the brush after every use with a solution of warm soapy water. Just wrap it up in a paper after it gets dry to help it retain its original shape. If you hang it upside down, then you can use it several times without the bristles getting out of shape.

Besides the exterior, you can paint with this brush the interior of your home including flat and semi-gloss parts and moldings, although it’s not recommended for detail and trim works.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4-inch paintbrush with polyester bristles.
  • Stiff bristles have some spring, making them effective.
  • Suitable for both exterior and interior but not detail work and trim.
  • Black, solid plastic handle for durability.
  • Good for repeated use with easy cleaning and maintenance.

9. recision Defined Professional Ues Brush

Precision Defined Heavy-Duty Professional 6 Piece Paintbrush Set, with Firm Bristles and Natural Birch Handles

If you’re a perfectionist, then you must bring home these professional-grade paintbrushes to get the perfect touch in all the special rooms and nooks in your home.

The special feature of this set of 6 high-quality paintbrushes is the SRT or solid round tapered PET bristles. Thus, the brushes can hold more paint and release them smoothly on the surface, resulting in less time required to finish a job and giving an even finish.

Besides, the bristles don’t bend out of shape or leave brushstrokes behind, and therefore, you can enjoy your painting project without looking at it as a necessary chore.

The handles are made from natural birch to give you a comfortable grip so that you can complete your assignment without your hands getting tired. Besides the functionality, the birch handles are also good to look at.

The kit includes one 3-inch, two 2-inch, two 1.5-inch brushes, and a bonus one of 2-inch angled head brushes. For any kind of paint job, you have the tools in your hand. So paint away decks, fences, walls, windows, doors, cabinets, ceilings, bathrooms, nurseries, corners, edges, and a whole lot more!

These brushes work at their optimum when you’re using water-based emulsion and gloss paints as the bristles are designed to hold these well without giving any drips or wastage. Moreover, you won’t lose bristles while you’re painting.

The icing on the cake is a pretty box that you get all the brushes in. It provides the right way to store and care for your precious paintbrushes!

Highlighted Features:

  • Box of 5 square cut brushes and one angled for edges and trim.
  • SRT PET bristles for holding more paint and an even release.
  • Suitable for all heavy, medium, and small jobs.
  • Optimum use with water-based gloss paints and emulsions.
  • Box for storage and space-saving.

10. paint brushes for walls by Linzer

Linzer A 1506 Chip Brush Multi-Pack

For multipurpose usage, you can get this pack of paintbrushes with varying sizes to help you do a sterling painting job on a variety of surfaces with all types of paints and stains.

The kit contains two each of 1.5-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch brushes. You can use these with epoxies, oil, glue, paint removers, resins, and paints. The natural white China bristles can withstand the harsh chemicals found in solvents.

Moreover, the form chisel can pick up a good amount of paint and distribute it evenly to get an even finish. It can also do a better job of cutting in and brushing out.

The tips of the bristles are super fine to contribute to better paint holding capacity and smooth release.

The sanded wood handle is comfortable to hold and gives you more control over your work, helping you achieve a high degree of accuracy. Besides, the handle being lightweight, it literally makes your work light for you.

Thanks to the stainless steel ferrule, the handle, and the bristles are help together in perfect shape. With the rust-resistant material, the ferrule lasts long and contributes to the multiple uses of the brush set. The aluminum insert in the brush renders it extra strong and lasts longer.

When you are working on trims, things get a little tricky. Hence, the brush has a triple trim edge for working more efficiently on trim.

The brushes are easy to clean with a solution of warm water and soap. The tapered keeper is there to maintain the original shape and increase the longevity of the product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 6 brushes – two each of 1.5-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch.
  • Natural white China bristles can be used with paints, epoxies, resins, etc.
  • Form chisel for picking up more paint and releasing it smoothly.
  • Sanded wood handle for comfortable grip and control.
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel ferrule to increase durability.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Paint Brushes For Walls



Number of Brushes

Special Feature

Pro Grade - Paint Brushes



Hardwood handle for a comfortable grip.

Purdy 144400340 XL Series



Proprietary flagging and tipping technology.

Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set



SRT filaments hold up to 30% more paint.

Wooster Brush Q3211



Shergrip handle for painting tight spaces.

Hiltex 00308 Brush



Tapered bristle ends for holding more paint.

Bates Paint Brushes



All styles of brushes for all job types.

US Art Supply 24 Pack of 2 inch Paint Brushes

Natural white China chip



Wooster Polyester Paintbrush



Suitable for latex and oil-based paints.

Precision Professional Paintbrush Set

SRT PET bristles


Brushes of all the main styles included.

Linzer A 1506 Chip Brush

Natural white China bristle


Extra strength with aluminum insert.

How To Choose Paint Brushes For Walls?

Paint Brushes For Walls

Brush Material

The bristles of the brush could be either natural or synthetic. A natural brush has bristles made from badger or hog hair. This is the best paint brush for walls when you’re using oil-based paints, varnishes, top coats, decorative chalk paint, shellac, polyurethane, and enamel.

The natural brush has microscopic divisions that hold more paint and results in a smoother finish.

On the other hand, a synthetic brush has bristles of nylon and polyester combination or top-quality polyester only. It’s suitable when you are using water-based paints as these will not soak up the water like natural brushes.

