Schlage vs Kwikset – Which Lockset You Should Choose?

Are you struggling when choosing between Schlage vs Kwikset for your home security?

You already know that kwikset and schlage are the two famous brands for security systems. Or you might hear those names while buying locks for your home.

But when digging deep, it’s hard to know which one will be compatible with our home!

Do they provide the same security? Both are super reliable? Are their claims true! Find the answer to your every question in our article.

We will take you to step by step from Schlage and Kwikset locks advantages and then comparing their differences. This will clear your main concern if your system is secure or not?

Become confident in making a perfect choice by going through our researched facts.Let’s go!

History Of Schlage Locking System

Schlage Locking System

Schlage is no doubt among the leading companies of lock markets but in 1920 it was just a small shop. Walter Reinhold Schlage opened this shop. He was a German-born American engineer. Schlage was known as Lock Wizard of Thuringia.

You can say that the total investment to start that lock shop was only $30. Schlage managed to get help from 3 entrepreneurs who each contributed $30 each. Back in 1909, he worked on a simple lock that has the main function of turning lights off and on while opening and closing the door.

It had quite a boring design and was a compels structure. Now let’s get back to 1920 when Schlage was left his job under company Western electric and he opened that shop. He never that he can revolutionize the security system at that time. So, he started making another design.

It’s no surprise he got people’s attention by creating a doorknob. First, he worked on different tools that he thought was necessary for making that knob. That knob lock had a push-button device in the middle of it.

He continued to make his design simpler and more appealing. In 1921, he manufactured a cylindrical lock. The distinction of this lock was that it could be drilled with only two holes and it had a mechanism of push-button between two locks. So, it gave him an advantage over the mortise lock that was famous back then.

This ease of installation made him confident enough to think about manufacturing on a larger scale than a shop. Here comes the revolutionary year 1923! You can say that this year was when the Schlage industry was shaped.

They were able to produce 20,000 locks per day. This year he started production at an industrial level. The main reason was the high demand for his advanced cylindrical locks over old-fashioned mortise locks.

This first factory of Schlage was located at 49 Shotwell Street. Due to such larger demand and production, he was able to purchase land for a big scale industry at Visitacion Valley in 1925. In 1940, Mr., Schlage was given a Modern Pioneer award for revolutionizing the lock market. After 6 years of this award, he died.

Charles Kendrick took over as a Chief Executive of the company by investing a huge amount of money in it. He retired in 1969. Schlage company also manufactured shell casings and bomb rail fuses during world war II and earned a lot of money.

The company keeps on growing and in 1950, California Lock company and LCN closers became part of it. With the help of pocket door hardware suppliers, it managed to supply lock hardware to PAN Am building and bank of America Headquarters.

In 1970, Maron Kendrick was the president of this company. At that time, this company bought a Mortise Lock manufacturer company. It was a milestone in the history of Schlage. This company purchased was a big one named Company of Pontiac.

In 1974, it became the largest manufacturer in San Francisco under Ingersoll Rand. In 197, the company celebrated another milestone of going global. It acquired many lock companies in New Zealand.

Schlage developed security lock systems in 1976 by purchasing a CO plant. Now Schlage is producing 6 standards locksets having different series. They are also developing various handcraft door hardware items. In 1997, Schlage officially moved its headquarters to Colorado Springs.

However, the Customer services department was still in San Francisco. It remained a part of the Ingersoll Rand subsidiary for almost 40 years. In 2013, all the branches became part of 23rd global brands under Allegion. Allegion is a top manufacturer of security systems in North America.


We are sure that you are amazed by this revolutionary history of the company. But there are more surprises. This company managed to become so advanced and unique, that they provide different lock and security systems.

There are so many benefits, that it’s hard to list them all. Here are the main advantages of using Schlage products.

Install it yourself

Those days are over when you needed to install a locksmith for installing locks! You just have to buy smart lock systems from Schlage and install it yourself. Isn’t it convincing when you think about saving extra money from installation?

Well! We know that they have such a vast verity of smart locks and operate different series. But the easy techniques surprised us. After having a Schlage security lock, you just have to follow the installation guide step by step.

