The Drywall Alternatives: Great Ideas For Your Walls

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?

The plain old drywall, of course!

If you don’t like the hollow thumping noise that drywall produces as much as we do, then you, my friend, have chosen the right place to visit!

To be honest, drywalls aren’t that bad either. They are easy to work with and has a reasonable price tag as well.

However, they lack a bit of texture and fail to add volume to the wall panels compared to other options available out there.

Not only, these wall sare an easy target for mold growth and susceptible to water damage, but also, it’s pretty easy to get them all dinged up during installation and ruin the whole look in an instant!

Fortunately, there are some excellent drywall alternatives that solve these issues and might even tempt you to redecorate your home in case you already have wallboard up inside your home!

Curious to know what the fuss is all about?

I will give you a hint: Stay with us till the end and you WON’T be disappointed for sure!

What Other Options You Can Use Instead Of Drywall?

The possibilities are endless, to be honest!

However, we are going to mention a few hand-picked selections that we think will look FAB on your interior.

Let’s take a look!



Brick design element is hot right at this moment!

And there’s a good reason behind it.

Exposed brick patterns add warmth and character to your interior that’s quite hard to achieve otherwise. The raw beauty of brick walls makes it a popular choice for fireplace, bathroom countertops, walkways and of course, walls!

You can choose from its different colors, sizes, shapes etc. as per your wish or leave its original reddish-orange hue as it is! They both look quite good either way.

Wooden Panel

wooden panel

Wooden panels are one of the most popular options out there. And the secret lies in its availability and versatility.

You can use wooden panels for roofing, flooring, wall and even matching cabinets!

Mahogany, Zebrawood, Teak, Poplar, Walnut, Oak, Beech, Pine, Cherry, Alder etc. are some of the few options that you get choose from!

However, solid hardwood panels tend to become a bit on the expensive side and as a result, cost more to purchase.



Want something that can withstand moisture-trouble like a champ?

Plaster will be your knight-in-shining-armor for that!

Veneer plaster is extremely popular for its take on modern interior. not only this material is moisture-resistant, but also, it’s pretty easy to install and doesn’t require any kind of sanding afterward.



If you are looking for alternatives to drywall for interior walls, then plywood is probably a safe option to go for.

You can use this element for interior as well as exterior structure. Whether you choose to have a plain, clear-coated or painted surface, it will end up costing even less than drywall!

Plywood can be made out of different wood species, however, the most common material used for constructing wall is called OSB, which is otherwise known as Oriented Strand Board.

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Concrete is known for its use in industrial-style buildings.

People who like to live a minimalistic lifestyle may also find this material quite interesting as it features a maintenance-free construction.

However, we recommend using furniture of warm tones to make up for the cold, masculine look that a concrete wall provides and pair it up with concrete floor to complete a smooth appearance.

20 Great Ideas For Your Walls That Will Astound You

1. Create A Trendy Look With Wood Paneling.

 Trendy Look With Wood Paneling

Wood paneling, be it solid or veneer, is a fantastic option as an alternative to sheetrock.


Well, the secret to creating a relaxed ambiance indoor is to bring a piece of nature inside your little nest. And what better is suited for that purpose other than a dark, wood paneling with an exquisite detailing?

None, really!

The best part about this idea is probably the various options you get to choose from including Mahogany, Maple, Birch, Oak, Teak, Macassar etc.


You can enjoy modern features like, sizing it to your preferred style, include tiny details to make it look more elegant or the trendy mounting shelves system that everyone seems to love so much!


If you go for the real wood paneling, then it might cost you a bit more than the others. Also, if you are not a big fan of rustic-looking ambiance inside your home, this setting might not interest you much.

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2. Bring Back The 90’s Style!

The late 90’s was famous for its exposed brick wall pattern.

And guess what?

We are bringing it back in style!

Not only this architectural design will make your interior feel cozier and more comfortable at the same time, but also, it will let your wall panels come under the spotlight and give you a completely different experience than your traditional go-to wallboard!

Don’t like the orangey-reddish hue on the background?

You can change that in an instant by painting over it with a color of your choice!

Just don’t forget to put a regular sealant to give it a glossy finish as a finishing touch.


Brick wall is cheaper than drywall and quite practical I must admit.

It’s also a great way of adding a tad sense of masculinity inside your room without going overbroad along the way!


Exposed bricks tend to absorb water considerably faster than other materials and might cause dampness over time.

3. Stay Close To The Original.

Stay Close To The Original

Want something similar to drywall, yet wishing it was a little bit stronger at the same time?

Meet the “Veneer Plaster”, the ultimate combo of plaster and drywall at the same time!