Acrylic latex paints that have low or zero volatile organic compounds can be applied properly with a synthetic brush.


There are a few ways of checking the quality of a paintbrush for walls besides the obvious price point. Bristles that have slightly split ends or flagged are good for holding more paint and achieving a fuller coverage.

The bristles should also come back to their shape as a sign of good quality when you flex their tips.

Check if the bristles are shorter on the outer part and longer toward the center. This ensures you have more control and accuracy when painting walls.

For the same reason, you should check if the bristles are 50% longer than the width of the brush to enable you to pick the right amount of paint.


The size of the paintbrush ranges from one to six inches. For tight spaces, you should choose a smaller brush to enable you to achieve control and accuracy.

For corners, trims, and windows, pick a brush that’s between one and two-and-a-half inches.

For shelves, cabinets, and doors, a brush that’s three inches is ideal. Pick one that has a size between four to six inches for walls, ceilings, and other flat areas.


Paintbrushes for walls have a square cut style. They usually come in the size of four to six inches and are ideal for painting flat surfaces like siding, walls, ceilings, and flat doors.

For painting detailed work, grooves, corners, window sashes, and edges, pick an angle sash style of the paintbrush as these have short handles and their angled style helps to reach difficult parts.

Paintbrushes with a round sash style are not ideal for walls. They are ideal for decorative painting on furniture legs as they come in sizes of 20 to 40 millimeters and their bristles are arranged in a circular design.


It’s also important to check the handle of the paintbrush as it will determine how comfortable it would be for you to do the painting job. A long handle is preferred as it allows you to hold the brush any way you want.

Types Of Paint Brushes For Walls

The types of paint brushes for walls can be categorized according to the style, the material of the bristles, size, and the type of the bristle ends. Let’s look into the details of each.

Natural And Synthetic

The basic dichotomy of paintbrushes is whether they are natural or synthetic. Natural brushes are made from the hair of animals and they naturally have split ends that help to hold oil-based paints better.

Animal hair absorbs water and becomes limp, losing their shape and hence not fit for latex paints.

Synthetic brushes are made from either polyester or a blend of nylon and polyester. These are better suited for latex or water-based paints as they hold their shape.

Brush Style

There are a few brush styles with which the types of paint brushes can be differentiated.

The wall style refers to a thick and flat brush that can hold a lot of paint and is perfect for large surfaces.

A brush with a thin profile and slanted bristles is a thin angle brush that works well for corners and edges that require a thin, straight line.

For exterior siding, you can use a trim style of a brush that’s useful for painting large and flat surfaces.

The flat sash type of a paintbrush is used in flat areas and it has straight bristles.

For painting trims and ceiling corners, there is the angle sash type that holds more paint than the thin angle brush.

Brush Size

Brush sizes that range from an inch to two inches long are good for small trims and windows. 3-inch sizes are ideal for cabinet and door painting. Those with a 4 -inch size make the best paint brushes for walls and large surfaces.

Bristle Type

The bristle size and shape determine types of paint brushes also. If the ends of the bristles have a square cut, they are meant for painting flat areas.

A chisel trim brush has angled bristles for painting edges and corners. Finally, an angled brush is used for painting window trim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When Should I Choose A Synthetic Brush Over A Natural One?

Ans: Natural brushes take a few uses before they break in to give you the optimum results.

So, if you’re doing a one-off job or small assignments that are not too frequent, you should choose a synthetic brush. Just remember that synthetic brushes do a better job with latex paints.

Q2. What’s The Advantage Of A Silicone Paintbrush?

Ans: A silicone paintbrush has silicone instead of bristles. Often while you’re painting, a few bristles may come loose and stick to your wall, resulting in a textured and non-uniform finish.

But this doesn’t happen with a silicone paintbrush. It gives you more flexibility, holds up more paint, and is easy to clean.

Q3. What’s The Ideal Way To Clean Paint brushes?

Ans: You should clean your paintbrushes as soon as you’ve completed your project for the day. Scrape off the excess paint on the rim of the paint can and use an old newspaper to wipe the brush.

In a bucket of warm, soapy water, clean the bristles with your hands. Give the paintbrush a swish around the bucket. Repeat this process using clean water.

Use heavy paper to wrap the paintbrush loosely to avoid spoiling its shape and then hang it upside down.

Q4. What’s The Ideal Way Of Choosing A Paintbrush?

Ans: One tip to pick the ideal paintbrush is by measuring the surface for painting and then choosing a paintbrush with a width that’s narrower than the surface.

For example, if you need to paint a 3-inch window ledge, choose a paint brush that’s 2.5 inches in size so that there won’t be overlapping when you paint and no drips and wastage.

Final Word

Now that you are armed with all the important information on paintbrushes, it must seem less daunting to you to get on with the long-pending painting project!

By following a few simple rules of thumb and knowing what kind of paint you will use will make the choice of a paintbrush easier.

Knowing the type of surface that you will paint will on also make it simple to pick the right brush. As all painting jobs are not equal, you need different styles and sizes of a brush. A case in point - a large, flat brush will not achieve a smooth finish on detail and trim work in corners and edges.

Therefore, choosing the best paint brushes for walls is of the utmost importance as that will make or break the painting assignment for you. The first step in the right direction will help you get the desired results.

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