Don’t panic! It’s okay to not do it right the first time. None of us were born lock wizards. There are some official videos present at the net as well as on their website. They have also online step by step instructions for Schlage connect smart deadbolt and Schlage sense smart deadbolt.

Help doesn’t end there. These installation instructions will also teach you how to test your new smart lock. This feature makes you more confident about your protection.

Unlock your Systems with ease

This smart feature of Schlage security will make you wonder about how to advance our security systems have become. It has remote access that will enable you to turn your security off and on from anywhere in this whole world.

Yes! I meant it when I said the whole world. Wherever you are, you can just simply access a smart lock by a beautiful app. Your smart system will be connected to your home WIFI. This will allow you to contact the whole security feature by just a simple Wink app.

What about notifications? You will instantly be notified if someone entered your home. Whether you are in the office working or you are somewhere stuck in urgent work, you will always know who accessed your system. We cannot deny the fact that these alerts have given us peace of mind by updating every door access.

Don’t worry about getting notification that some unknown person has entered your home. Chill! That is never going to happen. Schlage smart locks have built-in alarm systems. And you get access to the whole alarm system through the Wink app. If you ever get a sense of something strange is going on around your home, turn on and off your alarm through the app.

Different styles for you

Schlage will fulfill your desire for a specific style. You can always rely on their products. Whether you are going to buy mechanical deadbolts or electronic locks. Always buy a perfect system according to your lifestyle and safety needs.

They feature a large variety of different locks to choose from. Even you can choose a specific color matching your home finish. And why not! It is important to style and design the home with specific shades while craving for the final appealing display.

Moreover, their website has a featured style selection tool that will help you throughout the product selection.

You shouldn’t ignore the following points when it comes to the main features of Schlage smart deadbolts.

You can link it with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and with Amazon key.

You will get a great assistant to the Schlage technical department.

Isn’t restricted to one user and you can have multiple users


Technology is developed by us! We are not perfect and so as our inventions. No matter, how advanced we get! The same is the case with Schlage security locks. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks. Though these drawbacks aren’t a big deal when we sum up all the benefits and technology of Schlage security locks.

A little costly

If your protection is more important than saving money than don’t bother about this. Investing more can give you better protection and save you from big future investments.

Truth is sometimes even we prioritize home security but still cannot invest in them due to a limited budget. And that is why many of us cannot go for advanced tech Schlage locks. Due to its extra durability and reliability, it is more expensive than many other lock systems including Kwikset.

History of Kwikset lock

Kwikset lock

Now after learning about the magnificent history about Schlage, let’s have a look at how Kwikset locks were introduced to us!

Kwikset, owned by a division of Spectrum Brands, has a remarkable name and history in the manufacturing of locks and locksets. Its foundation was put forth by two entrepreneurs Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart in California in 1946.

The company’s first locks had tubular lock design which was relatively fast to install and speedy installation of these locks gave the company its current name. In 1957, Kwikset became a subsidiary as it was purchased by American Hardware Corporation (AHC). Kwikset continued its journey by becoming the number one manufacturer of residential locksets.

The safety and attraction provided by Kwikset increased its value. Later, it introduced its revolutionary “K” key design and provided the brass and bronze finished locksets with innovative plastic coating. In 1960, Kwikset introduced an extensive keying kit for all their lock brands.

Four years later, American Hardware Corporation (AHC) and Emhart Manufacturing Corporation merged and this unity caused Kwikset to revolutionize and to enlarge its manufacturing facilities to meet the increasing industrial demand. That year (in 1964), Kwikset won first place awards in almost all categories of merchandise.

In 1989, Black and Decker acquired Emhart which also included Kwikset division. Since then, it has evolved to develop different security techniques. Mainly it featured smart keys and Weiser locks.

In October 2012, it was reported by wall street journal that Stanley Black and Decker Hardware including its division Kwikset is going to be a part of spectrum brands. You all know that nowadays Kwikset products are high tech and the next generation.

Advantages of Kwikset

Let’s talk about the main features of Kwikset technology.

Unlock and Lock remotely

Unlock and Lock remotely

You have read about Schlage’s easy access. But Kwikset is no less when it comes to accessing the whole system remotely. Just connect your device with the internet. Get to the app. Unlock and Lock your system simply from your device.