Interestingly, it’s not that complicated to handle a veneer plaster. This Mexican-influenced architecture is very much alike to the traditional wall décors, yet classy enough to be used in modern times as well.

In terms of quality, there’s hardly any competition between veneer plaster and other materials!

This element gives your interior a smooth appearance while making all of the joints on the surface become almost invisible. On top of that, you also get to enjoy its natural off-white color or paint it over with a color of your preference as well.


We like how strongly veneer plaster holds over the test of time. It’s also less likely to get scratched or dented easily.


You have to spent almost an entire day while installing this wall.

4. A Fresh Perspective To Ponder Upon.

Fresh Perspective

Want to take your interior to a whole new level with a colorful palette?

Hmm. How does a textured wall pattern sound like?

If you’ve got no idea yet, then let me tell you all the juicy details!

A textured panel basically comes with irregular, streaks of different patterns. The main goal here is to create a warm, cozy little backdrop where everyone feels comfortable enough to gossip about their favorite topic!

So, if you want a conversation starter, then this one is a must-have décor in your house.We recommend putting up a large artwork in the middle to send off a glamorous vibe into the setting as well!


It gives your interior a 3-D effect that looks aesthetically charming and chic at the same time.


This type of panels usually needs a base platform underneath to stand upright. As a result, the whole installation ends up becoming a bit expensive.

5. The Classic Charm Of Brick And Masonry.

Brick And Masonry

This one goes for the people who just LOVE the suburban vibes and can’t seem to get enough of it!

The most interesting part about this setup is that you can paint it in your favorite color or leave it unpainted as per your wish. Either way, it’s a surefire way to get a fabulous outcome in the simplest way possible!

The raw, untouched texture of the bricks and stones not only brings a rustic look to your interior and make the room pop but also it increases the property value and lasts for a lifetime.


You don’t need much for its maintenance cost as this element holds up on its own and doesn’t require frequent fixing or dusting etc.


It’s a pretty expensive option considering that the other alternatives cost way less.

However, it’s known to save costs in the long run, so you can still go for this option if you want a classy look inside your house.

6. Keep The Focus On One Corner.

Keep The Focus On One Corner.

How do you feel about adding an accent wall behind the sitting space of the waiting room in the lobby?

So, accent walls are basically there to break the pattern of the rest of the room by creating a single, stand-outwall in the middle. It can be made out of anything as long as it creates a contrast with the rest of the interior.

From faux bricks to stylish stones, accent walls are great for them all! To keep the focus undeterred, we suggest putting furniture of light colors around the wall and place some fancy artwork to make a bold statement as well.


It actually helps make a small room seem light and open by introducing different textures and dimensions.


It’s so easy to step on the wrong foot while decking up an accent wall as it needs to be balanced in the right way so that it doesn’t blend in with the rest of the interior.

7. Create A Functional Storage Space With Pegboard.

Functional Storage Space With Pegboard.

Looking for alternatives to drywall in basement area?

Look no more as we’ve come up with an awesome idea for that!

A basement is a place where we basically store everything that we might need in the future, but not immediately.

Instead of shoving items to the deepest corner of a cabinet, it’s a far better idea to store them all out in the open so you can make use of things whenever necessary.

Pegboard is the ultimate solution for that!

From hanging tools to arranging shelves on the sides to displaying your favorite moments captured in frames, pegboard can cover them all and still have space left for more!


You get the dream storage space you have been searching for without any extra cost.


It doesn’t go well with a living room or master bedroom setup. It’s more suitable for the garage and basement areas.

8. Get Infected With Concrete Beauty.

Get Infected With Concrete Beauty.

That’s right!

Concrete has a beauty of its own that we fail to notice most of the time!

Well, the trick is not to make it so much overwhelming that it consumes the surrounding environment completely.

For instance, you could use a concrete structure for only one side of the room and leave the rest as it is. That way it will help make that corner pop up and create a visually aesthetic appeal to the onlookers.


It’s an excellent choice for basement drywall alternatives as concrete is moisture-resistant and can easily be used in areas that suffer from high-level of humidity issues.

You can also pair it up with a concrete floor and give your interior an awesome interior with this perfect combo.


We wouldn’t suggest it for small spaces as it might give off a cold, uninviting vibe if not balanced properly.

9. Kid-Friendly Panel Idea.

Kid-Friendly Panel Idea.

Anyone who has ever had a kid will understand how hard it is to keep your wall stain-free all the time!

The same theory goes for pet lovers as well!

While we can’t help melting at the very sight of those innocent souls, we can, however, create an innovative way of keeping our wall mess-free by installing plastic panels inside the house.

You can set these panels just over the studs of your building structure and they will hold up on their own. We recommend going for a fiberglass reinforced plastic panel to enjoy the maximum benefit out of this.


These panels are made of scratch-resistant material and can easily be cleaned with regular cleaner and detergent at home in case it gets stained for some reason. It also helps fight off mold growth to keep your home healthy and secure.


Plastic panels are not durable and they can get damaged pretty easily.

10. Get Creative While Styling The Bedroom.

Get Creative While Styling The Bedroom.

While most of the people like to play it safe in the bedroom space and go for light shades with muted undertone, I say bring your “A” game and get creative as much as you can!

For instance, this setting is perfect to tap into your darkest temptation, yet simple enough to be a minimalist’s favorite as well!

The wood panels are decorated in different shapes and sizes to introduce a modern feel to your room.

Needless to say, the LED-lit panels go well with the whole scenario and make it look almost mystical!

One tip of advice: Use a black-tinted mirror on one side if you want to make the room look 2X bigger than its actual size.


It’s a simple, chick and functional style that’s suitable for all traditional and modern interiors.


The whole setting with the LEDs might end up costing a bit more than your budget.

11. Let’s Light It Up!

Light Up

Have you heard about the all-new Polycarbonate wall panels that can work as excellent sheetrock alternatives?

Well, it’s time you invest in this A.W.E.S.O.M.E translucent element to light up your bedroom without any additional cost whatsoever!

The secret lies in its popular daylighting system, which helps the sun come into your room through its energy-saving, recyclable mechanism. Cool, isn’t it?

What’s more is that you get to enjoy its insulating benefits as well, which allows you to keep your home dry and comfortable as long as you want.


It lights up the whole room with diffused daylight and helps conserve energy. Also, it’s made of thick elements that go up to 50 millimeters and help keep your room warm and cozy even in harsh weather.


The initial budget for installation is quite pricey. It also dents pretty quickly if not taken care of regularly.

12. It’s All About Finding The Right Match.

Finding The Right Match.

Plywood is an excellent choice as an alternative to drywall for your beach house!

Not only this element helps create a laid-back look that goes well with the sunny environment of the beach, but also, it’s affordable, versatile and really trendy nowadays.

Keep one thing in mind that Plywood comes in different qualities. For roofing and wall construction projects, we recommend using OSB (Oriented Strand Board) plywood as they are tougher and can handle the harsh environment very well.


Plywood is versatile, meaning, you get to have fun buildingcabinets, countertop and even matching floorboard with this material! There are lots of options available for you to choose from and you will find the price tag pretty reasonable as well.


The outer surface of an OSB is pretty rough and it might be a little difficult to paint over it.

13. Old-School Country Charm.

Old-School Country Charm.

Have a spare room that’s a bit too small?

Well, the best thing that you can do to make the space look more open and inviting is to choose a shiplap wall panel for that room!

Shiplap is, basically, a wooden board that’s most commonly used in countryside areas. The rustic feeling that comes with this panel makes it an ideal element to use it as a building material.

You can use the wooden panel horizontally or vertically as per your wish. Either way, shiplap boards with their signature white line in-between are sure to create an old-school country-like vibe that’s hard to ignore!


Shiplap can be used as cheap drywall alternatives as they are quite reasonable in terms of price. It’s also pretty easy to install.


These panels will collect a lot of dust over time and you need to spend time in its maintenance if you want to keep them in good condition.

14. Dare To Take The Plunge!

The Plunge

I must say, this option isn’t for the faint-hearted!

If you are a rebel at heart and don’t like the regular options that are available on the market, then this one is sure to catch your attention!

The idea is to build a wall with reclaimed woods.

Simple, right?

Here’s the catch.

We are going to adorn it with woods of different thicknesses that willmake you feel like you are in a 3-D world all of a sudden!

And the best part is, you can line up some horizontal boards along the wall to create some extra storage space, which can be used to hold up a chalkboard, utensils, decorative pieces etc.


The aesthetic appeal of reclaimed wood is beyond words as it adds a rustic touch to your interior. Also, you get to use recycled products, thus, reduce waste in the environment.


You might find asymmetrical holes and occasional bugs in the logs.

15. Geometric-Patterned Accent Wall.

Geometric-Patterned Accent Wall.

If you are a big fan of geometric patterns and shapes, then you are going to love our next idea!

So, the plan is to create a plywood accent wall in one corner of your room. It’s going to work as a showstopper and better not get overused by being done on all the walls in a room for this purpose.

You can use cardstock as a template to cut the geometric shapes out of the plywood and nail them to the walls according to your pre-selected design.

Once all the pieces are in their respective places, use a glossy a sealant as a finishing touch to complete the whole look!


The plywood accent walls add a burst of interesting texture and patterns to your interior.