We can’t define exactly how far this enhanced technology has made our life simpler. Do not worry about any kind of stranger entrance through your main door with Kwikset. Only a person you allow can enter the building and no other one.

How can you deny that we are always struggling to find a more peaceful life? But with a thoughtful mind with a busy schedule, we hardly get that! But the fact is Kwikset smart technology has made us more comfortable when we leave home for work.

They give us that insurance of a safe environment. And we can work better with no worries about our family protection. Even you get notified about your children returning home, husband, or friends coming home! You know all not by going but by having this stunning smart tech giving you real-time notifications.

Select a custom automation

Worried about matching security locks with your home design or color? You might be wondering about getting a perfect security system according to your lifestyle. Stay calm! Kwikset has it all for you. You can easily set up custom automation matching your lifestyle.

We are amazed that it has such a great tech lock that anyone would love to have. But Kwikset still cares about our choices and what will be comfortable for us!

Go, Key Less,

No wonder it is one of the tip features when it comes to smart locks. But Kwikset takes this technology further by designing more simple locks. You don’t have to buy a key now or struggle with easily hacked pads.

It gives you a more advanced code pad that can never be hacked. You might be taking a deep breath after reading this. When we got to know that its design is so reliable, we were that much relaxed too. The free app, also allows you to unlock and unlock.


Like other systems including Schlage, this system has its flaws too. Let’s see what they are and should we bother ourselves with them!

Less Reliable

Though it has made its technology next level still it has designs that aren’t reliable compared to Schlage. This is a big drawback. However, if you are limited on budget, then don’t hesitate to check out these beautiful locks.

As they also come with a lot of features and are durable enough for ensuring your security. Save your money, save yourself is a great thing we can say about Kwikset.

Difference Between Kwikset vs Schlage

We will evaluate some of the most important elements of these items to know which is the best one among the two. We will speak about their powerful and weak sides, analyze their designs, functionality, and capabilities. We will also build some cool charts which will help you make the final call.

Installation Process

It is important to know if the Kwikset and Schlage Connect installation processes are complicated and whether we can do this ourselves without professional counseling.

A smart door lock can be a bit difficult to install. Some steps have to be taken to get a smart lock which is completely functional.

If you miss any of the steps, then the smart lock isn’t going to work. And it’s important to properly mount our locks and make sure everything works as it should.

It might be difficult to install a smart lock. Few people have never before used a tool and can think the entire procedure very complex.

Thankfully, Kwikset has an outstanding manual for users which will assist you with the setup. If you ever get stuck during the procedure, don’t worry, there comes a perfect guide to clarify the step-by-step setup process. If you are messing up at times somewhere and you can contact the customer support. Kwikset has a superb service of customer care. They will be happy to answer all of your (even the simplest) issues.

Schlage Connect, like Kwikset, can be a bit difficult to configure. That may seem difficult to accomplish for a non-technical buyer.

But if you invest just 10 minutes browsing the internet, you can discover all this smart lock ‘s working principles.

Schlage also has a comprehensive manual for users which will aid during the setup process. I saw the manual and I can assure you it’s on track.


It’s a brainer of no. It’s for sure when we purchase indoor or outdoor built items, we still want them to look classy.

In addition to the security concerns that it addresses, we want our newly acquired devices to look nice and increase the overall functionality of our homes.

We want our clever locks to toughen our apartments look, make them more artsy and innovative. If we desired a “traditional-looking” device we should have surfed on multiple variations.

We are talking here about Kwikset and Schlage Connect right now. These two smart locks are innovative and classy look gadgets. Let’s learn more regarding it, and score their looks.

Kwikset is a marvelous smart lock that will draw your visitors’ attention. It’s round, it’s shining and it’s beautiful. I spoke to a lot of users who own Kwikset and 99 percent listed the classy looks of their locks.

We have often heard proprietors’ comment that it’s nice that these smart locks also tempt their attendees. Most people have never seen a lock like Kwikset, and having such a cutting-edge design on display is a plus.

It is time to check out the concept of Schlage. Some may assume Schlage Connect is a smart lock that looks old-fashioned and would only cater to older generations.

you will hear lots of different viewpoints on that. What I can say for sure is that Schlage Connect is a product made of steel, robust and that looks extremely fine.