You will need a shiplap or wooden wall as a base to get this setting and the total cost may end up being a bit expensive.

16. Create One-Of-A-Kind Cork Board Wall.

Cork Board Wall.

Corkboards are one of thecheapest alternatives to drywall that are super-easy to install.And theymake quite a statement by standing apart from the rest of the décor, I must say!

Typically, we have seen these boards at school and office environments. However, you can find this material available in different shades, styles and sizes that go well with your home interior as well.

One pointer to be noted is that you should try to tone down the rest of the room to a bare minimum and keep the corkboard at the center. The gorgeous texture on the board will not only make your room look stylish, but it can also be used as a conversation starter for your guests!


It creates a beautiful, textured wall that will serve as a statement piece inside your room.


You can’t use this for all the walls in a room as that might feel a bit too overwhelming.

17. Mix It Up With Some Trellis Pattern!

Trellis Pattern

Staring blankly at the walls and pondering about your future?

Well, it’s time we actually gave you something to look forward to the next time you decide to get lost in your own space!

Dressing up your wall with trellis pattern from floor to ceiling is one way to keep it interesting!The key here is to create visual interest with some gorgeous intricate pattern on top of the wooden panels and keep it balanced with a neutral color palette for the rest of the interior.


You get to enjoy a cozy, yet elevated style in your living space.


It still involves a wooden panel on the background and therefore, is a bit expensive.

18. Use Corrugated Metal On The Doorway.

Metal On The Doorway.

Corrugated metal goes way back in history and is still a popular choice for industrial and agricultural building construction.

However, lately, it has become a trend to use this element in modern and contemporary-style houses to add a touch of elegance and diversity to the exterior as well!

For instance, you can use wooden plank and corrugated metal to build a beautiful doorway that’s going to stir a lot of attention from the onlookers.

Paired with some bean board window panels and I would say you got yourself a pretty good deal within a very reasonable price range!


It’s one of the most durable options out there that’s going to last for years to come! Also, the corrugated metal panels are usually designed in a way to withstand heavy rainfall and other types of weather conditions.


It dents pretty easily, so you better be careful not to bump into it accidentally!

19. Create A Fun Kid-Corner In The Basement.


While looking for basement wall options instead of drywall, this particular idea caught my eyes and I couldn’t help sharing it with you guys!

See, I will never get too bored of climbing a rocky wall no matter how many times you tell me to do it!

And it’s also a great idea for kids to have a fun playtime and work out session at the same time!

If you love this idea as much as I do, then put up a solid concrete wall panel in the basement and find a particular corner for setting up the climbing holds. Set the holds at a measured distance and enjoy traveling from the floor all the way to the roof!

We suggest using large plywood panels as climbing holds so that you can grip on it more comfortably.


It allows you to have fun and get in shape at the same time.


None really. It’s an AWESOME idea!

20. Slatted Panels For A Modern Twist.

Slatted Panels

Loving these ideas so far, yet not finding the one that meets your budget?

Well, you can lower the cost estimation by a great margin by opting for wooden strip panels instead of solid hardwood!

Wide slatted panels of Cedar are an excellent choice for setting up this look inside your room. Be it traditional or modern décor, the clear-finished wooden strips manage to look equally good in all sorts of environment.


The wooden panels give your interior a lush, rich appearance to your interior.It also helps add character to your room at a considerably low price.


It might absorb moisture over time and get damaged if not maintained properly.

Tips And Tricks To Make Your Work Easier.

1. If you have a small room, then while choosing its wooden panels make sure to place them in a horizontal position to make your space feel bigger.

2. If you plan to use wooden planks for structuring your wall, then it’s best to seal the surface with a light lacquer finish so that you can easily wipe off any stain that might occur in the future.

3. While installing a veneer wall panel, it’s best to get some helping hands beforehand as the entire process is quite time-consuming and difficult to do it alone.

4. Select your furniture carefully if you plan to go for a plywood wall structure. We recommend using matching at least one element, for instance, cabinets, chairs or countertop with the color of the plywood to bring the whole look together.

5. While designing an accent wall for your bedroom, go for the wall at the head of your bed as that’s where the patterns will stand out the most.

Wrapping It Up

Did you take a screenshot of the ideas that you liked the most?


Now it’s time to get to work!

Even if you haven’t, you can always come back to this guide.

To create a totally unique pattern with an outstanding style, you will need to rely on your instinct and let your creativity handle the rest!These drywall alternative ideas are only there to help you along the way. Apart from giving ideas, they’ll enhance your creative mind as well.

Hopefully, our article has helped you get some inspiration for your upcoming project and give your interior a stunning look that we all know it deserves!

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