It might not be a perfect match for everybody, but if Schlage looks fabulous in your head, well, you just discovered a stunning smart lock to yourself.

The only thing we wish to say is that Schlage Connect integrates beautifully with every home. If your home is more conventional in this sense, Schlage Connect should fit very nicely.


Knowing the functionality and capabilities of our smart locks is important alongside the technical elements and the working system.

Firstly, let’s not deceive ourselves with remarks such as, “Hey, Kwikset is a great smart lock, go buy it! “Schlage Connect works amazing, think nothing else about buying!”. That is a big no. All the smart locks released in the market today have their pros and cons.

First, take a look at the graph below which shows the functionality of both these smart locks completely.



Bluetooth connectivity available

Can store up to of 30 codes

Past and updates-see who used the lock

Advance Technology to integrate it with other electronic devices

Can be connected to your smartphones

The maximum Security feature of ANSI Grade 1

Finger Touch open feature available

Durable Touch Screen also available

Can avail free keys with the lock (Unlimited) i.e. EKeys

Keyless Security

Mobile App integration Available

Built-In Alarm system installed

Third-party product integration available

Third-party integration available

LED Featured Technology


So, that is the Kwikset and Schlage ‘s main characteristics. Assessing from the above map, both of these smart locks are very fascinating and distinctive. The built-in alerting technology, for example, makes the Schlage even more appealing because it’s something everybody will admire to have.


Now we will discuss is the degree of protection Kwikset Kevo and Schlage Connect have. It is crucial to recognize whether the protection system can be evaded by malware and thieves.

Because they use eKeys to open the lock, an intruder has no way of slipping into the device; so, you can be 100 percent confident that Kevo’s security won’t collapse; it’s 100 percent secure, and I have never heard of someone being robbed due to a protection malfunction.

Yet another concern you may have is the eKeys variety. You could, for example, go outside and forget your cellphone at home by mistake. You might start to panic, wondering, “What if the door opens itself if my handset lies nearby somewhere?”.

Yet again, opening the door itself is virtually impossible. Kwikset also declares that they have a PKI encryption. Kevo has a Level 2 BMHA award, the second-best protection ranking.

Finally, if you’re unable to use the eKeys for some cause, you can unlock Kwikset with a pretty good old-fashioned key lock.

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt’s most major advantage is its security. It easily outstrips most of the smart locks in the market (I would say it surpasses EVERY smart lock in business). The coolest thing about the security system at Schlage is the notify sound that interjects when someone is disturbing the lock.

Besides, Schlage Connect senses coerced entries and provides a deactivation feature. It can come in useful for some occasion whether you’re traveling or even away from home. If you deactivate your smart lock when abroad, then the entries you approve do not work.

Schlage Link follows ANSI / BHMA Grade 1 standards and it is the highest safety ranking a door lock can get.


The performance of these smart locks is another important matter we need to talk about.

Kwikset works pretty big on results. The application required to operate your Kwikset always operates in the background, and the buyer doesn’t need to open the door each time. The Kwikset app also lets you deactivate eKeys, check the history of unlocking, etc.

One of Kwikset’s most amazing features is that it allows you to create eKeys for your family and friends. E.g., if you have out-of-town guests, you can only email them the eKeys. Another thing you should be mindful of is that those eKeys produced last only 24 hours. The eKeys will become obsolete after the time limit has expired.

Schlage Connect is a reliable smart lock that performs well. It is fast, efficient, intelligent, and safe. On Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt, you can create a 4 to 8-digit code, and your door will be unlocked once it’s entered.

When we equate Schlage with Kevo in terms of time, Schlage Link is notably quicker. Schlage Connect runs on 4 AA batteries, and it will last a year or more. But don’t fear the idea of burning out batteries, so you’re either stuck in or out.

If the cell is going to drain out, Schlage Connect will warn you a couple of days before it does. But make sure to have a backup key, to be more secure.


After discussing kwikset vs schlage in detail, there is no doubt that Schlage makes better security locks. It’s obvious that they are more expensive and they should be! The technology and hardware they are manufacturing, Kwikset cannot compete.

Schlage comes with additional security tech, which makes them more reliable than Kwikset.

Sorry, Kwikset!

Schlage is the winner here.

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